Wednesday, April 21

pondering earth day...

Earth day is nearly upon us
and for some reason this year it really has been in the fore front of my mind.
i'm thinking it probably has a lot to do with being on a handcrafted secondhand year...
my mind is whirring with good intentions,
all filled with 'high hopes' of what i could do to make a change.

so far little olive is doing better than me.
she has become quite the 'digger' in the vegetable patch.
if you move her along every five minutes a whole patch can be turned over, weed free in about an hour, not bad for a doggie with very short little legs...

and i am quite sure there are many amongst us thinking the same thoughts.
(not thoughts about little doggies and their burrowing skills, but thoughts on what small change we can implement within our daily lives)
so without further a do,
i would like to introduce you to
she has a beautiful blog full of inspiring pictures
i have deduced that indeed she has read her camera's manual and actually knows which bits to twiddle with.
i have made a note to myself upon noting this information,
my note says
"Tif, twiddle with Carlos's bits".
as it is a mental note to myself,
for fear someone would come across the note if i penned it,
i am quite certain i will have forgotten it by tomorrow...
but it is not about me, my camera and my memory today.
now of course some of you are probably thinking,
"ummm, this is most peculiar, a rarity no less, for Tif hardly ever talks about anyone but herself"
and yes dearest readers, i think it is quite true to say that i can ramble on day after day about myself and the 'goings on' inside of Mossy Shed and my head.

but not today,
for today
i'm thinking it should be about Ishtar,
for Ishtar wrote to me a few days back
talking about Earth Day,
it is quite obvious that she has a passion for nature and the planet we live on,
just like many, many people trying to do some good for the Earth.
after a little bit of a chat
we both deduced that indeed what would be nicest of all is if perhaps we saw everyday as Earth Day.
and so Ishtar has made a little button which you can find upon her blog that you are welcome to add to your blogs
(i'm not sure it is up there just yet but will be hopefully soon...)

the purpose of her little button is to help remind us to think of the Earth
and all its glory
for more than one day a year,
so perhaps we can make small changes that in turn lead to bigger changes,
and with a bit of luck,
between us all
keep this beautiful Earth going for generations to come
and with that all being said,
if you are keen to share with me what you have in mind for celebrating Earth day,
i would love to hear...
so we may all be inspired to make a change

she is pondering about what her change will be ~ Tif


Princess and the Pea said...

Amen to that! I absolutely agree that we all should be working every day to look after this, our one and only earth. Once it's gone it's gone so we need to make sure we keep it green!


Lola Nova said...

Many thanks for the link, she does have lovely photos!

We have been thinking upon Earth Day as well. Especially since (I must brag) The Engineer and his work team just won an award for 'Most Sustainable Building Project' just this Tuesday!

We also had two trees planted by a most fabulous volunteer organization called "Friends of Trees" (I do consider myself a friend of trees) and they are just blooming the most amazing flowers!

Well it seems I can ramble on about myself a bit too :)

Happy Earth Day to you!

val said...

Well Tiff, the day has finally arrived! Yesterday was my birthday ..... so that means that as of today 21st April 2010 I am officially on THE CHALLENGE OF THE UTMOST KIND! I hope I don't let you down!
Thanks for your inspiration and your wonderful blog .... it is a treat to pop in on you.
I have posted today about your challenge on my blog and so that makes it OFFICIAL.
Best wishes,

Unknown said...

thanks for hooking me up to Ishtar Olivera's blog - so cute! And I do have to laugh about dear Olive's digging skills because my dear Clive is right there with her ... and I'm getting a little weary of all the baths for his dirty paws ... but he is only 5 mos. old (almost) and still has some learning to do!

folk city said...

Dear Tif,
As part of my Earth Day celebration, I will be assembling the bee hive components that arrived on my doorstep this afternoon, thanks to the kind UPS man— lots of pieces of tongue and groove pine, nails, etc. No instructions in multiple languages, no diagrams, just me and my hammer. I've decided that adding honey bees to my garden is the thing to do this year. Bees are so important to all living things. It made me so very sad (last year around this time) to watch the documentary, "The Last Beekeeper," that I felt I had to do my part and raise bees. It's more than a little scary to take on this task, I must admit. I am expecting about 20,000 new 'daughters' to arrive this month.
Folk City

sheer whimsy said...

every day IS earth day!!! love this post :)

m said...

thank you for sharing the link, I will definitley be getting that button. I'm planting 50 sunflowers randomly where I live in honour of earth day today but also intend to make every day earth day. I've already started with my veggie patch and this year I'm sewing loads of flower seeds also so I can have my own cut flowers form the garden. FIngers crossed they all come upx

Unknown said...

Did you make the crochet seat cushion in the photo? I would love to see another picture of that. Too cool!