Wednesday, March 24

a bit of beige and little olive...

yesterday i spent my day once again within beige and blah walls...
this time they were different walls,
walls that belonged to 'big people' high above
this time i was having my fingerprints taken.
we drove many miles to sit for many minutes...

i noted whilst 'whiling away' my waiting time that indeed the whole room was void of any kind of decoration other than a clock and a large american flag,
it was of no surprise to see not one person within this space wore a smile.
i noted upon leaving the room where i had past my day, the people working there could not actually see the outside from within their working space.
i looked at the little piece of paper i held within my hand, a small survey requiring my feedback. only 4 questions, quite simple... and question #4 perhaps the most simple of all.
"what do you think we could do to make your visit more enjoyable"
(or words to that effect, i cannot quite remember it, as at the time my little brain cells were struggling with being in a beige environment)
i said to my man
"well that's easy, this place is crying out to be doilified. next time perhaps i should bring one with me, and just leave it casually upon a desk."
i am now imagining that little doily trying with all it's 'little doily might' to bring a little bit of 'happy' into the space.
i fear that little doily may have it's work cut out...

meanwhile back at the shed, little olive is trying to move on from her puppy act.
i note on most days she is doing a jolly good job at it,
but other days it all goes to pot and she is tres pesky.
having turned 10 months she is trying hard though and that is all one can ask for...
her acting abilities are coming along nicely
and she tries most days to have her listening ears on.
for i mentioned some while back that listening ears were very important if we were to get along 'fine and dandy',
since then she listens as best she knows how

and then of course i had no idea at the time of getting a little doggie only a few inches off the ground, just how useful that could be.
to start with i saw her 'low lying' ways as a negative,
she could get into places and spaces i did not wish her to see, smell or taste.
but it would appear as time has past, there are advantages to her little 'ground level' ways.
yes dearest readers, i am most delighted to report that i have no need for a mini vacuum robot 'thingy' to go around the shed gathering dust bunnies and other 'iffy' things.
no sirree!
i have a 'little olive' that does the most peachiest job.

a most useful skill to possess and as i noted to her the other day after she had done a tres wonderful job at 'dust bunny' collecting
"that will get you far in the world little olive, perhaps your acting abilities are not enough on their own, but with a 'dust bunny' collecting talent added in, i'm sure its just a matter of time before 'they' come a knocking for you"

once again she wonders who 'they' are, all she knows is, 'they' are out there ~ Tif


imperfectly natural mama said...

Awww she is so cute. I remember when my parents dog could go under all the cupboards. Soooo sweet.

Jennifer said...

Most official buildings are so awfully dreadful, I'm glad you survived. Dust bunny collecting is a huge talent, if only my children were so small :)

sylviesgarden said...

Dottie, my dear. Perhaps we should set up a secret little group of crafters who could kindly leave doilies and other crafty goodies in the drab waiting rooms that seem to be lurking all over the world?
It seems that the grey, drabness is far too common in many different countries.
As for the dust bunnies, i have trouble believing that they would dare to live in your lovely, ever so clean and tidy home. Are you sure that Olive is not planting them to fool you into thinking she is ever so good?

Rachel said...

Adorable post! Lovely idea for the doily, but it would get lonesome in the beige room all alone. Better drop off two. :) Olive is such a sweetie pie. I never tire of hearing her stories!
xoxo, Rachel

Julia said...

Olive is adorable, what a wonderful face she has!
As for the beige room, wouldn't it be wonderful to mail them the comments form back in an envelope full of colourful doilys and things? Imagine the fun you could have!!

(ps - I dont know why or how the colour beige was ever ought not to have been methinks as its the most draining and horrid colour ever!)

Love to you
Julia x x x

Bego said...

little olive is a cutie and being good at dust bunny collecting is indeed a very valuable skill :)
btw, really nice blog.
warm regards from spain

Elissa said...

oh just look at that cute little dog bum. and every smidgen that i see of your home just makes me so, so happy.

cornel said...

You have such a lovely home. Love the blue accents! C

Marie said...

Adorable! I love Olives little suitcase bed. You seem to have
to visit those beige-y buildings...
you should carry paint chips and doilys and casually drop them off
at the desk. I think it would bring
a big smile to those poor dear folks
who have to endure days of no cheer or color : )

Unknown said...

I love your home style! You are very good decorator!
Have a nice day!!

marilyn said...

dear Dottie,
i, too, have been blessed with not just one, au naturalle, and very "green" robot vacuum, but two.
Yes, two! I know. It's really amazing.
My large dog, Maggie,(a sharpei/chow mix) combined with Delilah (a black/white terrier that resembles a pot belly pig) are wonderful crumb collectors.
We kennel them up each night, and in the morning the first place they make an A -line to is our kitchen.
Isn't that soooo lovely.
Of course, i don't let them know that. I just pretend not to notice. As i walk to the front door, casually, i might add, they fumble quickly with their floor cleaning skills.
I think if i commanded them to do this "dirty deed", they might become obstinate or even arrogant, and begin to request trident triple layers gum for pay.
So for now, we keep it on the down-low. Deal?

the green gal said...

I too have a dust bunny dog, though of a different breed – Cavalier King Charles spaniel. Although Georgie is close to the ground, her expertise is sitting looking adoringly at me while wagging her tail across the floor - as it closely resembles a fluffy quill it does a marvellous job of sweeping the area around her.

And as for the doily decoration, there's already a guerrilla knitter movement, I think the beige rooms of the world are calling out for you to start a doily driven movement!

Bobishi said...

I love your little olive:) I too have a dust bunny collector... but she is a an actual bunny:)

I love watching her snuffle her way along the skirting boards licking up all the dust and crumbs:)
She is calmly waiting for her mini bunting flags and a lovely olive style suitcase bed....

val said...

Hi Tiff,
I think it's just cool your love for clogs! I have had the same kind of love all my life and next month I will be 65! Would it be ok if before I start the Ultimate Challenge if I indulged in a pair of clogs from (take a look at this site!) before I am classed as being "too old for such things?"
I really L O V E your blog. :0)
Blessings! Val

Michelle Clement said...

he he. :) Your little olive is so sweet, you've made me want my very own! She's darling. Also - I'm in love with your blue-backed cabinet. Sooo amazing!

penny said...

Oh, little Olive! She is SO sweet and wears her ears inside out just like my Higgins. You must pop over to Planet Penny because, coincidently, I have just posted my story about a miniature dachshund and a robot vacuum cleaner. I'm pretty sure it will make you chuckle! Have a good Easter break, Penny x

Chelsea said...

That bottom photo is just the cutest!