Friday, July 27

yesterday's dullness (according to little olive)...

yesterday morn, little olive announced she felt the long hot day ahead was not filled with thrilling things to do, but rather a long old catalogue of dullness. i begged to disagree but on second thoughts i felt she had a point. in an aid to address the impending dullness and show little olive the error of her thoughts, i turned to my friend Ivor the Ipad to record the day so i may 'showback' little olive's day to her. and with a bit of hope, make her realize her day was not dull but actually rather thrilling.

little olive's
thrilling day

helping Tif with emails

bobbing for ice~cubes when it all got a little hot and sticky
(surely it can't get any more thrilling than that for a little doggie!)

doing her impersonation of "Randy lay there like a slug" from 'a christmas story'

going to bed early due to such a thrilling day

thrilling day

making a bag using some lovely barkcloth from peachy Heidi dearie and a frock loved for years but no longer loved by my expanding derriere. the only thing to do so it no longer mocked me from my closet was choppity chop it up and enjoy it for longer, minus the mocking ways

sitting al fresco with issue 14 of UPPERCASE in the shade, with a nice cup of yorkshire tea

see plenty of thrillingness going on without a hint of dullness, however despite my best intentions, little olive still begs to differ...