Monday, April 19

a thrifted tale...

i tell you this tale today dearest readers,
so those amongst us that live with DOUBTERS
may take heart
and continue to stay strong
whilst 'a thrifting'.

for indeed life with a 'doubter of the secondhand kind' can be most inconvenient at times...
so if you are sitting comfortably,
have rather a lot of time on your hands to spare,
i shall begin.

once upon a time in a Mossy Shed surrounded by an acre of moss, lived Tif.
once again we find Tif to be an eclectic bohemian crafter of a uncertain age,
pottering about her usual friday morning, doing 'pottering must dos'.

after a bit of pottering Tif had to go out,
Tif rarely left the safety of her shed but some days it was necessary.
this time she required something to complete a crafty project
(more of that tomorrow)
on the way back from said place Tif passed her local thrift store.
she never went there on a friday for getting a parking spot was always most stressful and put paid to any enthusiasm for thrifting.
but for some reason she thought perhaps she'd just try her luck,
"no harm" she thought to herself
as she was passing it would seem silly not to try.
she visualized the space and voila! one appeared...

after a few minutes of pottering around the shelves thinking it all was rather 'crappity crap' and begining to doubt the space in the parking lot was karma,
Tif rounded the corner to the furniture aisle.
at that moment dearest readers,
Tif experienced her most peachiest thrift store find of all time...
for she knew her thrift store did not do mid century furniture,
other than perhaps the odd side table.
in fact for a long time she was suspicious that those out back who did the sorting, knew their stuff and never allowed any mid century lovely pieces to go out onto the shop floor.

but Tif learnt several lessons that day,
one of which,
miracles do happen
and the thrifty gods do bless those that shop secondhand.
she noted a chair,
looked a little closer,
felt a little weak,
checked around and saw its brothers
and that is when it happened
Tif knew she had in her hands something so sweet and beautiful it made her want to weep.
but Tif also knew she lived with a DOUBTER
and this DOUBTER was sending her doubting thought waves.
so Tif faltered from what was right and goodly,
from what the thrifty gods had laid out before her
she took only one chair to the cash till.
but then she hesitated
the gods on one shoulder, telling her
"Tif this is your moment, your most glorious thrift store moment of all time",
the DOUBTER on the other, telling her
"Tif, put it back, how many chairs can one family and one shed need for crying out loud"
Tif returned to the furniture aisle and tried to please both the Gods and her DOUBTER.
she decided to buy two.
hoping to silence the converstation going on in her head.

on returning to the shed,
$15 a piece.
she noted the label

she placed a bit of fabric over the iffy seat covers

she gasped,
then the fog lifted,
it all became clear.
the thrifty Gods had moved in mysterious ways,
opening up a parking space,
guiding Tif to a set of mid century chairs in all their glory,
at an incredible price
and she had let them down
she had been swayed by a DOUBTER...

Tif quickly emailed her soul sister in old blighty
confessing the sin.
her soul sister emailed her back immediately
telling her she was not to listen to the DOUBTER in her shed or her head
and get her arse back in the car and rescue the other chairs before it was too late.

after 45 minutes of fretting, thinking someone else would find the last two chairs before she got to them,
she was rewarded for returning to the righteous path the thrifty Gods had shown her.
a little while later,
armed with furniture polish,
four peachy chairs
some 'spring fling fabrics' she got to work....

later that evening
she was ready for the DOUBTER to return from work,
indeed the following day, Tif once again had to leave the shed to run some errands,
she left a gentle reminder for her DOUBTER to find upon his return from soccer.

so there would be no doubt in his mind,
Tif would never again,
wavier upon discovering mid century furniture at the thrift store...
for to have come most close to walking away from the set,
splitting them apart forever
would have been a 'thrift store sin of the utmost kind'

Tif is grateful the Gods blessed her twice that day,
allowed her to be influnenced by the DOUBTER who lives in her shed,
knowing that it was all part of their greater plan.
for they knew she had to falter,
to lose her way,
so they could prove to her
once and for all,
the secondhand path she tries to stay on,
day after day
is a
without a DOUBT

the end

she has 'high hopes' for summer apron wraps this week ~ Tif


Unknown said...

We had to give up some chairs like that recently, and I am so sad over it (long story...basically the chairs were connected with some bad mojo, but they went to a really good home). I don't know if I'll ever see chairs like that again, but I am near tears over your wonderful find! Thanks for the inspiring and hopeful story!

Tracy x said...

gawd bless you tif...
the thought of the two rejected chairs ending up in the wrong hands would simply be too much to take in....
i salute and thank your rather wonderful overseas chum - shes a good one for sure :)
catch up soon lovely one
t x

Good Girls Studio said...

You are doubley blessed without a doubt indeed :) Love your thrifting tales!

island jen said...

wow..such a great find!...i live with a doubter too..and i've learned to "buy now, ask for forgiveness later"...the doubter's may not undrestand it, but they surely learn to live with it!

Lola Nova said...

Gorgeous! Without a doubt.

Emily said...

This is the lovliest post! The chairs are incredible and so glad you went back for the other 2. The thrifting gods were most certainly sending you a sign. Not to metion love the subtle hint you left for your doubter :)

Garden Girl said...

OOOOH!! I too have high hopes for your apron wraps this week-I keep checking to see if today is the day-I am craving one of your wraps to wear in my little cafe to serve the cake customers! Hurrah!x

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you all lived "happily ever after" :)
Vivienne x

made-and-found said...

Dearest Dottie I too live with a 'doubter of the secondhand' who for the most part seems to be fairly unaware of my most surreptitious and even brazen purchases.However every so often he has a little moan and makes wounding remarks like How much more china can one family use? and where is that junk going to go? The thrifty Gods were with you and so was the parking angel so it was truly meant to be.You had to re-home those poor, neglected orphaned, lost and lonely chairs.To separate them would have been too cruel.Listen to the little voices in your head that tell you to buy,buy,buy thrifty things-remind all the doubters how much money we are saving them !!x

Donna -Little Tiny Stitches said...

They look great Tif.. :) Pleased you didn't split them... Do we get to hear what the doubter said about your find...?
I, too, live with a doubter..It seriously affects my
Can't wait for the next 'high hopes' :)
Have a great day..
Donna x

Julie Kirk said...

Inspired by glimpses of your finds I went to my favourite vintage shop this weekend, wherein I spied a collection of ceramic baby doll heads. I fell in love. Yet I've resisted ... so far. My lovely online friends say 'but what would you do with one if you got one'. To which I reply 'I will put them on a shelf and smile at them. No more. No less'.

'Found' is so often 'best'. Even with baby doll heads. Which aren't creepy in the slightest .... to me ...


Unknown said...

You are hysterical! I used to live with a doubter, but now he trusts me and knows it will come out alright in the end...good work Tiff.

P.S. The thrift gods are always right!

Debbie said...

Tif. I love you. But I am telling you this for your own good. you have ENOUGH stools now, Mmkay??

Tonia said...

Ah, the malign influence of the Doubter has led to many a sad and lost soul remaining sad and lost as the Doubter paces behind me, reminding me that 'We Don't Need That'.
When did 'Need' ever come into it?

Jennifer said...

Now that is truly a fantastic find, well done. I'm so glad that the other two were there when you got back, I think I would have cried if they were gone. They look gorgeous.

brinaroze said...

I too have faltered from the second hand path. I could have purchased a lovely mid-century table and chairs set at our local auction. Hesitation got the most of me, as I thought "Where in my tiny apartment am I gonna fit a table with a leaf and six chairs?" Argh, I regret NOT having gone to the auction to purchase the lovely set. On a happier note, I found the cutest little mid-century cabinet for my crafting at the local Salvation Army for only 10 bucks! :)

Francesca said...

lucky lucky lucky you. x

imperfectly natural mama said...

Gorgeous! How wonderfully serendipitous!

Sewmancer said...

I loved your note. Unfortunately I cannot steal the idea as I laughed out loud when I saw it and BM came to see too. Genius!

tara said...

Hello love, your chairs are absolutely fabulous and I was so nervous reading this, thinking those other two would be gone!! but alas your set looks marvelous!! Thank you for this story, I am NOT a doubter but your sign made me laugh out loud! Congrats on your new "set"!

Northern Hi-Lights said...

Love what you have done to the chairs!!! they are exactly the kind I am always on the look out for!! Just found your blog tonight, and I love it too!!

D R E W said...

will you marry me?

Ali Smith said...

Truly beautiful and full of loveliness....I have a similar table...I await the gods shining on me that I might find four chairs of the same kind and we shall live happily ever after, sitting very comfortably too I might add

Amanda said...

oh they are very sweet. i have one of those doubters too but i think i manage to get in the thrifting zone most of the time so those thoughts don't make it in. thank god the other two were still there.

Unknown said...

it is a good thing you did not let the doubter keep you from snagging those chairs because they look fantastic! love the fabrics you chose.

Spire said...

Oh, such a beautiful story, and a nice reminder for us who returns from the fleemarked, somewhat nervous about what the better part will say this time.. This weekend I found myself some small treaures.. Makes me happy! :)

mylittlebirdie said...

they are absolutely gorgeous! thank god for sisters : ) you have certainly made the thrifty gods happy and me very jealous ; ) they look right at home! a fabulous find indeed.

mel @ loved handmade said...

Oh how I love your posts...I am very pleased to say that my doubter has since been converted to the thrifty side...

Michelle said...

Even knowing from your flickr pics that you indeed had the set...I was still on the edge of my seat reading this tale...
So true...
The thrifty gods do send me free parking spaces too...and I never waver when this happens...for like you I believe it to be good karma...
A thrifty find will be waiting for me...
Oh my I do believe a set of those chairs would be piled high and crammed into my car in a heart beat...Oh those who doubt really can't understand the importance of vintage splendor that is just a recovering away from shear perfection...
But surely he is seeing the label!!!
Even a doubter could not wavier from danish furniture!!!

My heart would be fluttering...
Great thrifty find tif!!!

Aveen said...

Oh, I love this! Both the story and the chairs. What a lucky find :)

jessica daisy said...

I too live with a Doubter, so this made me chuckle.

It's so much easier to sneak home a little something without to much notice than a piece of furniture. Last week I bought an old wooden step ladder for £3 and a blue and yellow rose print sun lounger and chair for £7 (which just happened to match a chair I bought last year), you should have seen the look he gave me when I brought them back to the car!

So glad the thrifty gods where with you, and you managed to keep the family together. they look stunning in their new attire!

Arthur Ransome said...

Ooh, Tif, I'm so relieved you didn't split up that lovely set. Thank you for putting the photo of all four at the start so we shouldn't doubt your sense and sensibleness as we read the exciting story. What gorgeous chairs, all the way from sunny Denmark.

Kerstin said...

Tif, I am SO HAPPY for you that you wound up with all 4!! It just would not have been right, otherwise. Congratulations on a stunning find!

PS. I just recently discovered your blog and am loving your writing and photos.

NatureMama said...

Oh I love this. Really, really love it. Thank you. I have my own doubter, too. He sends me doubting vibes, but I really try to ignore them.
I recently found your blog and imagine my surprise when I noticed our similarities: I live just north of you with a doubter, I have an Airstream outside my front door that brings me much happiness, I have a little land and chickens and 2 alpacas, I have 3 kids (maybe more one day), I have a thrift store addiction and have housed my home in all things mid-century, I love to craft and collect vintage craft supplies from said thrifting. I'll stop here, but just wanted to wave hello to you from my little funky thrift-filled abode up north.
Drop me a line any time. Amy

Cottage1945 said...

Wow! That's a truly lucky find.

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

No one deserves this heavenly set more than you. It has found its rightful home. (I mean shed.)

She Can't Decide said...

WHAT a find my dear! You have certainly restored my faith in the thrift gods...the color of that wood is lovely, a perfect patina!

::crossing my fingers::

Marsi @ The Cottage Cheese said...

Gasp! Your Farstrup chairs are divine. Truly one of the best thrifting finds ever!

dottie angel said...

i cannot believe you actually all read to the end, for truly i do believe that is my longest ramble ever!
and of course you know when i say i live with a DOUBTER that he doesn't actually doubt buying secondhand, for he knows that is very good behavior, it is more that he hugely doubts i need to buy all that i find at the thrift store... and there is a little tiny part of me that actually understands why he has such doubts. but as i tell him, "one day we could retire on my thrifty finds"... to which he looks to the skies and asks "why me"!!

dottie angel said...

drew, in a heart beat if i wasn't already spoken for ;)

dottie angel said...

amy, so delighted you stopped by to say hello... anyone who loves chickens, the thrift store, airstreams and of course children is always welcome :)

dottie angel said...

oooh and i forgot to say, yes the DOUBTER did take a little talking to but in the end i agreed to donate four chairs to make space for them... i found some that were rather the worse for wear, living outback in Gladys had taken its toil upon them.
on sunday i caught the DOUBTER taking one of my newly found lovelies outside to sit upon. luckily one of my 'quick noting' children spotted the crime and i was able to rescue it pronto and bring it back into the safety of our kitchen nook... seriously!
what could he have been thinking!

Gigi said...

Muggles --- they just don't get it!
Glad your story had a happily ever after ending though ;-).

blue corduroy said...

LOVE THEM!! The pretty floral so changes them. I'm sure they're very happy in there new home, and with their new outfits on! -emily

Pixie said...

Lovely! I'm visiting my family and we went thrifting today. I didn' find much but some curtains and a few yards of lovely vintage material.

Jillian Frances said...

Your stories and photos always give me such a thrill of joy. Thank you!

Tania Verdez said...

Beautiful! I'm so glad they were still there waiting for you. It was meant to be :)

Trisha Brink Design said...

My doubter is of a very good kind (thankfully) he does a bit of eye squinting, and sideways head cocking...but generally believes in the end. I am thankful you were not kicked out of the shed for this. What a beloved set. May you get great use out of them....ok, I guess the doubter too. ;o)

Dajda said...

The chairs are incredibly lovely.

Donna -Little Tiny Stitches said...

Dottie Angel,
You make my day...:0)

willywagtail said...

Crikey. They're great mate!!

Anonymous said...

I have almost the same chairs in my house! :)

Kelly said...

Oh what treasures you found..bless your thrifty soul to return for the rest! It's funny I posted a tale of a chair as well on Saturday...funny closeness.
must be thrifted chairness in the air!

Anonymous said...

loooooooove the chairs :D

greetings from Norway :)

Carol said...

Put that "Doubter" in a Kilner jar and fasten that lid!
I have my own "Doubter". I don't know why I allow it to continue to exsist as the only regrets I have ever had about carboot/ thrift/charity shop buys are the ones I didn't make!
Those chairs are beautiful and perfect for the shed. I'm sure you will have many happy years together.

Dottie said...

"I thrift therefore I am."

I love this, and love that I can find such kindred souls on the internets.

susan said so said...

You have made me very happy today. Congrats on your finds!

Fleur said...

I feel like after reading this there should have been some cute story-time music in the back ground and I needed some milk and cookies! So very cute!! :)

This Way and That said...

I come from a line of "thrifters" that "pilfer" through the junk of this gave me a smile.........especially knowing that someone else has a "DOUBTER" in their midst.........I think crafters were born to "thrift shop".....great story of the chairs. I could feel your heartbeat as you were in the store and even re-telling the memory of it! :D