Friday, June 22

a bit of bling...

yesterday eve i got the urge to do a bit of blinging.
i do like to bling things,
indeed it would be quite true to say
anything which comes my way if it stands still long enough
 will eventually be blinged.
in fact upon tippity tapping this,
i have reflected upon my life
and do believe not a day has gone by when i have not 'blinged',
such is my need to do so.

a little bit of bling,
be it on a thrifty find
 or an old friend found in the cupboard,
can be just the thing
to cheer up something a little tired or lost.
(myself included)

a few weeks back,
my blinging ways
led to an old cardi having new buttons.
this old friend will now be travelling across the pond with me
in a few short days

last night's bit of time spent blinging
resulted in some clogs looking spiffy with woven ribbon detail.
just a few happy moments with some peachy ribbon
from a fabby dottie angel dearie in Holland
and a bit of good old mod podge.

i got my bling fix,
i am happy,
my clogs are happy,
now that is my kind of bling.
i think i will call it
'granny chic bling'
from now on...



Amanda said...

Those are such lovely clogs! Wherever did you find them?! I find that only owning two pairs of lovely clogs (floral & red) are not quite enough and am always on the hunt for some new friends for my feet!

Love the bling on your sweater to! What a lovely project!

Estela said...

I love it! Thanks for that bit of idea, I need to try and bling some of my things, may love using them again!

opportunityknits said...

I love adding a bit of bling to my things too. The be-ribboned clogs are now way cute!

Unknown said...

Those are particularly lovely clogs - even before the granny bling chic fling (delicate placement really - but it rhymed). Where are they from please?
love Gabs

Unknown said...

I love your clogs, what a brilliant idea to add a bit of pretty ribbon. Thank you for the inspiration, I'm off to have a rummage in my sewing box. Have a fab weekend! Chriss x

Donna -Little Tiny Stitches said...

Loving your clogs with their granny chic bling :o)

Maybe we get to admire those in ole blighty too?

Have a lovely weekend Tif.
Don't forget what i said about bringing that Mr Sun.


Katie said...

Your clogs looks great, It's amazing what can be done with a little "granny chic blinging!". Love Katie xx

Vintage Sheet Addict said...

Those clogs are 'yummy', I now have a new image of you, a 'blingy granny' sounds good! Thanks for all your inspirational posts! :)

Vintage Sheet Addict said...

Those clogs are yummy, you can now call yourself a 'blingy granny' I think that sounds good! Thanks for all the inspiration you give me, :)

thriftwood said...

Hi Tif, Before reading your post I had just replied to a comment I received saying "if something stands still long enough, it gets decorated", so I completely understand where you are coming from! Have a great weekend, Claire xx

Anonymous said...

Such lovely buttons, they seem to be made for your cardigan. :)

vintage grey said...

Love all your 'granny chic bling'. It is all the perfect touch! Have a lovely weekend! xo Heather

caroline @trend-daily said...

Thr clogs look great Tif! I love changing buttons on things (because it's one of the few things I can do!) Everybody makes comments on how much difference it makes! :-)

carrad said...

I do love your blinging and those beautiful dresses in a previous post. Much more power to your blinging, granny chic elbow! xxx

Deborah said...

Gorgeous changes sweetie, have a happy week.

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!

Charis said...

Granny chic bling.. I love it!

Sweeter Hours said...

Eeek! Those clogs are divine!

Ange said...

I love this kind of blinging! Go right ahead; knock yourself out xXx

Trish said...

hi Tif, you make me laugh..
"to cheer up something a little tired or lost.
(myself included)"
ha ha it gets like that sometimes.
good to hear about your bling fix :)

thea said...

Ah Tiff, you make me giggle ;)

"Blinging things" of course you like to, and honestly those buttons on that cardigan are like stars in its sky! JUST MAGICAL! You are lovely :)


Jessica said...

Flott innlegg! Forresten, jeg tror du vil like dette; D

Michelle said...

Love the blinging of the cardi and the clogs. Save yourney across the pond.

dottie angel said...

many thank yous for the 'granny chic bling' love!
these clogs are by el naturalista, they are tres pricey but i have to say, they are made ethically and from amazing materials. if you look closely you can see in the sole a little square of darker tan. this is soft area which runs through the wooden soul so it 'gives' when you walk. they are duck egg blue in colour and the inside sole is padded. the thing i love most of all though is the nail heads. clogs with nail heads make my knees go week...

and yes, they will be travelling across the pond with me, Donna!

Katie said...

I would so love for those clogs to live on my feet. Same for the bling. I love your version of bling--much better than scary huge shiny things (though I have a soft spot for little shiny things...).