Monday, March 8

conquering 'gingham'...

on Saturday morning i had been greatly cheered,
not only by your lovely comments which you so kindly sent my way.
but also by the knowledge, despite my 'zapped state', i had spotted a new thrift store upon the way home from the gray and beige DOL.

oh yes indeedy!
as we sat at the lights,
our #2 in charge of the wheel,
me clutching my little sunshine sack
waving frantically for her to move over lanes so we could get home...
soon realizing it was not to be, as no one was going to let us in.
that's when it happened
like a beacon in the dark,
a glimmer of sunshine on a cloudy day,
i spied 'it' over my shoulder,
lurking between two other buildings...
i could just make out the letters
i didn't need to see any more, my inbuilt senses told me all i needed to know.

no hope of getting to it then, we were already heading somewhere else due to a 'no lane' change.
no matter, for at that moment i was too zapped.
i know, it must be tres worrying for you dearest readers to learn Tif was too zapped for thrifting.
but do not fret about such things,
it will all be hunky dory in the end.
(do you like that? 'hunky dory'... i have no idea where that came from but i thought it most lovely for a monday ramble),
all that mattered was it's discovery,
waiting patiently for my return.

it didn't have to wait long, Saturday afternoon saw me and our #1 heading back.
just like me, she can't resist the pull of the thrift store.
on entering the store,
i found a cotton gingham duvet cover with orange flowers upon it,
i looked at the cover,
the cover looked at me,
i told the cover,
"i don't do gingham and i don't do purple"
but the cover had other ideas.
launching into dreams of living life as a picnic blanket, patched together with other forsaken fabric friends...
i told the cover,
"little duvet cover, you have helped me to see another side of myself that i did not know existed, and for that i thank you kindly. i can do gingham and i can do purple and i can for you little cover, do a picnic blanket"

she is busy working on recycled lovelies for her little shop update on Thursday ~ Tif

14 comments: said...

Glad you made this discovery to brighten your week. I am love with your blog.

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

YAAAY!!! Gingham!!!

mel @ loved handmade said...

Hooray for you! I'm pleased your day became brighter & that you discovered such a find. It's so very exciting when you see something with such potential to be fabulous..

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

Oh have fun creating...with gingham or without!

guerrillartmomma said...

You are so inspiring, I am wearing my thrift jeans tonight, as I signed the pledge last week. They are wonderful, banana republic, and the most comfy I have ever sat in. For only $4. Thank you, you really are an angel.
PS How do auctions stand?

Blossomnbird said...

Gosh yes I know the thrill of discovering a new thrift store...heart beating faster, a little breathless and dizzy until you enter the threshold, smile at the sweet nana behind the counter and become lost in all those new treasures to be found...Oh joy!
Now you've got me going on thrift store hunt tomorrow, first thing :)

gypsysticks said...

how happy that you're feeling better. there's a lot to be said for discovering a happy place full of thrifty treasures...
blessings and happiness,

soisses-dasleben said...

i really like all your pics - so light and lovely...

Tonia said...

The cheeriest of notes upon which to start my Tuesday! I envy you your thrift shops - mine are proving Not Reliable in the providing area.

Marie said...

I love thrift stores but, have not
found any where I live now. I remember those moments when my heart would go pitter-patter with excitement upon walking through the door of my favorite thrifty store.
Bargains so unbelievable...precious books that were $20.00 for only 25 cents! Crafty goodies for mere pennies...those were the days!
Good luck with the gingham
: )

Dajda said...

Ha! I'm the first one to comment!

What a nice story. Good luck with the cover and thanks for the word, I never knew what gingham was until now. :)

Charis said...

I love purple. And gingham. Am awaiting your creations...

Ange said...

Are you sure you have not been in a 'no lane change' with escaped Australians? That would explain the 'hunky dory!' ;-)

Natalie No-cash said...

I have just discovered your blog and i loooves it!

What is this Challenge of an Utmost Kind? I'm intrigued. Can I join? I have a blog of my own and I would love to link back to you because I think people should see what you're doing, it's so adorable and clever!!

More! More! :)