Thursday, March 4

under the influence...

whilst wearing red clogs i have noted several important telling signs...

1. suddenly, since my peachy friends appeared at mossy shed, i possess manic clog dancing skills. something i was unaware of owning until their arrival.

2. my cooking skills have gone up a notch or two.
i have graduated from producing orange colored meals, my speciality, to creating lovingly prepared plates piled with foods in various shades of red.

3. doesn't matter where i am, or what i am doing, if i look down my feet appear to be smiling. when wearing red clogs it would appear i have happy feet

4. if i need to run to the mail box, due to heavy rain, for i do not run otherwise.
i have noted in my clogs it takes twice as long for i fear a clog 'flung' in the air would not be good.
i would then have to hop over to find my 'flung clog' and i am thinking as i rarely run, how on earth would i be able to hop with one clog

5. it is now quite obvious upon getting dressed each morning that i have to bear in mind my clogs.
most days i think all is looking tres fine with my attire, until i catch a glance in the mirror half way down the stairs.
it is then that i note, i often appear to be dressed for a 4th of July parade.

6. i do not do red within Mossy Shed,
except when dabbling in the gleeful season, then i am all about the red.
i also do not craft in red.
and so it would appear my new/old little clippity clopping friends have put paid to that statement
(actually now i think about it i do have little bits of red lying around, but for the sake of drama within my everyday ramble lets pretend i don't)

7. i've said it before and i'll say it again

("oh Tif that's very daring of you" i hear you exclaim
"i know! that's what happens when wearing red clogs" i reply)

i do believe wearing red clogs when thrifting makes all the difference.
i clippity clop around the store with purpose and qualification.
fellow thrifters give me the nod,
the look of mutual respect
bought together by the sharing of a common goal
and not,
i tell myself,
the look of
"what is she wearing, have you ever seen such a ridiculously red pair of clogs".
since thrifting in my clogs i have found
a red thermos flask
a dress, not red but a dress!
lordy my first dress in five months, very summery and very white but none the less a dress,
a lovely white crocheted bedspread waiting to have her moment this summer.
proof indeedy, that my thrifting ways have gone up a notch since clogs have come my way...

she is thinking what possibly more, terribly exciting 'things of note' lie ahead for her and her little red clogs ~ Tif


Tonia said...

Maybe I need red clogs for my usual thrift-till-I-can-thrift-no-more spot is sadly lacking in things that make me go 'ooo'. Also I miss my red Doc Martens boots and am thinking I need a replacement.
The husband is overjoyed at both these failings. He thinks my button money should be frittered away on bread and such. But what do men know?

Floss said...

Well, tif, I fall over in my clogs! I am not terribly steady on my feet anyway and I find that the clogs set me off on a whole new way of walking (which they are meant to do, I realise). But I have come close to spraining an ankle in sight of my neighbours (obviously the embarassment is worse than any pain encountered) and that's my clog story for today. I think yours is better!

Andrea said...

Thrifted red shoes yesterday. A brownish red. Not such a standout as your red RED clogs but enough to make you stop none-the-less...A pretty ruffle across the instep and a wedge heel. I am not a red shoe type of girl. Until now...Wish me luck and courage. You should record and post the clogs dancing...

mel @ loved handmade said...

I do love your ramblings, they brighten my day! I'm happy that your sweet clogs are giving you so much joy! I have a pretty pair of shoes that make me feel extra special, sadly though not appropriate attire for running after children...

Caterina Giglio said...

you always cheer my day!!!

Unknown said...

I think your red clogs are splendid. And that photo up there with all the red and white makes me happy:)

dirtandhoney said...

OH my goodness I love that orange and red!!!!!!!! Most definitely my favorite colors! I also adore your writing, it makes me far too happy.
Thank you for writing such an awesome blog!

decomarce said...

Your red clogs are so nice!!

Marce :)

NgaireB said...


Lola Nova said...

My dear,
I believe it, I believe every word. Wishing I had read your post today before venturing out to thrift. Last time I went, I wore what I thought to be my best thrifty maven outfit and came home with lovelies. Today, on a rather congested whim, I ventured to the far away stores in search of pillowcases for my new "big idea". Sadly, I was wearing my lurgy outfit and I do believe it was the cause of me coming up with bupkis! I had a heart stopping moment when I spied the red dansk with lid and wee wooden handle, it ended up being most unfit, even for daffs in the yard.
Well, lesson learned I suppose...always dress for success!

...and those curtains are stunning!

Bley said...

Just started reading here, and your style is so lovely! I'm just loving your apron skirt photo from Flickr, it's inspiring my spring/summer wardrobe, see my blog at

GerryART said...

I have no doubt about the
Magic of Your Red Clogs.

Now we all have to get our own pair of RED, RED shoes/clogs/slipper/boots

Powerful Red Clog Hugs to You,

dottie angel said...

thank you my lovelies, yes i see us all in our red clogs, shoes, boots, socks, flip flops, sandals, toe nail polish (if you do toe nail polish) etc going forth with great purpose and qualification...

and bley, how wonderful that my apron skirt has inspired your summer wardrobe. i think that i should be inspired also for my summer wardrobe is lacking some excitement!

Trisha Brink Design said...

Insert sparkles in eyes here:

"Me likey you REALLY likey you fabric in snappy! Me have red cloggys too...I send you snappy soon!!!"

;o) T.

Marie said...

I need some of those "magic" clogs!
You always bring a smile to me and
have such lovely post! Love the

Greedy Nan said...

WARNING!! I "red" your entry about your red clogs and wanted to let you know what can happen whilst not even running in red clogs. I was walking very slowly - I do everthing very slowly - and my mind [what's left of it] was obviously elsewhere. Next thing I know, there I am in a heap on the pavement. You could imagine this daft woman with her hat askew, bags adrift and legs akimbo, but do you know, NOBODY saw me or more likely 'they' pretended they couldn't see me. A couple of rough looking types came over and looking down asked what I was doing there, would I like some help up. Yes please, I grizzled and they got me up making sure I was ok before going off their own sweet ways. Faith in human nature and face value come to mind.

gypsysticks said...

I'm happy for you and the joy that your "clippity clopping" clogs give you. I appreciate it even more because the shoes that give me joy are my purple cowboy boots. Yes, purple. And I love them so. I'm afraid though that everyone (including my amazingly patient husband) think I'm silly and look quite strange clippity clopping in them. I must also say that I love the clothesline vinette -- are those curtain panels? The red floral is just lovely (and I'm not quite the fan of red), but it's so "smile and be happy". Thank you again for spreading sunshine on our day.
Blessings and happiness...

vicky said...

What a nice blog you have! glad to found you at wood and wool stool blog. you do great crochet things. reed about your addiction with her stools, I understand you they are so nice. /vicky

Sea Gem Studio - Diana said...

I will look at thrifting quite differently. Had no idea the foot wear makes such a big difference. I love shoes. Now I need to find the right pair for the right purpose. Today I will walk on the beach to collect sea glass. Hmmm... glass slippers maybe, no... flip flops, too cold...Off to the closet to see what I can find for thrifting on the beach. Thank you for the inspiration and lovely photos.

Vallen said...

Do you think it is THOSE red clogs or perhaps any red clogs that make the difference. Just wondering if I ought to scramble up some for myself. My sister used to say that painting her toenails orange made her smile every time she looked down at them - I'm all for any little trick to make life smiley-er.

Clamjamphrie: said...

Maybe if you clippity-clop your red heels together three times and say something like 'there's no place like home' (though you might have to specify you mean your first one) you could get yourself a free trip back to old Blighty too!

blue corduroy said...

well, i don't have a pair of red clogs, but i'm am so enjoying the tale of yours that i just about fell out of my seat laughing! i did wear my brown clogs with a joyful pair of argyle socks in plain sight and am now only wishing that i took the time to peruse the local thrift shop- oh the finds i could have found. thanks for the enjoyment!!