Thursday, November 21

what a difference a day makes...

double darn
triple drat
quadruple pants

my 'knitty picking a purl like a pro' knee socks
are all baggy and saggy

Mr Doubter is creeping in
and my high hopes are seeping away

i have noted on close inspection
my seed stitching ways are lacking.
if one did not know better
one could easily be mistaken
for thinking a moth or two
had stopped by for a party

i am left pondering...

are the crochet gods talking to me
showing me i have faltered too far 
from the path of hooky righteousness and goodness

or are the knitting gods testing me
seeing if i am worthy of their knitty blessing.
am i strong enough to prevail
when the knitting times are rough
or will i weaken, will i falter
will i turn away
when the going gets tough

the knitty gods tell me
does not matter, 
they love me 
and my free form flea holed blanket 
in the making
encourage me to continue upon my way

the crochet gods ask me
have i thought about a nice slouchy beanie hat?
something simple perhaps,
wasn't i just thinking i would like one
only the other day...
most suited to traveling during the holiday season.
they are tempting me, 
i am wise, 
i can see Mr Temptation has been giving them lessons.

i am thinking where would the harm be
in just taking a look,
just a ganders
no commitment
something to take my mind off 
my blanket of dubious seed stitching ways

and down the slippery slope i go
knitty knee socks and knitty soul
well and truly let down