Friday, March 5

me and the DOL...

i have been zapped dearest readers,
zapped of my creative rambling soul.

it happened whilst sitting within the four walls of the Department of Licensing for the best part of today.
(once again we are left wondering who 'they' are, but 'they' are out there and 'they' do these things)
yes, 'they' took it upon themselves to close down several DOL's within the area thus giving us only one building to do all the things that requires one to need a DOL

today my requirements were quite simple,
take our #2 to the DOL so she may take her driving test.
simple, but oh so time consuming.
i dressed in my crafty flowery frock and took my neverending 'blanket of the utmost kind' with me.

two hours later,
not even my blanket could save me.
i was drained by the feeling of 'waiting' that lay all around,
waiting in beige and gray surroundings...
i can't understand why someone didn't pipe up and suggest a risk was taken within the four walls i sat,
perhaps a risk with blue, or green or even yellow, something jolly and bright,
dare i say it, something 'uplifting' for those that are sitting waiting for their turn

i noted not one person out of hundred or more had crochet or knitting in hand,
they all appeared to have electronic devices within their grasp, our #2 included.
i wondered as i starred down at my blanket,
ready to change colors,
was i missing out not knowing how to text or play around with such things?
and then i wondered perhaps indeed it was the others that surrounded me
who were missing out.
surely it is more therapeutic to while away a few hours of waiting, having yarn in hand, slowly creating a blanket that one day will be given to another.
every minute
every hour
spent on this blanket
is a moment of my time and my love
i have given to her.
thoughts of her life,
thoughts of our life spent together
thoughts of the changes coming all too soon...
yes, surely i am not missing anything at all.

on returning to the shed,
five hours after leaving,
i now have two children that have a license to drive,
giving me even more reason to be thankful i can crochet.
when they are out and about driving i will sit in my shed
and without doubt,
crochet like i have never crocheted before.
thus distracting me from the worries of any parent waiting at home whilst their children are with vehicle in hand...

do you see what i mean dearest readers?
four hours of the DOL and my creative rambling soul has been zapped.
i don't think even my peachy red clogs can save me now...

she is wishing you a little color therapy within your four walls this weekend ~ Tif


allie said...

Tif, are you on Ravelry? I'd love to see your projects there!

dottie angel said...

allie! ha! i'm not sure i have the ability within me to do 'ravelry'... it's a bit of mystery to me, just like texting. the lovely emma lamb has mentioned on occasion to moi the wonderful world of ravelry, giving me nudges :)

mel @ loved handmade said...

Oh waiting all that time in dull surrounds will suck the life out of anyone! Hope you have a brighter weekend!

Lauryn said...

Waiting at the DMV is torture. When I went for my test I had made an appointment and only had to wait about 15 minutes but I've gone with other people and was the one waiting for what seemed like an eternity, I usually take sudoku puzzles with me now when I know I'm going somewhere I'll have to wait.

dottie angel said...

oh lauryn we did have an appointment for the test, that ran 35 mins late and then the rest was waiting with the slip of paper to get the license. just one of those things, fridays are probably very busy days for the poor folks behind the counters having to do their thing :)

dottie angel said...

oh, plus of course i have factored in driving time to the DOL and back which is not just down the street... perhaps indeed it was not the waiting and the beige, but me and how i got up this morning, perhaps i was already zapped before i had even begun to leave the shed. now there's a thought :)

the kitschen table said...

I took up crochet when my eldest daughter went away to college this fall. It really does help keep the fingers and the mind busy!

Andrea said...

Perhaps your mojo flew to Newfoundland during the wait? I say this because...
The strangest thing happened to me today as I was thrifting. I was winding through the aisles, I use the same route every time based on priority for me. Showcase (for vintage cameras), Books (for novels I am looking for...), Textiles (you know all about this one!)...As I was holding up a lovely vintage sheet, pinks and oranges, heavy cotton....
I thought "WWDD?"...YEP! "What would Dottie do?"
So it appears my dear that I just may have had you there with me today! :)
It was bizarre to say the least. But funny too.
You have an impact!
Hope you feel un-zapped tomorrow.

mrs mediocrity said...

yes, waiting is the worst...but that is why you brought your is so hard when the children get wheels...just know that you have taught them well, and keep lots of distracting projects on hand!

Farmgirl Cyn said...

Perhaps it may have something to do with which side of the bed you got up on this morning? Just a thought...

Jennifer said...

tif~ just a few saturdays ago, i took our #1 for his learner's permit. i feel your pain. i was not as wise as you ~ i did not take yarn and hook. i think i am fully recovered now, though. maybe if you slipped on those lovely red clogs things would improve more quickly. i think of those clogs more like the ruby slippers ~ surely they could get you where you would like to be!

dottie angel said...

i love that crownology!
ha! i will say it too from now on...
"WWDD" i think it has a very lovely ring about it :)
thank you all for cheering me most kindly!
the mailbox proved to be quite giving in it's lovely contents upon arrival of myself in clogs this evening, i had no 'flung clog' issues which was also rather nice. i'm feeling most happy indeedy!

Marg said...

I have that "pleasure" to look forward to in May. Although here, you have to make an appointment and it is not usual to wait for too long.

Sarah - Red Gingham said...

I always find it a shame that you don't see more people passing the time with knitting etc. It's a jolly good idea.

I'm sure your children are sensible when driving, but it's the other people you have to look out for isn't it? Not looking forward to all those worrying times in the future.

Congrats to No.2!! He/she did great today.

Anonymous said...

Not much fun waiting, the others were defiantly the lost bunch. Crocheting a colourful blanket or texting because they were board, I know which I'd rather be doing.

willywagtail said...

That was soo unfair for you. I wonder if any of the decision makers ever have to wait in lin.....My last child just got her L's this week but I must say, maybe 'cause we are country, that the wait was of a very short duration. Which was just as well because I think she would have fainted with the stress. Cherrie

Bobo Bun said...

Hard when you live in your own bubble surrounded by things of your own beauty and then you have to confront the world of beige. Too too depressing, I know exactly what you mean. We never seem to have the right paperwork because I can't face my life ticking away in these places, so you're definately a good mother on that selfless score and your blanket grew into the bargain.


Sarah Elizabeth said...

I know how you feel. I've spent many hours waiting in various government offices here in Italy - Italian beuraucracy is a nightmare and involves lots of waiting around to be told that you don't have the documents required and to come back another day! I usually take a book with me to escape from the dull surroundings. It's strange that usually there are not even many other people who will read a book while waiting.

I hope you have now fully recovered from your ordeal!

Rubyred said...

My creativity and production has gone up a notch since my daughter has been at uni!Stops me worrying when I'm in a sewing frenzy! well doesn't exactly stop me worrying, but eases it ..slightly!
Rachel x

Marie said...

Ha! Brilliantly true.
I have decided to always keep a little stitching with me in case such a similar experience should
arise in my life.

Carol said...

I think a few of us will be WWDDing around the charity shops in future. Thank goodness you had your blanket of the utmost kind with you so all (time) was not lost.
Perhaps they kept you waiting to dispel the greyness of their days because you looked great in your flowery frock.

somepinkflowers said...

why oh why
would ANYone text
when they could knit~1 purl~2?


color me
the One with a Travel Book
taking notes on some foreign land,
for a future
possible walk about....

Tivoli West said...

Oh, it's all coming back to me now. The hour waiting before the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) even opening (no appointments to be had for weeks). The waiting after they opened. The explaination of the problem that wasn't our fault (identity theft). Brought police report, affidavits, etc. Lovely "they" said, but we also need written proof from your bank and when you come back, end of the line for you. Off to the bank, get the letter, back at the end of the line, two hours later all is well. I lost about 5 hours of my life sucked into the vortex of bureaucracy and chaos and had myself a nice little crocheted washcloth. Thank goodness for handwork!

PS - You're not missing anything with the texting IMHO. What you get is a blanket, what they get is chatting and blather (mostly).

Wear the clogs, the mojo will come.

imperfectly natural mama said...

I know exactly what you mean about grey and dull surroundings, why couldn't comeon just think about putting up a nice picture or something. It really is quite criminal. When did plain and boring become the fashion?

Scented Sweetpeas said...

Well at least you added colour into that boring building :-) I must admit to taking my cross stitch to work for breaks times and I get some funny looks - why does it seem to others that you are strange if you enjoy a creative outlet for your spare time? hhmmmm

Tracy x said...

you look super lovely x
t x

Dajda said...

If you can 'do blogspot,' you surely can 'do ravelry' :)

I have to say I find it hard to knit in public, mostly because it's not a very common thing to do, and I get distracted way too much to enjoy the actual knitting. Your blanket looks so lovely though that it must have made an impression on all the other people waiting - you were their colour therapy!

Stitchy said...

Oh don't you worry, all that beige and grey sucked the energy out of you....
I'm in love with so many bloggers now, you being one of them, because you've given us colour and re-energized us. I believe we've (society) been suffering unknowingly because we have been colour starved.
It's funny too, I just linked to you today, because you have been such an inspiration!

Take care and Love,

Snuskebassa said...

Hi miss Dotty.
I love your work!
I would absolutely love to participate in your Challenge. But hallo, who am I kidding? I am definately not a person who could stop shopping for a whole year. Or could I?
I must reconsider it.
I do have a lot of fabric and I have a sowing(?) machine.... I will sleep on it.
love from Liv

dottie angel said...

oh you have all done wonders in perking me up! thank you my lovelies :)

and dajda, you are probably quite right, i think it is more to do with just about having enough hours in the day doing what i'm doing without adding in more distractions, however lovely they may be! :)

Leah said...

I think its the others that are missing out on creating something tactile and beautiful, sittting with gadgets is just to past the time when you'II have something at the end of your time.

Blossomnbird said...

Sorry for your most unfortunate day...I did however have a little chuckle...for long long ago i used to work in such places all grey and beige...luckily i ran away from such spooky places...seeing you there tho all colourful and crafy would surely have made me happy inside:)

Unknown said...

Tif I want to thank you for being such a Goddess of Thrifty Goodness. Like CrowNology up there I also channeled you while on my trip to the thrift store on Friday. I usually have to have my good friend Set with me in order to find anything good. But I was on my own, so I thought very hard on trying to see things through Dottie Angel eyes and I was so very successful I even had to put things back because I was going over budget!

Vickie said...

Dear Tif

I know for what you speak as I was in such place not more than 3 months ago - I felt like I had fallen into a bad, colorless dream. I had a wonderful book with me and also felt sad that everyone had their heads bowed to their electronic "gods"....does anybody read anymore??? Who knows, maybe you inspired those around you to visit their local craft store and pick up some yarn and try their hand at something "foreign". I am sure the feel of the yarn as opposed to metal will be quite the challenge.....hang in there Tif - the color will come back to you a little at a time - it took a day or two for me to strip the grayness off my body.....Vickie in Seattle

Kimmie said...

Okay, I just found you last night...after blog hopping with a free moment. I must say you inspire much color, fun and beauty all around you.

Thank you...feeling a bit more creative after poking around, thank you Tif.

mama to 8
one homemade and 6 1/2 adopted

Elissa said...

truly the gadget folks are the ones missing out. i couldn't send a text to save my life, and couldn't care less about learning. but knitting is a skill i will never regret having.

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Yes, my dear, we who can take hook in hand and conquer the world are surely the most blessed. Surely it is much more pleasant and pleasing to wile away the hours in a happy state of hooking than to stare at a small electronic gadget 24-7. Even while we were travelling throughout Sri Lanka, I had my trusty hook and yarn and a book in hand for those in between times. In the end, I have something to show for my efforts and gift to give. That is worth more than anything. Many blessings, Tammy

Unknown said...

you look so pretty in the picture!
Love your work and your blog.

Allison said...

That is a seriously cute outfit. I think I need more "everyday" dresses, not just dressy-dresses!