Thursday, January 22

a little thing becomes a big thing ...

yesterday issue 39 of little thing magazine plopped on our doormat. i say plopped but that is a lie. i say plopped because i wished to use the word because it made me smile. the truth of the matter is, no magazine did any kind of plopping at all on our doormat or otherwise. it was actually handed to me by a very nice delivery dearie whilst Our #4 held a little pesky hound back by her neckerchief.

i had forgotten, for it is quite easy to do so these days, however before the holidays Little Olive and Used Dog were interviewed! i am quite sure you will agree, tis not every day a doggie gets to be interviewed so it did cause quite a stir amongst their every day lives. which is even more tragic i should forget such a extra ordinary event for them

thus yesterday after the magazine did not plop on our doormat i was reminded, and when i opened the pages to where my peachy buddy Emily had written up her monthly or bi monthly column 
(i forget, see another thing i have forgotten despite remembering i asked such a question at one point)

 there for all the world to see, or those that look inside the pages of little thing magazine is Used Dog

alongside of Little Olive 

and Stanley the main man (who resides with Rachelle in old blighty).

the article mentions Rachelle's new spiffy dog book, which truly is worth a ganders if you are the sort to make your doggie buddy handmade goodness and then follows a Q & A with our constant canine companions. 

here is what Used Dog had to say 
(most thoughtfully translated by little thing magazine for those of us unable to read chinese)

and as i sit here today, feeling full to overflowing with love for my late friend, i know if Little Olive had been asked "what is your favourite big thing?" she would have answered without hesitation "my favourite big thing is Sunnie Star"