Tuesday, January 20

this and that etc ...


i spent the weekend tidying up the last of the leftovers from my clan's holiday visits. i then went on to tidy up the mountain of 'must sells' i have been gathering in recent months but failed epic-ly. i told myself that is okay, all in good time


yesterday i went up to Tolt Yarn and Wool to play in their windows,

 i like playing in their windows and still can't quite believe they let me. 

tis tres tricky dicky to get a picture of the windows. from the outside you just get a reflection, from the inside you get mainly the high street traffic. i took some snap shots and sent them to my clan.

 their response
"ummm, mum, isn't that just our house in the window of the yarn shop". 
i ignored them and carried on believing it was a snippet of a studio/workspace/creative spot and not as i fear, what my clan said


i am working on a second 'numptie or nice' hat, this time around i will go one step further and bling it out with a woolly tattoo. i would like to do some more blinging with woolly tattoos, i am hopeful sometime soon this will be the case. in the meantime i am playing with my cakes of yarn, i like them so muchly, 

i note my colour palette rarely waviers from the teals, mustards, greens, granny knicker pinks, charcoals and creams. i note this does not matter, for what matters is they make me think happy creative thoughts each and everytime i pass their yarny caked goodness


i have finished up several books and added another to my reading pile. i am learning about Buddhism at the moment, i knew a bit about it before but not to this degree. i am liking tres muchly what i am hearing, seeing and reading and in turn it has made a difference even further to how i am choosing to spend my day. i came across a saying last week when i had my nose in a book, 

'when i let go of what i am, i become what i might be' ~ Lao Tzu. 
i am thinking these are some very wise words indeedy and worthy of pondering.