Monday, November 25

hacking a hat ...

i am muchly chuffed with the fact i have knitted a hat.
it is the pattern 'felicity' which can be found on Ravelry.
except i added a moss/seed stitch band at the beginning
and now it appears i will be doing more than just that.

having worn my hat for a day and half
i have concluded it is not quite the shape i wished it to be.
it is a perfectly perfect shape i must add,
however not quite right for me and my noggin.

thus i have decided to take matters into my own knitty newbie hands
and hack a hat pattern

there is no telling if i will come out the other side
with the hat shape upon my bonce, of my wishing,
but i do have high hopes
for in my head it makes sense,
on the little bit of paper i have scribbled my hacks upon
it reads darn dandy,
and after talking to Our #2 for yarny support
i am ready to bravely tread where my little knitty cogs
have never trod before...

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