Tuesday, April 30

nifty & nice... #5

Mr Spring is quite the tease these days.
flashing bits of himself here and there,
then disappearing again...
i imagine he's off, 
flashing someone else

however, i know
there will come a time
when he stops his flashing ways
and just gives us a bit of full exposure

i need to be ready,
i need to be ready indeedy!
being ready can be involve all manner of things,
for all manner of folks

i wish it involved having clean windows
inside and out
but alas after 5 years
and a gazillion fir trees
i do not have those.
my man did do his besty best last year
(i dared not voice it out loud)
but he was fighting a losing battle
from the beginning

however when Mr Spring comes around
for an extended stay 
i will not note the crappy film of dirt 
across the windows,
nor the need for fresh paint upon
the 'less than white' walls
after 5 years...
no sirree!
for i have a plan,
a plan where
i will distract myself
and any others that may happen
to be in the vicinity,
by pointing and saying
in quite a knowledgeable tone
(secret to folks thinking
you many know what you are talking about
and hence pay attention.
my clan are wise to it,
after all these years
but i'm hopeful
random passing strangers
will not be so)

"oh goodness, 
how marvelous and magnificent,
to see Mr Spring
and gosh, what a coincidence,
i just happened to be ready
with 2 very spiffy springy 
new cushion covers
upon the settee"

and of course
i have no doubt
those passing bods will exclaim.
"oh hurrah hooray, 
how extraordinarily nifty,
and may we be so bold
as to add,
quite simply, perfectly nice.
yes, Tif
without a doubt
nifty and nice!"

i might blush,
i might look at the ground
and not catch
any passing bods eyes
but inside 
i will feel a little happy,
just a tad
to know i was ready
for Mr Spring and his
full on exposure 

if perhaps you wish to be ready too,
if you live with high hopes
that Mr Spring will one day soon
expose himself in your direction
and need some springified cushions
in your springified nest
 you can find 
all you need to know
to make similar
'patched and pieced'

your could be just like
little olive
forget the business of patching and piecing
and just find the nearest
handy dandy blanket 
and be
ready and waiting
to welcome 
Mr Spring
into your home
the best way you know how

Friday, April 26

nifty & nice... #4

in my 'make kitchen ship shape, tippity top' again mode, i thought it rather grand to add some display storage due to all cupboards having doors. as we saw earlier in 'nifty & nice... #2' this was achieved under the island. i also achieved it opposite the island in the bit that is supposed to be a kitchen knook and house a table but our table is around the corner, thus leaving a wall free for a medley of free standing kitchen storage. (and now also little olive and her suitcase)

so i heaved and i hoed a very battered shelf from Gladys into our kitchen and plonked it 'a top' an old sideboard which has seen all four clan members through as babies and now resides as handy dandy storage for waifs and strays of china bits and bobs. i was tres delighted with the results. spent a happy few hours arranging my pyrex collection (other treasures) on view, after years of being kept in the dark. 

do note: little olive in her new little space, perfectly situated for surveying all that goes on at mossy shed
do not note: little olive's rolly polly pudding look, left over from winter...

the next day a little thought came to mind. "well yes it all looks most lovely but in a few more days it will be caked in a layer of dust and floating dog hair no doubt". i banished the little voice. several days later it piped up again. "gosh, doesn't that big old jumbly bumbly lot of clutter on those shelves do your minimalist head in". hush, be gone i cried....

3 days later i needed several pyrex bowls for dinner... darn, drat and double drat. that pesky voice was right, a layer of dust and other floaty around bits that happen to have past on by and plonked themselves in my bowls were laughing at me. now i had to clean the bowls before i could put the food in them. then again i could not, but i knew what i had seen and in all conscience could not do such a thing... the little voice could be heard loud and clear. "dust and jumbly bumbly clutter will be your undoing. it will send you to the funny farm within a month". this time i listened

so i pondered as it required rather a lot of pondering i felt. not able to return everything back to behind doors having shuffled other stuff into the 'behind doors' space, i was having to come up with some nifty thinking, yes this called for a cunning plan if ever a cunning plan was called for. and there it was, just as it always seems to be. something prompts something else and before you know it, you arrive at a tippity top solution you wish you had thought of in the first place, thus avoiding dust and jumbly bumbly things to have happened in the first place.

yes i needed some kind of doors (irony of it as it was the doors in the first place which prompted me to wish for an open shelving space) but i did not have any random doors lying around my shed. its just not a thing i collect... so fabric would have to do. 
after a little bit more thought, a bit of dabbling with Miss Ethel, some pinking shears, a piece of old curtain fabric and 2 springer rods later, i had myself 2 fabric doors.

 i did not hem the sides, i did not fret nor lie awake at night worrying one fabric door was wider than the other. no i did not. all i cared to see was the jumbly bumbly piles which had at first looked so delightful and in turn, became dust catchers and a dizzing array of clutter, had been 'abracadabra-ed' away by some rather natty looking fabric doors which i do believe any granny worth her granny chic salt would be proud to have in her kitchen.

gosh, not only nifty but extremely granny chic nice...

what's that little voice? "don't those curtains make it a little tricky dicky to remove bowls when you need them?" 
i'm not listening, not listening, fingers in ears, can't hear you....

Tuesday, April 23

nifty & nice... #2

find an odd little shelf in the thrift store.
bring it home, hide it in a cupboard.
have an epiphany 3 months later.

drag little shelf out,
lop off its top
(with a bit of care and consideration.)
disguise dodgy treacle brown stain
with same paint as kitchen cupboards.

ask very nicely a little doggie
who lives in a suitcase
if she would care to move
from her little space
after 3 and a half years.

marvel at how quick
your little doggie 
is to take advantage of the move
and in turn
question if life living under an island
had not been quite so thrilling 
as you had thought...

shuffle shelf under island,
if not quite fitting,
do a bit more loping
and deny it was anything 
to do with your pants measuring.

and voila! some display shelves
for knickity knacks
and knackity knicks

'nifty and oh so nice'

Monday, April 22

nifty & nice... #1

do your stems feel a little top heavy?
are things weighing you down a little?
thinking you may need a helping hand?

good old vintage plastic knitting needles!
not only nifty
but extra extremely nice looking too

* this nifty & nice idea came from my adopted auntie
* use only knitting needles you are not too bothered about 
as some can go a little squiffy below the soil

Monday, April 15

a gigantically ginormous pause...

we interrupt this gigantically ginormous pause 
to announce normal rambling service will resume, 
come high or come low,
come rain or come shine, 
on monday 22nd april
with a most thrilling event
'nifty & nice' week!

till then, Tif is finishing off
the longest dance ever to take place
with Mr Lurgy

and doing her darnedest
to keep her little light flickering bright
despite it being switched to pilot mode
without her permission.
there can be only one culprit
and he goes by the name of
Mr Lurgy, the blighter...