Tuesday, June 7

things of very little need to know but then again...

thing one to know:
a wrappy braidy coif can be achieved
even with my small offering of braidiness

obviously a long way to go in its wrappy braidy ways
but 'tis one none the less
and one with potential towards
a great and peachy wrappy braid coif
in the future

thing two to know:
combine said shown wrappy braidy coif with clogs
and a peachy summer apron wrap

and surely of all surelies ever to have surely gone before,
summer must be just around the corner

thing three to know:
Mr Spell Checker has advised me
i have over 13 misspelt words in this here short ramble.
i have advised Mr SC
i have no idea what he is talking about

she is getting out Mr Shark, letting him get all hot and bothered under the collar and freshly pressed apron wraps will be in her little store by thursday ~ Tif
footynote: did i hear someone just say "about blimen' time too Tif",
"fair enough, fair enough" say i


::The Beetle Shack:: said...

That mr spell checker leaves no room for a creative, braided soul like yours.

xo em

Robin said...

Thanks for the lovely smile on my face from reading this post! I think your Mr. SC and mine are in cahoots!

Sécia Mischke said...

Love the photos! That room is lovely too.

♥ sécia

Carol said...

Wonderful hair! I recently cut my hair off so that my grey will grow in - I want to look like my kindergarten teacher, Miss Melina, who had the most beautiful grey wrapped braids!

Carol said...

oh I'm sorry about that post - didn't realise that my post on your last blog entry took! Ooops - don't want you to think I'm a total weirdo!

Anonymous said...

your braids look lovely, better than mine if i'm being completely honest, and i love love love the bangs!

Rose said...

Your hair is so awesome! I aspire to such fantastic bangs (fringe) but I am too chicken to cut them. Also, my hair is a bit too curly and unmanageable. Any bangs of mine would be frizzy, not all nice and straight like yours. I do however, have hair long enough to wrap over the top and back again, so I suppose I shouldn't complain.

Guess I've rambled on long enough about hair. Happy (almost) summer to you. I know it must feel good!

Teresa Kasner said...

Dear Tif, You've got a good start on your braidy halo! By the time you have grandbabies it will be a proper halo-y circle!!

Oh, please do pop over to my blog and see a photo I just posted of my youngest grandson asleep in my husband's arms.. ON the tractor!! It's so cute!

((hugs)), Teresa :-)

blue corduroy said...

tell me more about those clogs! i love them both! (the tan and the red). yipeee for summertime!!

p.s. of course, i'm not forgetting how amazing your hair looks, or the room behind you!

The Muse of The Day said...

Happiness. That is what I feel when I see your posts. Happiness. Carolina

Rae said...

ooh dottie I lurve your braids, clogs, aprons, and also your awesome top in first pic. Lovely.

Naturally Carol said...

Hi Tif..i do love your newly braided and coiled hair!

fine little home said...

i love your bloggity blog, you are too cute for words! i just found you via melissa loves blog and felt all warm and fuzzy after reading just a few posts. congrat's on all your success! ps your home is lovely and that little pup adorable ; )

dottie angel said...

oh Rose, i have to confess my hair is unmanageable without my trusty flat iron friend! for many years i embraced my curl, but in more recent times with my new found need for bangs, my trust flat iron does the job :)

rae, that top is indeed the top half of my long maxi dress i choppity chopped off for fear of losing Little Olive in its folds. surprisingly it came out peachy. its from h&m

blue corduroy! yes the clogs eh, these are swedish mias and can be found on amazon and ebay for a very good price if you are happy with tan. i like them because they are flat and i am useless at staying upright in high heels :)

thank you my dearies for the wrappy braidy coif enthusism, you are always so grand. i like to think there are a lot of us out there growing our braids whilst wearing our clogs. kind of warms the heart a little :)

oh and bloody frida! gosh no! i would never think such a thing for sure :)

Bonnie said...

Love the braids! I too wear my hair in this style sometimes.
The first photo of you is lovely, cos you get to see your gorgeous room in the background and I love that throw or is a quilt on your bed?

silly old suitcase said...

poor mr.SC, he's very confused i think...
Your foto's (cloggs!) look lovely.

I can tell that long braids are very practical, mine are long enough to use them as a bra....


Juliab said...

Love the hair! Love the apron too. x

Country Cottage Chic said...

Loving the braids! My hair is plenty long enough for braiding but when I wore two plaits to the stables I was told I looked like Pollyanna ...I was hoping more for Pocahontas (on horseback).


Me said...

You look fabulous :) My hair probably isn't long enough, but I am willing it to grow just for the look you outline. What does Mr SC know about it all?! xxx

Eleni said...

I too am patiently waiting for my tresses to grow. Having had short hair for years I literally do no know how to tie it up anymore! You are a braided isnpiration to us all :)

PS: do I spy a tattoo?

Anonymous said...

Such Cuteness all wrapped up in Divine.

Sarah said...

It looks fab!!

Before you know it you will be wrapping those plaits right around your head!! My ends met on the top just like yours only a couple of years ago and now I can wrap them all the way round down and behind my ears.

So glad to someone else of "our age" loving this style!!

The colour of your locks is fabulous too!!

S x

Pom Pom said...

I love your colorful braid! It's perfect!

denaz said...

Tiff love love the braids! my hair is a bit longer so i thought oh easy peasy and tried it myself - oh what a mess! think my uncut ends didn't help - they sort of fanned out beyond help! Even the big birds nest in our tree outside looks neater!

Hope the weather hangs on for you in 3 weeks - its glorious here at the mo in this little corner of Devon!

Sarah said...

Me again!! I am now gripped with the desire for a pair of clogs like yours but on search UK & US eBay and Amazon I can find no such items as "swedish mias"!!

Have you fabricated the name of your clogs in a dastardly plan to keep the real things all to yourself?

Surely not!! ;0)

S x

alliejaneyoung said...

Ohh love the hair!!!! mine is way too short to do that [its above my ears in a pixie cut]. Gets the uzi out and fires away mr Spell checker!!! And you wonder why kids cannot spell nowadays!!!!! I am in the que for an apron wrap!!!! Make some of your lovely sacks!!!! Then you would have an uber happy customer!!!

Carol said...


Here I am, no introduction, pop onto your blog and repeat myself! LOL

Your art is wonderful - you're such an inspiration. Thank you!!

Teesha said...

Dear Miss Dottie,
Ive tried so many times to comment and tell you how much I love your blog......and clogs but I dont think I can be sending them in properly.
Is this little message from freezing cold Blighty reaching you? Please let me know!
Thanks for the lovely bloggings of happiness!

dottie angel said...

you see, all warm and fuzzy inside thinking of us with our braidy wrappy coifs, some very handy and long enough to be bras, others still at the stage where a hundred bobby pins are required and our rose coloured specs, but none the less, wrappy braidy coifs will be worn with pride!

Bonnie, the lovely patchwork blanket in the background was from my friend Stine of Lutterlagkage, it is made entirely from retro and vintage fabrics. it is stunning and beautifully made... her work is lovely

silly old suitcase! thank you for the morning giggle :)

Jayne! no way, we would all of only seen Pocahontas riding her horse, trust me :)

me, you must, it is lovely to have something to aim for, even if it is two braids long enough to wrap around one's bonce :)

Eleni, indeed i do :) there are several dotted around the place... none works of art that's for sure!

elise and pom pom, thank you my dears!

denaz, work those frayie bits to your advantage, i like birds nest hair styles myself, always have. it could be your 'signature take' on the wrappy braidy coif look :)
and yes, we need sun for sure. our two days came and went just like that, now back to cold and rain. i think 'doing our heads in' is quite apt for this Spring here :)

Sara b! me? dastardly! ha ha hee hee... never ever could i do such a thing :) :) :)
MIA is the company and if you go to amazon.com and select 'shoes' in the drop down window and type 'mia clogs' in the other one, voila! they should appear as the first pair of clogs on display :)
i hope you find them for they are indeed a nice price at the moment

allie jane young! yes sunshine sacks are on their way too, a slight problemo with the old crappity crap lighting and getting good photos, but hopefully Mr Sun will be back again soon :)

thank you bloody Frida! never crossed my mind dear, delighted you have come to visit with me :)

Carol said...

For all us braid fanatics, here' s wonderful link to dutch braids (which I tend to like more than french ones)


~Junkyard Jennifer said...

Your hair looks great! -- you're so lucky to have thick hair to grow out. I'm afraid mine would look quite silly if I tried but I've dreamed of long hair my entire life. (Mine is super fine so it just goes limp when I try growing it out.)

Love the room behind you -- that patchwork quilt on the bed is *gorgeous*. And it's got me wondering if you made it or if it's thrifted?

The colors are so bright and cheery!

~ Jennifer

P.S. After seeing your other posts about plastic flowers, I need some bad. And I never even took note of plastic flowers before! You've found such pretty ones. They look awesome. It's making me regret losing the plastic Lily of the Valley flowers I had from my deceased paternal grandparents' when I was a child. I'm off to hunt for more...!

Lu and Miss Lu said...

Ooooh Tif - are those the famed 'clippity cloppity clogs' you mentioned way back before the very advent of spring? How wonderful they are - and I'm looking forward to the new items in your shop too.
Really loving the hair - would it be cheeky to remark on the age-reducing abilities of said coiff?
Enjoy the springy spring weather

Unknown said...

LOVVE your bangs and the awesome streak. I, too use a flat iron on my bangs for my really curly hair. Gotta tell you about my Granny Grace's braid though. She had hair down to her knees and she'd braid it every day and wrap it around and around her little head. She only washed her hair on Fridays and would sit in a chair and let it hang over the back of the chair. She is long gone now but I still have her braid as she cut it all off one day. It still smells like her too.

dottie angel said...

how odd Teesha! it did not reach me until 5 minutes ago! gosh my blogger must be hiding things from me. tell the truth my blogger is playing tricks on me all the time these days...
so yes yes! i have your lovely comment and thank you so kindly for it :)

junky jen :) do you like that nick name. you probably are now thinking "lord no Tif, i do not" but hopefully you do because it is said with affection... the blanket is made by my lovely friend Stine of Lutterlagkage out of secondhand fabrics, she is so wonderfully talented and this one is lovely and light weight for summer living. which of course is not here at the moment but i can pretend like it is :)

yes indeed Lucy! they are and i do clippity clop everywhere i go. actually they are most satisfying in their clippity noise :)

dahlia's, i love tales of our grannies, thank you so kindly for sharing it with us. aren't grannies just the best ever thing to happen in our lives. i hope one day to have grandchildren who will look back upon memories shared with me and funny little quirks i had will be seen with affection. i also hope to have grandchildren who wear clogs. that would be nice now wouldn't it :)

Rose said...

Ah--good to know about the flat iron! I keep hearing about those things. I am a major hair klutz. Perhaps I should check it out! Thanks!

~ Junkyard Jennifer said...

The nickname works for me! Haha. :) Whenever I see pretty patchwork blankets, it really makes me long to sew. And, one of these years, I will, by golly.

When I was at a local arts guild meeting a few months back, I introduced myself as a 'junker' and immediately someone made sure to reassure everyone that I wasn't a 'junkie' but I said I pretty much am. Being addicted to junk and all...

~ Jennifer

jozen said...

can you please please tell me where you picked up those spiffy clogs?!?

dottie angel said...

hello Jozen :)

they are MIA clogs, you can find them on ebay or amazon