Thursday, June 13

frocks in stock in shop...

if my eyes don't deceive me,
something's going on around here...

oh be sure they are not deceiving you,
they are telling you the truth
and nothing but the truth

yippity ye-ha day

on that note
it could be well noted
i LOVE with all big shouty capitals
i love it so muchly,
i wish to sing it out loud
like ELF does when he tells his dad he loves him

i think now i have this newly found love,
i could play shops all day long in mossy shed

"i'm hungry" comes the cry
"sorry charlie, busy playing shops" reply i
"i have no clean undies" shouts a young fellow
"not my problemo, i'm playing shops" i bellow
"mum, can you pick me up, because my young youthful legs are too tired to walk home from school" comes the call
"ummmm, nope, not a chance, no sirree!
i am being terribly important
and extremely busy
playing shops"
i respond to the poor fool

yes, tis love, i am smitten, 
i have been bitten 
by the bug of love
and not by a kitten...

tis time to go and lie down now me thinks