Thursday, March 25

a cluster of 'sprightly spring' scraps...

oh yes! isn't that just the peachiest of peachy titles.
i do believe i have managed to say it two times in a row before tripping up...
but dearest readers,
i had no choice,
for 'sprightly spring' scraps is exactly what i have to show for my day yesterday.
of course i could also show you the 'crappity crap' stuff i did as well,
but i do not wish to,
no, i wish only to show you 'sprightly' sweeties today.

my perfectly pixerly moment of last week has me in love with little squares and rectangles,
and found me wanting more reasons to fill our mossy shed with their 'pick me up' ways.
so yesterday, with the help of Miss Ethel and my towering pile of 'scraps' and some vintage wallpaper,
and not to mention a pressing need to cover up an 'ugliness' within our dinning area,
i was inspired to create my 'sprightly spring' scraps from folded over bits of leftovers.

they are tres easy peasy to do,
and they do a tres easy peasy job
at brightening up any area you may care to hang them.
i needed to distract from the light cord issue in our ceiling,
due to a shuffling of table and chairs in our eating area i am left with a wonderful lamp that alas does not reach.

my man put a hook in the ceiling, pulled the cord over, still too short
and said "voila!"
i sighed, whilst pointing.
he looked where i was pointing.
he sighed at my pointing
and knew depsite saying
"it doesn't look that bad to me"
that his world would be easier
if the little bit of 'ugliness' Tif was pointing to
was put to the top of his never ending 'to do' list
and then Tif becomes happy
the light becomes happy,
and he knows, and we know,
that means
the shed becomes happy too.

but of course this little bit of ugly needs some serious rewiring etc etc so i know it will not happen miraculously overnight so i had no choice but to not stand there pointing any longer
and instead, hatch a cunning plan to disguise the offending visual before my eyes.

since taking my photos yesterday i have added more sprightly spring scraps, due to their addictive ways.
once you make one, you wish to make another
then you start to dream of a whole wall covered in them,
looking peachy and perfectly sprightly.

as i am wishing to see the world full of such sprightliness i am sharing them with you today...
so you may go forth and 'sprightly up' your own lovely abodes.
once again inviting a random passerby in, to admire your cluster of sprightliness
and perhaps pass on how you did it,
so the random passerby may go forth and pass the sprightliness on to their nest
and so forth...
and that is it dearest readers,
quite simple and quite sprightly i do believe.

each of my little lengths are between 25" and 30" long
(for those that do not speak the same language as me, that would be 63cm to 76cm)

i have little happy scraps of lace at the bottom of them

i'm thinking my pictures here give you a tres good idea of how sprightly they could look in a cluster of many
which i have now achieved this morning...

i am leaving you for a few days as my clan is on spring break shortly and i feel it most necessary to spend some time with them and my sprightly spring scraps.

she is hoping between now and when she sees you on monday 5th april, you will have been super busy ignoring the 'dull chores' and spending your time wisely and sprightly ~ Tif


Tonia said...

An excellent use of scrappy bits - far better than my current method of allowing them to decorate the bedroom floor and clog the hoover. I do not hoover, the husband does and life is exceedingly sunnier if I do not break his toys. No matter how much noise they make.

mel @ loved handmade said...

I love your sprightly spring scraps. Yhey've brightened my day already! I'mm going to have to do the 'dump & run' version of school drop off so I can get back here to get creative...have a lovely break!

imperfectly natural mama said...

So cute, love love love. Why is everything you do so fantastic?!? It's not fair.

blair said...

what a beautiful idea!

cornel said...

Amazingly creative you are. Enjoy the break. C

Bubby Makes Three said...

Your blog, and your work is just so beautiful!!

We Blog Artists said...

I can just imagine how pretty all your sprightly scraps look whilst breezing in the spring breeze when those doors are the room...SO fresh!
Have a FUN Spring Break!

Anonymous said...

I love the vintagie modern feel of your whole blog. Check out my blog is you get a chance!

Sea Gem Studio - Diana said...

I did not know you were of the utmost local kind. I also live in a mossy shed near seattle. I can see the mountains from my shed but not the water. We must walk a few blocks to view the hood canal. My muchkins are on break also. We will be around a bit then off to Oregon for a little R and R.
Enjoy your time with the fam and thanks for sharing all your scappy fun projects!
Also a fellow etsian. Your in my favs now!!

gypsysticks said...

How fun and how happy. weblogartists is right. I bet they look amazing in the breeze, although not too strong of a breeze or they might get tangled and then that would be crappity crap. :)

Ashley Schott said...

Such a cool idea and it turned out amazing, as does everything you do.

Elizabeth said...

Very pretty! Cheerful and springy.

Barb said...

What a wonderful idea! I just may have to "borrow" it to spruce up my sewing room just a bit! Thanks. said...

One word...perfect!

wood & wool stool said...

ayay! i'm thinking of a sprightly spring chandelier with a light in the middle

Vanessa Kiki Johanning said...

Oh my googy goodness!! super yummy!!

I love them!! it reminds me of the ones I did for my alice in wonderland party!! ( with cards!)

I always enjoy popping in and seeing your creative journey!!

Bought some cool clogs the other day at the thrift store and thought of you!! LOL
Have fun!!


yeahyeahgirl said...

I'd love to be a part of your challenge but I love h&m too much ! i can't imagine not going there for one year, even one month is hard, does it count if i'm in just for the house goods ? by the way your blog is brilliant and your creations are awesome !!!

julia said...

The scraps are a beautiful way to disguise unhappy uglyness. I would never have thought of it. Usually I take out the heavy artillery, drill a few holew, make a few more because the first set didn't work, and then I'll put away the machinery and am unhappy about the enhanced uglyness I helped to create.

chelsea donoho said...

i have recently discovered your blog. i absolutely adore it! & you! :)

Maria said...

I love your blog and your ideas,
I also love your crocheted clotch hangers.
Some day i will try to make them too.

Michelle Clement said...

Oh my gosh - such a cute idea! :) And you have the best scraps, it seems. Also - you're the best writer. I adore your posts for their amazing verbiage - it makes me smile!! :) Lovely!

zaro said...

beautiful photos in your blog! i love the colours!

nadine paduart said...

i feel truely inspired by your creations, dear miss tif. while actually planning a huge throw out of all tiny pieces cluttering the work room, before moving out, i might be tempted to la-la on the old machine again... cheerz

Patty said...

Said sprightly spring scraps seem simple splendid!

sarita said...

Too fun! Thanks for sharing. They look fab hanging all together there...:)

Laydebird said...

divine have given life to your scraps...I bet my scraps that are all cooped up in wooden creates would rather live with you...I must make them feel as special as yours are :-)

Julia said...

Love the spring scraps (quite right, its a mouthful that isnt it?) they look marvellous anyhow - and I wanted to stop by to tell you there's a little award to pick up at my blog for you, when you get the chance!
Hope you have a Happy Easter weekend,
love Julia x x x

chrissy said...

you are just TOO cute.
i want to be your friend!
i have a kajillion fabric scraps all over the place and your little spritely sweeties are JUST THE THING.
even my girls can do this project and help rid my studio of the clutter.
thank you oh so much.

Sigurborg Johannsdottir said...

greetings from Iceland ;o)

mel @ loved handmade said...

Hello again, hope you've had a happy break,just wanted to let you know I have given you a sunshine blogger award for always writing such enjoyable posts & for your gorgeous work always being such an inspiration to me x Pop on over & take a look...

Anonymous said...

This is a fascinating blog. Thanks for this

Chelsea said...

I love this idea!! thank you so much for the inspiration.