Thursday, June 11

thrifty thursdays and a little bit of company...

my daydreaming has been interrupted by the real world so alas i have no idea how my beach cottage front door is looking and what lovely natty color i have painted it. i really really want to know the type of windows it would have either side, or perhaps actually a window in it. i also feel the little entrance way would have a wonderful welcoming feel and some beautiful bits of furniture scattered around. but dear readers at this moment in time we will never know.
two things have caused me to 'wake up'... actually three but i can't tell you number three until monday ("aaah, such intrigue, such mystery" i hear you whisper, because you would be whispering as that adds to the scene setting of 'suspense')

real world interruption number 1:
i was all prepared with my stack of dirty dishes, running the water over my Method liquid when a voice appeared behind me... the voice seemed to be settling in for the long haul. interestingly the voice did not appear to have any intention of helping me with my 'kitchen chore'.
"are you here to help?" i enquire, feeling a little robbed of my daydreaming time,
"oh no, i just thought i would keep you company as it must be lonely doing the dishes by yourself" said our #4
he then continued to talk to me for the whole duration of my 'dish cleaning' session.
the conversation was all about the wonderful event that had happened earlier that day.
our #4 is a magpie, no doubt about it... he collects and marvels at all the little bugs and insects that roam our earth. and for the past few days his attention has been directed towards the furry caterpillars that have come to visit. we now have four contained in a little 'critter' box on our kitchen island. the need to share my company in the kitchen was so we may discuss at great detail the event of 'one little caterpillar' turning into a cocoon. this is pretty groovy stuff for an eleven year old, and actually for a forty year old as well...
the truth be told, i was happy to give up my daydreaming that night.

real world interruption number 2:
having left the dishes to late last night and then of course wishing i hadn't... i past through my studio and noted the little mouse trap by my fireplace was closed.
"darn" i thought to myself, that pesky little mouse has triggered it again and got away...
my little mousey trap is a humane one, not a "let's break it's neck" kind of thing, more a "come in here little mousey and i'll take you for a ride up the road where you can be free" kind of trap.
since sunday the trap has triggered on quite a few occasions but no mousey inside.
so i picked up the trap and took a little peek...

oh silly me. the little mousey was inside, but not for long.
i looked at him and he looked at me.
i noted he had a big nose and he noted i had one too.
i noted he appeared rather well fed and he noted i didn't.
then as quick as flash he escaped under the grill below the fireplace and then stuck his nose back out to have a little laugh before disappearing into the depths of our shed.
as you can imagine a long old conversation had to be had with my man about "what were you thinking of looking in it, it's a mouse trap, if it's closed surely there's a mouse in it"
once again interrupting my daydreaming whilst doing the dishes...

after the dishes were done, i went back into my studio. there was the little mousey, bold as brass sitting up on the brick hearth, washing himself.
this morning the trap had been triggered again... but no mousey inside and interestingly no peanut butter either. no wonder he looks like a well fed mouse.

real world interruption #3:
can't tell... ha ha!
but i can tell you before the mousey interruption i went 'a thrifting'... to tell you the truth i really didn't want to, after last week's rubbish trip it was hard to muster the strength. but of course i 'mustered' it in the end and glad i did.
for i found a spiffy crocheted blanket for little Olive
in peachy granny knicker colors... how lovely.
i have practised placing it into her basket that i painted earlier in the week.
it fits a treat. i'm not sure if she will be terribly well behaved with her blanket unlike 'used dog' who keeps her's neat and tidy... we will see in July!

so a bit of ramble as usual... tomorrow i hope to bring you a few pics from the exhibition i am working on, and before i forget i do appreciate that you 'believe' i can pull this off. it is helping me to soldier on with recreating a little bit of 'dottie' from my head for the real world.

she will see you with a 'washing line of sorts' tomorrow ~ Tif


Anonymous said...

Hello, I must tell you that I like your blogg! Nice nice nice!

Agneta from Sweden

blue corduroy said...

thank you for yet another well spun tale (tail?). hope that mousie gets got soon, and can't wait to hear more about that front entryway...

Michelle said...

oh I was really getting into the daydream story too...
In mine I glance out of my kitchen window and see "tif's" backyard...with glady's waiting for me, a line full of dottie aprons swaying in the breeze and a duck egg blue chicken coup complete with nice "friendly" chickens...unlike mine that seem to want to peck me everytime I get close and I can't forget used dog that doesn't chew my one and only desent pair of shoes...
can't wait to see more exhibition pics...
just too excited!!!