Wednesday, August 25

i am a little lost...

despite the woes of Carlos i did indeed take a few snaps of old blighty with a borrowed camera,
however i am going to save it all for next week.
for next week is when my clan returns to school and the shed takes on hushed tones again.
in turn, giving me more time to gather my thoughts and tell you my tales...

in the meantime i have located the 'big camera' my man bought several years back,
claiming it was a marvelous camera with the ability to capture the world around us with ease.
i was sceptical at the time and after today, i continue to remain so...
perhaps not the fault of the camera, more to do with my inability to embrace new things.
i wish i was better in that respect but alas i appear as every year goes by, to become more crappity crap at it.

after five minutes of struggling with the beast of a camera,
i came to the conclusion, a strap around my neck was required.
upon fixing the strap on, it became clear not only were my arm muscles lacking
but so were my neck muscles.
i then discovered if i combined the strength of my neck and arms together,
i was able to lift the camera high enough to see through the lens.
this little fiasco took up about twenty minutes
by now my heart was quickening,
and i longed for Carlos of the old days to return to me.
i told myself to recall my breathing exercises from child birth
so i may remain calm,
giving the 'beast camera' a chance to show me his skills.

to be fair to the camera,
i do believe he has great potential to achieve shots way superior to Carlos.
if i took the time to locate the manual from it's hiding place,
spent further time reading what it has to say,
and start a strict daily regime of lifting weights
i think we may start to get along.
but i don't think that will ever happen,
i am still grieving for Carlos and his perfect little weighted ways
his ability to record a moment
without strap around neck and a weight lifting programme in place.

proceeding around the shed i took snap shot after shot.
i do believe by shot 12 i had broken a sweat
and the struggle to avoid tripping over things in my path was becoming more and more tres tricky.
'beast camera' was blocking most of my view as i pottered around
and for a pesky doggie such as little olive,
this could only spell danger.

after taking twenty four pictures i needed a lie down,
upon recovery i discovered only three shots worth keeping.
i think them quite acceptable,
but for me they lack a certain je ne sais quoi
that Carlos brought to the frame...

so for now i shall continue taking photos with Carlos.
when he is having a good day we will make magic together
and on his bad days i will not get frustrated or bad tempered but accept him as he is.
until i am ready that is,
to make the big step of finding a light weight replacement
so he may rest in peace, knowing he was my first camera love
and therefore always hold a special place in my heart

she is thanking you most kindly for your 'welcome homes' and the kindness you have shown toward Carlos and his demise ~ Tif


Dogwood said...

Fun reading your blog. You are a great writer and very amusing and interesting. Keep it coming.

Elsa said...

losing old friends, even a beloved camera, can be so sad ... I know you love thrifting and so does my son and d-i-law! I'm so surprised at what they find ... she got the best camera at the Goodwill bins ... think it was only $5 and it takes the best pictures! course she has to have them developed as the camera is an older one, but she does have an eye for photo taking! good luck to you and Carlos!

gypsysticks said...

poor Carlos...
but so glad little (nor you) were in any way injured or harmed

Serenata said...

Ah the returning to school. We have another week before our boys are due to return...must admit I am looking forward to it!

Looking forward to seeing your photos

made-and-found said...

Hi Tif,You have certainly brightened the sort of day that can only get darker as it goes on ...going in to work...after the holidays...I really chuckled over your description of your photoshoot with the beast.I too do not embrace change very easily and was heartbroken when my last laptop got stolen I still miss it as it was sooo easy to use unlike this one.I also miss my old camera which I gave to my two sons who took it to the land of Oz and dropped it in a waterfall.(As you do!)My new one was more expensive but not as good or as simple.Anyway great to have you back.Anne x

Little Paper Trees said...

I have been reading your blog for a while but this was hilarious, i feel your pain. thanks for the smile and the always inspiring posts..

Shell said...

That has to be the cutest little dog in the whole world!

lyzi said...

it makes me very happy to know you visited devon, that's where i live :) i really look forward to seeing all your pictures next week :)

Jill said...

Ah, I'm am very happy your back. Ready to read the "crappity crap". Do you realize you've added that phrase to my vocabulary and now my 18 y/o daughter's too--credit given of course!

Acornmoon said...

I have the same problem with cameras, they have to do all the thinking for me or I get it all wrong.

I love your little doggy, not pesky at all.

dottie angel said...

elsa, Our #1 uses a thrift store camera with film and her photos are lovely too! something about the old style photos that is so comforting i feel :)

i am looking at 'the beast' this morning and i think he will be placed back in the cupboard where i found him, later today...

Anonymous said...

Tif - have you tried these guys? (no affiliation - just Google-fu skillz)
We have the technology - we can rebuild Carlos ...

dottie angel said...

thank you for the link tralala!

Unknown said...

i'm pretty sure we have that same shag rug in our living room!

Ann said...

I bought my Olympic Trip in a charity shop some years ago and do love it - but its my "best" camera for special occasions and I also love my basic quite elderly digi for snap snap snapping every day. I expect Carlos is looking forward to slowing down in the autumn of his life!