Sunday, January 4

the kindness of others ...

i am sick with grief
yet my heart is overflowing with gratitude

gratitude for the incredible gift that was given to us 
over 14 years ago by the way of a third hand dog.
in all the years since i have never come across
a being nor a critter 
who made it so easy to give and receive love

gratitude for the kindness of others,
in my inbox, on my facebook page
and my instagram feed.
truly how remarkable you all are
to have reminded me Used Dog
was loved from the four corners of the globe.
you have held my hand, 
you have wiped my tears from afar.
and for that i am thanking you kindly

gratitude for the way Used Dog left this world
with such incredible grace and dignity.
she will always be our miracle dog
and as we start to go about the coming days
slowly but surely
the gaping hole in our lives will be filled
but our hearts will never forget
the 7th member of our clan,
my constant canine companion.
Our Sunnie Star