Thursday, October 31

a 'collection of sorts' sprinkling...

yesterday i pulled up my 'collection of sorts' knee socks and spent quite the while snippity snapping pictures, i would like to say i completed all the pictures required, but alas i did not. therefore i have plans on sunday to finish what i started and in turn have high hopes next week i will be able to put a finger upon the exact day my 'collection of sorts' will be in the shop window.

of course i had grand, oh so grand plans earlier in the year for it to be a most marvelous collection, filled to the brim with quantity and quality in a shiny new place on the old world wide web. things did not go according to plan but that is 'a-okay' for truth be told, its nothing short of a small miracle there is a pile of handmade goodness waiting to be placed in the window of my old store.

and so, a 'collection of sorts' has become its name. small quantities and i like to think, tippity top quality and here is a sprinkling of what will be on offer when i turn the 'open' sign on my little store shortly

crocheted lappity lap blanket shawls which go from lap to shoulders in a trice, complete with handy dandy 'lucky happy' shawl pin to keep in place

little 'lucky happy' dolls bringing luckiness and happiness to one and all

patched and pieced vintage 'lucky happy' bags with good lucky charms and pins, perfectly suited to a pottling out and about or indeed staying home and looking most delightful hanging from a peg

crocheted 'lucky happy' scarf-lets, perfectly suited to keep a neck warm and cozy on a chilly morn, or indeed most fitting as a little blanket shawl for a small being

granny chic 'lucky happy' shawls with a little bit of vintage bling, most suited to keeping one cozy whilst pottling around the nest on a winters day

a solitary 'lucky happy' patched and pieced cushion

dottie angel frocks in my most fabby fav colourways

'little medals of good lucky' most at home worn upon a coat or indeed pinned to a bag, bringing lucky and happy thoughts with their little charms of good luckiness