Friday, January 23

a bit of bling ...

i am muchly happy this week as i was a little crafty. 
i have a ways to go with getting what is in my crafty cogs out but i am happy to be seeing progress even if it is slow.

i made another 'numptie or nice' hat, this time my intentions were for a bit of woolly tattoo blinging, thus i did not make a zizzy yarny combination but choose to keep it a smidgen more subdued

 next i will work on a small being size and then i am hopeful i will spend my time wisely making more in the weeks to come so i may pop them up for sale alongside of other handmade goodness and secondhand whatnots come early spring.

and just a little note, for those that asked if i would share the pattern for my 'numptie or nice' hat. i am truly delighted you should wish to make one too, however as i have plans to sell the finished product alas and alack, i am unable to share my design for the time being. thank you kindly for your understanding. 

have a peachy weekend dearies, tis going to be a good one, i can feel it in my old bones :)