Thursday, September 2

a whiskery situation...

a mousey is living in the under stairs cupboard.
i know this to be true for said mousey in all his peskiness,
has left tell tale signs in my big multi box of Sun Chips.
more to the point he has sampled every pack except the garden salsa variety.
obviously he is a mousey of discerning tastes.
i am now left with 12 chip packs with little nibbled holes
and 4 chip packs with no nibbled holes
none of which are any good to moi.

i have yet to come face to face with little mousey
as he is a canny one and i am thinking perhaps a little shy.
my only explanation for his appearance being
whilst i was away in old blighty,
little mousey from my studio fireplace wrote a little letter to his cousin.
told him of the joyous existence within Mossy Shed.
how warm and snug it was by the little starter flame
and as we are heading into fall why not come for a visit.

i am now thinking there may have been quite some correspondence too and fro.

cousin mousey replied saying
"dearest cousin, thank you kindly for the invitation to visit your warm nest,
however i am a little partial to certain comforts when i am travelling.
one being warmth, which you have so kindly offered me
the second being Sun Chips"

to which mousey in the fireplace assured his cousin mousey,
Sun Chips were plentiful in the shed.

i fear having stayed a while in the understairs cupboard of Mossy Shed,
sampling the delights of my Sun Chip box.
he may indeed write to his other cousins inviting them all in turn,
telling them of the shed that provides warmth and shelter
along with an abundance of chips.
having two kitty cats living at the shed
i would have thought little mousies would choose to nest elsewhere
but no, these are brave little mousies coming from a long line of brave mousies.

when i caught sight of the mousey in my fireplace last winter,
before he 'hoppity skipped' it back through the grill
i noted he was carrying a quilting pin with him,
not just any quilting pin but one with a plastic yellow top,
very similar to the ones that have been disappearing from my studio.
the only difference being, his plastic bit was a different shape to mine.
on closer inspection, perhaps with magnifying glass
i am quite sure it would have been in the shape of a cat's head.

there is nothing to do other than write them a little note.
i have placed one by the fireplace
and t'other by the understairs cupboard door,
in the hope they will realize the urgency of the matter.
indeed i went to bed last night
'a hoping and a praying'
by morning they had packed up their little quilting pins
and hankies made from scraps found in my studio.
high tailing it out of the shed,
for if they do not heed my wise words,
it would appear my man will be taking matters into his own hands...

she has been sweating with Miss Ethel over the past few days, and the hoorayiest of hoorays, there are a few pretties in the shop window ~ Tif


Unknown said...

I love the little mousy paw signature. :)

Anonymous said...

I only just discovered your blog a short time ago and am in love with your words and stories. I chuckle every time, which I might say is not often so easy. You're a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day:)

Tracey said...

Haha ... I absolutely adore this little mousey correspondence post ... perhaps there's been some long distance correspondence going on too, as I have a mousey somewhere in my housey too ... though I'm yet to see him in person, I've noticed a few telltale signs like nibbled cardboard boxes and the scurrying of little feet in one of the downstairs cupboards.

Your delightful post made me laugh ... just a delight to read! :)

dottie angel said...

delighted my whiskery tale has amused, my dearies :)

Jules said...

Bonkers! Absolutely bonkers but I love your blog!

Dogwood said...

Smiles, smiles and more smiles. What a sweet blog post. You are a great writer. So creative. Love the little notes that went back and worth between the little guys.

Have a fun day and dance a little...


Ragamuffin Gal said...

How darling ~ what an imagination and what a sweet tale of two tails!XO

Autumn Mist said...

I have a little mouse that assists me when I clean out the chickens. Obviously he is not a house mouse and feels perfectly entitled to help himself to the leftovers that the chickens don't want, but we have five cats here, who I feel need further training as to what their job is!

Carol said...

Oh Tif that was indeed a Dotty tale! I hope they move to new residence before your man has to sort them out.
I was relating a pesky squirrel tale of woe to a neighbour the other day - the little so and so's pinch all the walnuts off my tree and sit on the branches chucking them at me when I am hanging out the washing.
They told me of another suqirrel miscreant who was spotted rushing out of the golf club bar holding a Kit Kat which he proceeded to unwrap and eat with great relish. Out came the Steward "Did you see that? The cheeky little blighter....... and he didn't even pay for it!"
Carol xx

dottie angel said...

ah ha! this morning it would appear little mousey and his cousin have not heeded my wise words and as i feared, they have relatives in the garage.