Friday, June 3

yesterday and today...


* i announced to the hairdresser i required a vibrant red streak down one side of my hair, i also told her of my plans to grow my tresses long enough to wrap braids around my bonce. further informing her, i was starting now so as to be well equipped with my new braidy wrappy coif, when and as i become a granny. i noted in the reflection of the mirror a bubble coming from her head saying
"barking mad"

* pottled in the thrift store in the hopes of 'switching off' my little brain's cogs which are starting to drive me insane with their incessant talking. noted it was full of the most peachiest finds. i needed to dig deep and find my inner strength to resist all their charms. i left the store with a few forsaken souls and a lovely kitschy bunch of flowers for the kitchen table. i also left the store with guilt due to the other lovelies i left behind 'a wishing and a hoping' for a bit of loving

*put lots of fake flowers on the outside table in the hope of discouraging my 6 chickie peas from spending time on said table. so far it has done the job, but then again, it has only been one day and they were distracted by some lovely things to scratch about in, the other end of the yard. next spot of rain and they will be back on top of the table and chances are this time, they will think it most kind of me to 'pretty up' their little place to sit and rest a while, whilst leaving a trail of dropping and dust


*trying to remove very big creases in three yards of oilcoth, i need heat and as we are lacking in it here, i have resorted to a hairdryer. after a while i had to give up due to guilt again, this time to do with the electricity bill. but there is hope, for tomorrow we have been told Mr Sun is stopping by. we are giddy with the anticipation of his arrival and therefore i will lay my oilcloth outside the minute he arrives and hope he does a nice job of smoothing out the creases so my lovely oilcloth may sit upon the kitchen island looking peachy and not pants

*due to giddiness about possible sighting of Mr Sun, i am hemming two summer frocks. both were maxi dresses with little shoe strings straps in pretty floral fabric from H&M. a bobby bargain but i do not do floor length for fear of tripping or worst still as i whoosh around my shed in floor length dress, i would take all Used Dog's hair with me and worst still than that, quite possibly sweep Little Olive off her little feet and loose her under all the fabric whooshing around my ankles. i can see it now...
"has anyone seen Little Olive?" i would ask my clan, becoming quite distressed at mislaying her.
no one would have seen her and the day would be terribly upsetting. upon going to bed, fretting about my lost little friend i would lift up my maxi dress to do some kind of weird ritual of trying to get it over my head without putting my neck out and Voila! out would pop Little Olive from around my ankles delighted to have been rescued from the folds of my dress and see daylight again.
too risky a risk to take therefore, i shall make them knee length and then ponder if a pocket must be added. for indeed since becoming a cotton hankie user (new years resolution still going strong by jove!) i have needed pockets in all my attire. then tomorrow when the sun is shinning down on me, i will be ready to bare a little flesh in my new sun frock and if i happen to sneeze at his brightness, a handy dandy pocket containing a cotton hankie will be close by

*i am eating stale hobnob cookies from the cupboard, we are almost out of anything with chocolate, fortunately i found an old half eaten packet lurking in the cupboard and such is my withdrawal from the sweet stuff, i am chewing my way through their staleness as i tippity tap this ramble

the happiest of happy weekends for all, would be nice she is thinking ~ Tif
footynote: gosh! just went downstairs and it looks like Bingo Bee and myself are not the only ones at mossy shed anticipating the arrival of Mr Sun


Pomona said...

I found that the creases in my oilcloth eventually disappeared as it relaxed into its new home on the kitchen table. Unfortunately a few days ago I spotted an indelible set of grooves which upon closer inspection closely resemble the sole markings on my Converses. Why was I standing on the table - and why don't I remember doing so? Luckily I had not complained out loud about the mark - but I fear the cloth might melt if I pointed a hairdryer at it - can you reassure me?

Pomona x

Sécia Mischke said...

Love the hairdresser story. :)

♥ sécia

Donna -Little Tiny Stitches said...

What a most gorgeous picture of Little Olive!

We have lovely sunshine here today Tif. 27c Roger (my car) told me!
It would have sorted out your oil cloth in a jiffy..
Tomorrow when Mr Sun peeps his head back out, I shall ask him kindly to shine extra brightly over Mossy Shed to give you a hand :o)

It's lovely to have you back. I hope the beavering with Miss Ethel went splendidly.

Have a great weekend Tif,
Take care,
Donna x

donna!ee said...

i just love love love your posts...
it's a whole wonderful different perspective in your head that flows thru your tippity tap. you make me giggle & smile and sense that i'm not the only one dealing with craziness! THANK YOU MUCHLY!

Alberta Art Classes said...

I have that same oil cloth on my garden table too! xoxo.

Sarah said...

It may not take as long as you think to grow your tresses - my hair was like yours in your sidebar pic and in just a couple of years it was long enough to wrap my braids on top of my head.

It's now waist length and I wear it in "fraulin" braids upon my head; coiled in two "teddy-bears ears" or in pigtails - all styles I should have grown out of at age 38!!

I intend to wear it in a cottage loaf style eventually - no knitted hair or blue rinse for me!!

Have a lovely weekend!!

S x

wood & wool stool said...

Hej Tif!
Ha ha, the hairdresser doesn't have any idea about what you mean with braids.

Last week in Barcelona we visited Gaudí's Casa Mila and in the house i discovered an <a href=">'ancient' curtain</a> and it reminded me of you! x

butiksofie said...

very beautiful flowers! hughs Anja

dottie angel said...

ingrid! i think mine are long enough to do that... tomorrow i will experiment :)

sarah b, you are quite right, i shall follow your example for sure.

pomona, for sure you can, just do not hold it too close and keep it sort of moving. i love your story by the way

secia, sofies and donna!ee, thank you my dears :)

thank you donna! delighted you will send some sunny thoughts my way... this afternoon has been most pleasant and a spot of weeding out front was achieved by moi and a large deep hole was achieved by little olive whilst basking in a bit of Mr Sun

puanani, its a lovely one for sure, had it two summers and still hasn't faded :)

have a peachy weekend my dears

Teresa Kasner said...

Hi Tif... fun read, m'dear! My grandma didn't believe in ever EVER cutting her hair, telling me something about that God wanted women to have long hair.. hmmm.. anyway, I remember my mom and aunties brushing her floor length hair, braiding it and wrapping it around and around into a halo and pinning it down. Maybe the halo thing was what she was after? ::grin::

((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Michelle said...

Dear Tif...
Pockets are a must!!!
Heaven knows when you may need to pop a foresaken soul in there as you are dusting mossy shed and have need of a safe place while you weave your magic...
I can't wait to see the new streak and bangers...

rachelle said...

Obviously you are not barking mad it's just the way of the granny...;-) hope you are well Tiff & looking forward to your trip home...Take Care my Lovely
Rachelle x

re:signert said...

D0tTiE æNgEl. You do know how write down your words. And YES I did spell "D0tTiE æNgEl" the way its written. Different, dynamic, daring. These are word that discribe your style and you see. See and read through my eyes! Thank you for stories served with a potion of craziness, and metafores with random wilderness. Its a kind of fairytaleworld, a little africa in your world. Exciting, excentric, exsotic and inspiring. All in one! Awsome. Go girl! Signe Schineller

Little Blue Mouse said...

What another great post. I love your reasons for not wearing floor length dresses, and whilst the thought of losing Olive may be stressfull, you'd sweep the floors without any effort!

SingerFood e Chiccherie said...

Very beautiful!!!
Francesca & Pietro di SingerFood & Chiccherie

Teesha said...

Dear Tif,
your blog is such a joy. I am teetering on the edge of starting one myself but I haven't a clue about blog 'etiquette'. Could I talk about your blog in my blog, would that be ok?
Thanks for all the laughs and inspiration!

Bonnie said...

It's such a treat reading your blog. It is almost the same as going to the cupboard and seeing one last piece of my favorite chocolate sitting forlornly, staring up at me and saying "eat me, eat me" and thinking about the two little ones and the man , but getting the better of me, eating it! that same guilty feeling reading your blog! I guess cos it is so good and takes me a while to read too, as I sweep over your lovely adjectives and my imagination runs wild at little Olive stuck under the mounds of a summer frock!!

What a thrill!
HEe hee. Thank you Tif for a great read once again!!!

catnap said...

I don't have any experience with getting creases out of said tablecloth, but here's an idea. Fill some empty 1 liter-sized plastic bottles (or anything similar) with water and lay them on their sides along the creases, when the sun's shining. Maybe the sun would warm the water, and the fabric, and the weight would help press the fabric.

Donna -Little Tiny Stitches said...


I've just followed Ingrids 'link'! You've got to try it. It's such a pretty way to wear your hair..don't forget we need to see your red streak too :o)

I'm off to find my kirby grips...
-bobby pins :o)


Pom Pom said...

You are so funny dottie angel!
You make me want to visit the thrift store. Maybe tomorrow.

sumo said...

I don't suppose you have a dryer to throw the oilcloth in for a couple of minutes?

Free Art Printables said...

I had a pink streak in my hair a few years ago, and now you make me miss it. I might need to get another one now....

A Mad Woman in the Attic said...

So what I'm wondering is, did you get the red streak? I so hope so.
Red or pink is on my 'to do' list.

My hairdresser always pulls the 'she's Bbbarking!' look at me ...and he's a friend!

... when I bother to grace him with my presence at the salon, which is rare. An 18 month gap this time, I take the scissors to the ends myself, he approves of this - NOT! It is long though. Soon when I book an appointment he will groan. Trouble moi!

Happy hair hankerings :)

bikim said...

love your mug! and your photos!
Happy week,

alliejaneyoung said...

Love the hair story. It like when I went to the hair dressers and asked for it to be shaved underneath, I ended getting it shaved off as she did not understand what I meant!!!! Dots how do you make those fab bags or could you make me one?
The weather in the UK is sunny sunny sunny!!!!!!!!!!!!! I weighted my oilcloth down with tableweights from the £1 shop and that sorted my creases out. Have fun

Carol said...

My kindergarten teacher, Miss Melina, wore her greay hair in braids around her head ... now that I'm greying, I have cut all my color off and will grow my hair long enough to do so! I'm embracing my Crone - though I must admit I'm 10 years old than you and much further into crone-life!

felicity said...

Hi Tif,I found your blog through the Molly Makes Mag. Some of your stories made me laugh out loud!
Thanks for sharing your pottling.

dottie angel said...

where have i been, i have no idea! it is now tues afternoon and i am spending quality time reading your most lovely thoughtful entertaining comments and i must indeed thank you most kindly for cheering up my scattery soul with your tales and your advice. i am a lucky lass :)

Naomi said...

What a wonderful blog!! I am now a follower!! xxx

dottie angel said...

oooh Teesha. how exciting for you!
yes indeed i think it is all oakie dokes as long as you link back to folks, or if you use images belonging to another they are credited with it. good luck my dear!