Monday, April 26

dress down monday...

i am dressed today in an outfit one step away from 'you might as well have stayed in your pyjamas Tif' outfit...
it is grunge with no frills,
hair with no style
face with no color.
i have no excuse for my lazy dress down day other than i wished it wasn't monday.
i fear this lack of aspiring attire will effect my efficiency today when it comes to getting 'nitty gritty' with my to-do list

in the meantime i have several things of note today...
i can not promise it to be tres thrilling,
or terribly enthralling
but as i am dressed in my 'dress down' attire
it is all i have to offer.

1. i will be having a small shop update this Friday,
it has become quite obvious to me that if i do not actually pin point a day for adding wares to my little store,
i start to drift,
i get distracted
and then it becomes almost impossible for me to regain focus.
so for now there will be no more 'adding as and when' i make something,
because obviously i'm not making something,
therefore unable to add it...
so we are back to the old shop update scenario.
you know the drill, so i shall not bore you with the details

2. red and granny knicker pink are taking over the shed,
little bits here and there keep sneaking in...

i spent way too much time on saturday rearranging my knitting needles to match my mood for such colors.
(see what i mean about drifting)

on sunday i tackled our bedroom,
which has never really been sorted since we moved into the shed over two years ago.
still waiting to be dragged out of 1980 and into dottie angel's world.
armed with some lovelies from downstairs i set about making it a little bit more peachier to be in.
the plan is to paint the graying white walls, bright white
and pull up the 30 year old green stained carpet to lay a white floor
all brown wood will go white.
basically what we usually do...
i'm hoping this will be sooner than later but for now things look a little less 'crappity crap' with the help of granny knicker pink

3. little olive spent her weekend in the veggie patch with my man,
she did a sterling job of digging over the patches.
she was not left to 'willy nilly' dig where she wished,
for she has a tendency to be most random with her 'pounce and dig' technique.
and so we placed her on a long leash and then moved her a long every 10 minutes.
this proved most effective,
my man then followed behind and planted the seeds.
they made a brilliant team.
at the end of both days little olive was worn out,
but most happy and contented

for being a 'digger extraordinaire'
there is nothing quite like a veggie patch to get one's digging fix.

4. i have in my hands
(not literally as then i couldn't tippty type, but it sounded grand, so i said it)
yes indeed, for those that know me well,
this could be a ground breaking moment,
more so then little olive in the veggie patch.
this could be the moment my children have waited patiently for more than 18 years.
and my man for many more...
a moment that may cause them to weep and hug their mother,
never wishing to leave my apron strings.
i have in my hands
a cook book!
not just any old cook book
gifted to me yesterday by my man.

i have followed the whole series on the box with our #3 and #4.
i rarely follow anything on the box
but this i needed to...
for i was proud of Our Jamie and all he is trying to achieve for our children.
i sat there
i knew,
i needed to make a change in my kitchen.
to perhaps make my reputation for orange meals and crockpot faux pas, a thing of the past.
and i know if anyone can help me,
Jamie can.

how did my man know this was the cook book for me?
he told me upon presenting his gift,
beaming with one who is gifting a gift, worth giving

"i looked inside the front cover Tif,
and i did not need to look any further"

she is thinking her man knows her well ~ Tif


Anonymous said...

dear dottie angel, might it be
possible for spring showers to bring May flowers... Dottie Angel carded covered buttons? in the Friday shop update? maybe even some
in your own granny knickers pink

sheer whimsy said...

such amazing photos. i love that red pillow!!! :)

Fondant Kiss said...

I just love love love your blog! Your granny knicker pinks are gorgeous but not as gorgeous as Olive!
I have Jamie in my kitchen all the time and once you get used to him his style rubs off. My lastest blog post is about my pondering a pink kitchen, not sure if im brave enough...we will have to compare notes lol.
By the way...most days are dressed down for me, that way when I make an effort it is noticed x

Bobo Bun said...

How lovely is your man, knowing what you needed. I think a day dressed in less than your finest makes more time for the day. No faffing getting dressed and cleaned up and much more comfy. Love the red fabric on your cushion by the way.

Lisa x

Anonymous said...

That is really sweet what he said about the book. So sweet.

Victorian Cottage North said...

I love reading here. I always smile, or laugh out loud, or even shed a little tear (when your daughter was moving out.)


Jennifer said...

I love that cookbook, I have slowly been working my way through it and blogging about a bunch of the recipes. Really good stuff. What a wonderful gift.

Anonymous said...

It's funny, Tif but I thought of you right away when I opened Jamie's Food Revolution. The kitchens pictured in the book are sooo you!

considerthelillies said...

ooh, I have wanted to get that very cookbook myself! I have also watched and really enjoyed Jamie's Food Revolution! Happy cooking!

Lola Nova said...

Is it a sin to covet thy blogging buddy's chair?

*jean* said...

i get such a kick out of reading your posts...jamie oliver's books are wishes with your new culinary venture

mel @ loved handmade said...

I had a weekend of very 'lazy' dressing! Hubby was a little shocked, it's not like me usually, but he decided to join in and so sloth we did! We even went to breakfast in our sadest tracky's! I must say that was a risk I would not normally take & I'm glad we didn't see anyone we knew! Love your chair & good luck on peachying up your room!

Heidi said...

Oh, my gosh that chair is AMAZING....and the pillow to.

Leah said...

Im so loving that pillow...its devine and cant wait to see what you do with your bedroom. Im wanting to do mine and I dont know where to start!

Momichka said...

Your blog is so pretty and full of inspiring ideas. And I love your wallpapers and that lovely armchair!!



dottie angel said...

ah ha! you are quite right indeed, i am most attracted to the wallpapers within jamie's pages... each kitchen is retro granny chic goodness at it's best and with such pictures to inspire me, i know i can indeed cook!

as for the little peek of crocheted goodness, you never miss a trick do you! here's a link to a better picture...

alas the thrifty gods have not blessed me with any more button kits, but there is granny knicker pink and red within the update... yes, i managed to sneek it in, hee, hee, ha, ha :)

Anonymous said...

Your house is the loveliest little wonderland. All the textures, prints and colors make me so happy.

PixieBelle said...

Jamie is a wonderful inspiration. Away with the traditional, ounce of this, small pinch of this and so many ml of this. He just enjoys it and throws in what he thinks will work. A notion I have based much of my cooking around as I have learned how food 'works'.
I'm glad Olive did such a cracking job in the veggie patch. Ours would have spied us out of the corner of the eye with a look of 'You want me to do what with the ground??!'

soisses-dasleben said...

i LOVE your style and everything you post...

Steph said...

How lovely that he knows you so well!! Love those colours...your pictures always make me smile :)

Hausfrau said...

Jamie can do no wrong. I have this cookbook, and I'm loving it!

Dajda said...

I'm sure Jamie will help you through, with his irresistible charm it couldn't be otherwise.

Are you serious about this Little Olive digging thing? A doggie on a leash, digging a patch - my imagination fails me, I'm afraid. :)

And those pictures above your bed - is that painting on silk, or does it only look like it?

dottie angel said...

thank you all for you kindness.

the paintings aren't on silk, just very pretty... found a couple of years back at the thrift store, they are some of my favorite pictures :)

as for little olive, indeed her favorite thing is to be in the veggie patch doing her digging... it is her forte, her speciality, and if she isn't in the veggie patch then it is the yard. huge pot holes appear causing me quite the problem if i am not watching my step. so we figured out, if the little pesky dog has to dig then why not make it useful digging... hence moving her along the veggie patch, turning over the soil and weeds.

once it's all planted up we will have trouble on her hands, i'm thinking she could have her own little bit of veggie patch, not unlike a 'sand pit' for her to play in :)

Claire Gale said...

oh my giddy aunt what a delightful little blog, so pretty and tidy.....just inspirational:) and where oh where did you find that red fabric, and all your other beautiful fabrics?