Friday, January 16

'numptie or nice' ...

by hook or by crook i did it!
what has been inside my bonce for quite the whiles
came out through my hands and finished up upon my bonce.
a full circle kind of moment i am thinking.

i am rather liking how you can wear him as a bonnet

i am rather liking you can unbutton the top 
and up it pops to make him a pixie hat

i am rather liking how the black and cream 
created marly goodness.

i am rather liking the tassles of jolly peachy colours

i am rather liking the thought of this for small beings
as well as grown up ones

i have called my hat
'numptie or nice'
and now i shall sally forth with hook in hand
(no need for a crook)
 to make another
and another
and another ...