Friday, November 1

a perfectly peachy poncho for a pottle or two...

early weds morn on the way to yoga i had a woolly epiphany. such was my giddiness from said epiphany it was all i could do not to turn back home and carry out the deed. instead i stayed strong and went on my yoga calling way and did my utmost to keep all thoughts of the woolly epiphany out of my cogs and thus not interfere with polishing my little light.

upon my return to mossy shed, light glowing a tad brighter than before, i rustled around in the cupboard on our landing and located my 'high hopes wrap for a chilly day' and after just 10 minutes, i had myself a 'high hopes poncho for a chilly day'.

i placed one end of the wrap up against one side of the wrap, (when i say wrap, i use the term loosely! 'tis a glorified rectangle of crocheted goodness, recipe of which, may be found here) and stitched in place. i then proceeded with a bit of yarn to slightly gather the edging along the back neckline to make for a peachy fit on the shoulders.

i wore my poncho for a pottle to the drug store to collect Used Dog's prescriptions. i noted how warm and cozy my poncho was having layered it a-top several layers including a thermal undervest. i told myself as i stood in line waiting for the pharmacist to finish assisting others, i was not having a hot flush and to not panic but to instead, focus on how marvelous my little poncho and all its woolly goodness was at keeping me warm as toast and how jolly useful he will be in the chilly winter days to follow

i wore my poncho to the grocery store and discovered i should have practiced at home how one carries one bag whilst poncho wearing. on top of my shoulder over my poncho creates quite the bulk and the straps of my bag struggle to cling on. thus a tussle resulted between moi, my bag, my poncho and every time i leant over to place an item in my grocery cart. half way through i changed to having my bag on my shoulder but under my poncho. with a bit of rearranging this appeared to be most satisfactory until my phone rang and i had to dive under my poncho to locate the inners of my bag, resulting in yet more tussling this time in the bakery department. i did not let this put me off my woolly poncho and its warming hug. no sirree! i was not quite ready to forsake my newly found again woolly friend, i merely made up my mind to be more wise about what sort of bag i must don with my poncho. for surely my poncho is deserving of such considerate thought. thus i am thinking a basket is the trick, yes indeedy, no need for shoulder straps, a basket is the answer and a basket is the only thing good enough from now on for my perfectly peachy poncho and me...

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