Friday, April 30

knick knacks...

i do like a nice display of knick knacks.
being a collector of forsaken little souls
i must admit my knick knack collection is getting a little out of control.

since orla departed from the downstairs of the shed
i have allowed my knick knack collection to shine a little.
i am trying hard to use some retraint
so i don't suddenly become overwhelmed by their 'knick knackiness'
and promptly hide them all back in the cupboard.

you have been so patient since the first thrilling installment of my wall re-do
but at last i can now show you the conclusion of the other wall.
of course i'm a little hesitant to bring the whole subject up again of Orla's paper,
after all i'm quite sure some of you are still getting over the shock
indeed perhaps never will...
i'm wondering if therapists are benefiting from this very incident

but i must tell you,
i am most happy indeed with the results
and dare i say it,
actually relieved it turned out as well as it did...
i found the lovely vintage wallpaper online
with 'oh so perfectly perfect' granny knicker pink sprigs

and i now have a lovely little shelf that sits above Miss Ethel,
doing a mighty fine job at holding
all the knick knacks i treasure...

originally i painted the shelf turquoise,
yes it would be true to say,
a turquoise shelf was all i had eyes for.
my man attached the shelf to the wall,
i looked at the shelf
and the shelf looked back at me
i said to the shelf,
"my apologizes, i miss judged you,
for surely your glorious curves should be glossy white"

she is doing pork chops Jamie's way tonight, oooh she's thinking that sounds exotic ~ Tif

footy note: it would appear we are not having exotic pork chops for on close inspection of recipe, i have none of the stuff required to make the exotic topping, therefore we are having 'non-exotic' pork chops, no doubt with side dishes with an orange hue to them... letting Jamie down once again


Charis said...

Aaaggghhh your house is just so beautiful... Mr J will probably nevr let me have flowery wallpaper :(

Unknown said...

Very nice...yes I thinkthe glossy white is best. Your knick knacks look quite happy to me!

Frances said...

Hey, don't you worry about what that Jamie thinks, just enjoy those pork chops!


Knicky Knacks said...

A woman of my own heart - I too love a knicky knack. Love your post. It's very inspiring and reminds me that keeping things simple but bright and fun can have such a wonderful impact!

love.lovely said...

i do believe you are the most amazing person in the world.

mamas collection said...

Perfect. Again.

mel @ loved handmade said...

What a lovely space, so light & cheery..lovely knick knack shelves, amd the cabinet looks great with your beautiful fabrics neatly folded inside...enjoy your chops, no need for the exotic, nothing beats a yummy chop with a side of baked vege!

val said...

Oh Tif! I just L O V E your shelf and gorgeously displayed knick knacks:0) I am sure you are perfectly right, white is just right!
Sorry, who is Miss Ethel? Is she your sewing machine? If so, pleeeeeeeease could we see a picture of your cover? I was thinking of making a new one after seeing one posted on the Selvage site.
Have a lovely weekend :0)
Val xx

Donna -Little Tiny Stitches said...

OOoooer Tif... Your industrial corner looks fab...wish I had one like it :0) Is there any chance of having a closer look at Miss Ethel's sleepy-time cover? (or have you done this?)As it looks most interesting....!Have a great weekend...
Donna x

Jules said...

oooh, I think I have a major case of fabric stash envy - and all so beautifully tidy too - and sooo, soooo pretty to look at. I'm loving the 'high hopes' bunting. Thanks for sharing. Going to have a look at my stash now... and maybe get started on finishing my quilt!

A Bun Can Dance said...

Dear Tif
Your crafty corner is looking tippity top with the 'new to you' wall paper and the beautiful shelf. Your trinkets look splendid on the shelf too - not a milimetre of clutter in sight! I'm sure the shelf was very pretty in her turquoise attire, but you really cannot beat pure white for the perfect backdrop to all things colourful, can you?
I am off now to our garage - where we have a ship-load of lost souls of the furniture and knick knack kind which have all been saved from the home of an elderly friend... it's like having my own thrift shop in the garage, but totally free!!!
Happy days to you,
Denise x

Dajda said...

Pretty wallpaper, and may I just say I love how well-ordered and airy your corner looks!

silverpebble said...

BTW, thankyou for the global clock info. I am sometimes confused by the Meridian and its ways.

silverpebble said...

I can see the Christmas squirrel. I think he is eyeing the knitting needles with a view to making himself a friend.

I have a little shelf too. It has special things on it. There are no squirrels though, more's the pity.

Tracey@bountifully said...

I so love your little creation station. You have such a great knack at putting spaces together.

Emily said...

I love the new wall paper! So light and airy like a lovely spring salad made of flowers.

dottie angel said...

oh thank you all so kindly, i am positively blushing :)

as for Miss Ethel, yes indeed she is my trusty sewing machine. she has been with me for quite sometime, is a basic but oh so wonderful workhorse. her coat of colors i made way back in november 2007,
here is the link for a closer look

and the little squirrel indeed played a grand part in the nativity play, i have a huge fondness for my little squirrel. he is very old and very wise, belonging to my grandmother as a child. he is all seeing and all knowing but rarely 'spills the beans' :)

have a lovely weekend my dearies :)

Sara said...

Love it! Reminds me of hanging out at my Grandma's house--still decorated circa 1955! (And still my greatest design inspiration!)

Amanda said...

Miss Dottie... I ♥ your radio. Is there anything you can tell me about it? Does it work? Is it vintage? Repro?

Greedy Nan said...

I'm secretly glad you won't be having the piggy-porker for your meal tonight especially after my sheep in the milk bottle dream last night ...
I got quite excited to see that you'd posted and kept you till very last which is actually much the way I eat my dinners - eating the things I'm not so keen on to start with and saving the best till last so that I always finish everything on my plate.

Lyn said...

Im a knick-Knack sort of girl too!
Love the shelf, and your displays look so good on them.
Enjoy the pork chops.

Lolo said...

Lovely photographs! Your home looks so light and airy!

dottie angel said...

oh you always say the most loveliest of things!

and amanda, indeed my little robert rambler radio is vintage, he turned up on my doorstep yesterday... winging his way from old blighty. my soul sister found him in a little secondhand store and knew he was dottie angel's radio :)
he works and is positively the most loveliest little radio i have ever laid eyes on!

Francesca said...

just the fact that you can cook regular pork chops is good no? i have never. although i don't really eat pork so that's a good excuse.

that wallpaper site is amazing. going to spend around 2 hours looking at it now. until my children are really hungry.

it has been raining for 12 hours straight. (don't know why i told you that. it's the kind of thing english people like to tell expats.) x

Jude said...

At least you bought Jamie's steps...

Rubyred said...

I'm thinking the granny knicker pink wallpaper looks just perfect.
Love the knick knacks, especially the cute radio!
Your high hopes banner is fabulous too!
Rachel x

Leanda said...

You are my style icon my lady... everything you do is so inspiring :)

Woo Gilchrist said...

Wow, your blog is amazing and your home is just beautiful - love it!