Thursday, April 22

earth day...

i have hung up my little embroidery
at Mossy Shed
set about my day...

little olive is intent on digging up some minuscule crumb lodged in the wood floor,
used dog is pacing, which is making me nervous,
she knows that i know,
she has a dodgy stomach today.
and i am dallying with Miss Ethel.
not dallying with intent to stock up my shop
which is what i should be doing,
but dallying with intent to use a 1970's polyester thrift store dress i came upon in my travels.
it cried 'granny chic' to me,
but having never used polyester it was a gamble

i'm thinking kitchen window panels made with polyester is perhaps borderline 'have you gone completely off your trolley Tif',
but as it is reusing and recycling on this, our official Earth Day then i'm thinking that is just about acceptable.
plus i did team it with the top of an old bark cloth curtain and a lovely length or two of vintage lace, which i'm thinking helps bring it back from the borders of complete bonkers...

if you don't actually touch the polyester,
i must say,
it is perfect!

at the weekend we have plans to kick start this year's veggie patch,
little olive has nearly finished digging over all three patches.
we have yet again high hopes for an abundance of veg
and adding to those high hopes, will be flowers,
quite often our high hopes for a bumper crop are never actually met.
however, i am thinking if i start talking to the little seeds as we plant them,
encouraging them as seedlings
and then being most enthusiastic when they mature
even playing ABBA or Elvis to them,
it will make all the difference...

she is wishing you a peachy earth day and perfectly perfect weekend ~ Tif


BananaSaurusRex said...

Um.... have you painted our lord jesus christ orange? He does go nicely with the polyester now.

Debbie said...

Do I see correctly??! Have you painted our good lord ORANGE??!

jotatters said...

You are such an amazingly creative and inspiring person. thank you for sharing your very special essence of tif-ness. Happy Earth Day. x

Heidi said...

oh you did it again you crafty little thing... Happy Day!!!

mel @ loved handmade said...

I adore the those prints, looks gorgeous! Happy Earth Day...

Little Eve said...

It looks like you have a particular gift for bringing old fabric back to life!
Love your 'Ode to Earth' creation, very sweet.
Cathy x

Frances said...

Oh, you did make me smile with that comment about not actually touching the polyester!

Happy Earth Day to you. Cheers!

sheer whimsy said...

your embroidery is absolutely amazing!! i love the doily earth :)

the mama monster said...

who says polyester can be used in the kitchen? you are dottie angel, you can get away with anything! love the earth day goodness.

Unbuttoned said...

Oooh love the curtains!

dottie angel said...

thank you my dearest readers... and yes indeed when i found him, he was all one dull color with a lot of 'dings', i made him a little bit happier :)

have a peachy weekend...

allison said...

playing a bit of Elvis will definitely do the trick!

Donna -Little Tiny Stitches said...

I love your 'earth day' embroidery Tif. And your curtains look fab...know what you mean about not touching the polyester :0) But, all said and done your Dottie Angel, and there will now be many polyester panels hanging up in kitchens all over the land....:)
Have a great weekend.
Donna x

Greenmare said...

Happy Earth Day Dear Dottie~ I love all the caps so I went with it.
Absolutely!! if you do NOT touch the polyester it is wonderful.

Yes, Touch Not The Polyester.

Sort of "Touch Not The Cat, But A Glove"......... but different.

yoganoodles said...

I, too, play music to my veggie seeds...just planted my new "raised" bed veggie patch while listening to a little Jack Johnson, although ABBA sounds like a good choice too!

magpie chic said...

Dotti Angel you are very kind to the polyester. I don't know weather it deserves such gentle treatment, but you are an ispiration to us all!

Tracey@bountifully said...

The curtains are fab, as is the doily earth. Lovely, lovely blog!

lillalotta said...

Ooo such a magical blog to discover today! Must have a browse around!