Thursday, June 16

'once upon a time'...

i like the color green a whole lot,
always have.
i like grolly green
all the way through
to pretty pastel minty greens.
i like green with hints of blue
and i like green with hints of yellow.
in fact i think it quite true to say,
if i were only allowed one colour in my life
it would have to be green.

if i spy an article of clothing in a store
and it happens to be green,
all sense of what suits me or not,
goes out the window...
i only have eyes for the green.

finding vintage fabrics in green
and indeed clothing
can be a little tricky at times,
hence when i stumble upon them
i can get a little emotional
about the stumbling moment.

however i do not do luminous green,
no sirree,
no way,
no how,
having lived through the 80's
i cannot bring myself to dabble
with such wrongness again.

yesterday i decided to buy a small pot of paint,
a brilliantly cunning plan to distract me
from another of my flock getting ready to fly.
it did not take me long to spy my green,
it was called 'once upon a time'.
well surely upon surely,
if ever there was a green paint
suited to our shed,
it had to be this one.

upon arriving home at the shed
i noted i have a couple of hours
before high school graduation.
ignoring the piles of laundry,
the dried crusted breakfast dishes
and the dog hair courtesy of Used Dog
i only had eyes for a thrifty find
and my can of green paint

my thrifty find
was a wall sconce in brown metal,
upon discovering its charms on the shelf of despair
it told me it liked the colour green,
obviously i was left with no choice...
after two coats of 'once upon a time'
and a couple of vintage decals,
i was smitten,
completely and utterly
smitten with my new paint.

whilst driving home from Graduation,
i noted all the Freeway road signs in Seattle
are painted the same colour
as 'once upon a time'

she is thinking upon her return from across the pond, a certain cupboard in her laundry room would look peachy dressed in 'once upon a time' ~ Tif
footynote: if by chance you wish to paint a find in your life the same colour as Freeway road signs in Seattle, here's the nitty gritty
Benjamin Moore, Aura ~ semi gloss
574 once upon a time


Pomona said...

I just found a green dress in a charity shop so I think you would like me - it is not quite once upon a time, but it is a 1960s dress so it must be all right. I painted my kitchen cupboards in Arsenic - a wonderful green, but I do admit I bought it purely for the name.

Pomona x

Happy Homebird said...

I love green too particularly sage green - so restful.

The fence and shed in my garden are a lovely shade called Wild Thyme. Looks so lovely with lavender growing against it.

The wall sconce is beautiful. Now why do I ever find items like that?

Sam x

Unknown said...

I love this post, could you please follow my blog i'm starting out and it would be nice to have some followers xx

Mommy Chicken said...

where does one find vintage decals? green is my favorite color too.

Unknown said...

That is gorgeous!

Carol said...

Hello! Love the color. I was wondering where you get the decals - I need to re-do an old pink granny cabinet I have and the decals that are on there are falling off. Thanks!

Bonnie said...

I too love the color green...It's my favorite color. I love that shade you painted your mirror. And I just wanted to say I think it's cool how you "hide" your photos in your posts!

wood & wool stool said...

yes, that name is just perfectly peachy for the paint :)
i often wonder how they invent names for colors. (some weeks ago surprised by those names, seaching for my perfect ocher yellow, not being so perfect after all...)
x ingrid

dottie angel said...

i knew i would not be alone with my love of the colour green!

as for vintage decals, estate sales, charity shops, failing that good ebay or etsy can come up trumps every now and then...

littlemissvintagefashion, delighted you are starting to blog, i wish you the best of the luck for sure... one thing i think to be true, you should blog because you enjoy it and for yourself, do not worry about having followers, they will come along i am quite sure :)

ingrid! i think 'once upon a time' is a wood & wool colour for sure! after i came home and looked around the shed i noted my wood & wool stool legs had the same green! must have been sending me messages all this time :)

what a great name pomona! arsenic, brilliant for kitchen cupboards :)

Miss Claire said...

What a darling colour, and i adore the makeover. Green, green, green, how lovely! Xoxo

Michelle said...

I have the same affinity for the colour blue...
But I have been told I look fabulous in green...I might have to do some thrifty shopping and see what I find...I will take your advise and stay clear of luminous green...I think anything luminous
is a "no go"...

Congratulations on your #2 graduations...she looks radiant...

Unknown said...

I've read you forever and never commented. But my little bird is about to fly too. Graduation was amazing and harder than I expected. Maybe I should paint something green!

Natasha said...

I am agape. Whilst at the thrift store today my son (age 11) excitedly brought me a very similar sad looking brown and dingy sconce. I (shamefully admit) scoffed him away- why did it not speak to me, like yours did and ask for green? I would have obliged. sigh. It is beautiful.

dottie angel said...

natasha! gosh yes how lovely that would have been, if only the little sconce had spoken up :)

dhamma, congrats on yours graduating too! its a funny old feeling isn't it, so many mixed emotions for sure.

michelle, i would have said blue for you! i knew it the moment i met you, you have a thing for the colour blue all right :)

miss claire, thank you kindly!

alliejaneyoung said...

There must be a green thing going on!!! I bought a vintage green smock, a green granny vase and a granny green lass vase. I think green reminds me more the summer than yellow . It reminds me of lush green prass, beautiful green leaves and that summer is finally here. Congrats on all who graduated. And i hope many parents did not burst into tears!!!! Or did what I did at an award ceremony. Remebered how he looked like when he was a baby and his peachy bum stuck in the air!!!! Then I burst out laughing!!!! Opps embarsing parent moment!!!! I want to paint my cupbards, but I have been warned against this as it chips quite easily. But good luck if you decide to go for it

Unknown said...

Green is a great colour and attitude !

Emma said...

That is indeed a beautifully prettied up sconce! I too am unashamedly in love with the colour green, but I also agree on the yuckiness of luminous green having been a child of the 80's also, guilty of wearing mismatching green and orange luminous socks on occasion..

Vera Amos said...

Green is and has always been my favorite colour, coupled with other shades it never fails to please. Nx

Jody Pearl said...

Green goes with everything!

Between the Leaves said...

I too have been a fan of the colour green since dancing around the room to 'All around my hat' by Steeleye Span aged 2 - i think it was the mention of the green ribbon!

I love your aesthetic and original writing 'voice'.

Have a wonderful summer on the East Anglian coast. I am not far from there in the beautiful, and often miss understood, county of Essex!!!!

Best wishes,


PS My fave shade is one of lime green - as depicted in my logo...

Donna -Little Tiny Stitches said...

I love green :o)
It has and always will be my favourite colour..-except like you I had a bit too much neon green in the eighties, but the less said about that the better :o)

Your children look so grown up now Tif, -since i first timidley started out in blogging-.
I'm so pleased that for you that you will get to spend your time with #1 when you visit 'old blighty' and do your fabulous workshops.

Have a lovely weekend in all that you do and craft.
Donna xx

dottie angel said...

oh yes indeedy, we love our green!

allie, i have alsorts of doors and cupboards painted by me and they never chip, the only thing which does is the door frames and i like to think it adds a certain charm... my laundry room sink cupboard has had several coats and looks peachy still. saying that, i do not think my clan know it exists so perhaps that is why. just me and one little kitty know about the little broom cupboard sized space!

do not listen to doubters, paint i say!

thank you Mary for the lovely memory of yours, inside of my head now!

Anonymous said...

You're so funny ~ freeway sign ;) I love it. Reminds me of my childhood for some reason. You have a great eye and ear for listening to colour requests!

Riitta Sinikka said...

Hi! I love it!!! please, welcome to my romulyyli-blog! best regards, Riitta Sinikka.

Rynae said...

Omg your a genius I tried Millies pattern but failed miserably but will be making another attempt soon.

bibbitybob said...

That is faabulous! What a gorgeous shade, and a wonderful shaped sconce x

Nelly said...

Go the greenies.I love green too my fav colour cant help myself but to be drawn to it whenever I see it.