Monday, January 12

and so we begin again ...

 my shiny happy new year started again today!
i am most excited by this, today is the first day of the rest of my year

i am officially a book worm. 
i was never a book worm before but now i am. 
in the past few months i can be found more often than not with book in hand rather than yarn or fabric. gasp! i know! i cannot help myself, i am on a path of enlightened reading and my little cogs are just whirring with it all. i told my man i was going to put a list of the books i had read or was reading on my blog, (look right and ye will find) he said "ah like the facebook chappy?" i said "what what?" because i do not know these things and he does. he explained and i thought how interesting, obviously the facebook chappy is also becoming a book worm too. we cannot be alone, perhaps 2015 will be the year of the book worm for many.
i now sleep with a mountain of books by my side, waiting patiently for their turn to inspire and i fall asleep counting my blessings


i note the sun is shining for the first time in quite the whiles and wonder if instead of being here inside sitting with colin the computer and an inbox, i might spend my time more wisely outdoors. little olive agrees and thus we will shortly take a stroll around the block, she can have a good old sniff at the bottom of the trees and i can have a good old ganders at the tops of the trees against the blue sky. 

little olive is doing a tremendously good job at getting on without her besty buddy. i must confess she has claimed a whole couch for a whole week to mourn under a whole blanket but things are looking up... 

in the past two days we have been on walks, we have chased a cat or two, we have eaten our food, we have played with toys, we have barked at random passing strangers in neon anoraks and we have watched a bit of telly. 
so i am thinking i am not the only one starting their new shiny year again.