Wednesday, November 6

whirring cogs, makers fair and no breakdowns allowed ...

my head is a little jumbly bumbly these days. too many things happening all at once and thus, my cogs are whirring away, but i am being most careful each and everyday to stop still and breathe, for no matter how full the day is of 'must-dos' for other folks, i 'must-do' for myself if a balance is to be maintained.

tomorrow i will be announcing my holiday shop update for next week but for today, well today my cogs are in holiday market fair mode, for yes indeedy! i am most happy to be taking part in a holiday market this year, and muchly happy it will be at Tolt Yarn and Wool store. when i have the nitty gritty info of all the other peachy vendors i will be sure to share, in the meantime though i do know it will be on saturday december 7th, 10 till 6 and that alone tells my little whirring cogs time is of the essence.

having spent a fair old chunk of my crafty making soul working on my 'collection of sorts' in recent weeks i decided a cunning plan was required to pull more hand made goodness out of my granny chic bag. and thus i said to myself, what would i, if i were perusing a dottie angel stall with purse in hand wish to see and the answer was loud and clear.

little strings of happy
some fabric
some paper

an itty bitty 'little string of happy' birthday banner
some crocheted... 

and then my cogs went one further and produced an epiphany of 'a little string of happy' utmost kind. one which i cannot share just yet ("boo Tif, party pooper") but will share in december in anticipation of the new shiny year... ("oh hurrah hooray Tif, all is forgiven")

so today finds me painting insides of drawers in preparation of displaying little strings of happy alongside of other 'this and thats' like 'little framed yarny specimens'. 

all conjured from my granny chic bag over the next few weeks... 
i have checked the contents of my bag, tis filled to the brim with crafty notions and trimmings. i noted a note to self "no room for breakdowns inside of this bag" less i forget and placed it safely inside :)