Tuesday, April 6

a love letter...

dearest wallpaper,

i can still remember the first day we met across a crowded room.
i was loitering in the doorway waiting to enter,
you were hanging around near the back of the room.
i was madly, intensely attracted to you,
everything else in between us faded away.
by the time i reached your side i was smitten
i stood in awe of your beauty,
i reached out to touch you,
noting your smoothness upon my finger tips
and your 'oh so perfect' tealy blossoms.
i could only take my eyes off you for a moment,
turning to my mother so i may exclaim i was passionately in love.

that moment was over four years ago,
it was to be another year of 'lusting from afar' before i could have you for myself.
but still i had to keep you 'under wraps' in the corner of a room,
for my home at the time was not the place for you and your peachiness...
several months later and we moved to Mossy Shed,
me, my clan and you.
the day after moving in,
you were at last given your moment to shine on one small wall.

and oh did you shine,
in all your glory,
day after day,
our love affair grew stronger and stronger.
we felt it would never end,
our love knew no bounds...

until one fateful morning we awoke,
you downstairs,
me upstairs,
and something felt different.
upon greeting you that morning
you felt tired,
i asked if perhaps we could try something new,
inject a bit of excitement into our lives together.
but alas after several months of 'trying',
we knew it was not to be.
and so it would appear,
my very dearest wallpaper,
we have lusted
we have loved
like no other,
but now we must part...
and like all good love affairs when they come to an end
we will be strong
we will do it with dignity,
with no mention of 'new loves' to hurt each other.

and if there is one thing i know to be quite true,
a little piece of me will always love you
for you truly made me smile on days when i was low
and who knows perhaps one day in the future
a day when i reside in a dwelling over looking the sea
with a few rundown trailers in the yard,
you will come back to me,
'perfect and peachy'
as the day we first met...

yours truly,
Tif x


Lou said...

Ohh nooo! I was about to comment yesterday to say how much I loved your wallpaper! I love it! I really do. Are you absolutely sure??

Lou said...

P.S I love it so much I wanted to put one of your pics on my blog...

Kate said...

poor wallpaper, I love this wallpaper! :( but knowing you Tif, you probably are turning it into something wonderful :)

Leanda said...

Oh nooooo.... you have no idea how much I have admired this wallpaper in your photos. How much I would love it for myself :) Ah... I guess all good things must come to an end. If only wallpaper could be recycled!

Clare said...

I love this!
I hope you will both get over your break-up amicably...

Carol said...

adieu wonderful wallpaper adieu.

nic [luzia pimpinella] said...

ooooooooooohhhhhhhh nooooooooooo, please don't, tif!

i've been eating my heart out for this wallpaper ever since i first saw it in your flickr scream.

could you please peel it off very carefully and send it to me? ;)


nic... teary eyed.

Autumn Mist said...

Your blog is brilliant! But you probably don't need me to tell you that. I look forward to more. Oh, and I don't know who Miss Ethel is?

brinaroze said...

What happened to the wall paper? Did it start to peel, so you had to completely remove it? It was so pretty.

(BTW I just started reading your blog. I was reading in the archive because you hadn't posted anything new. I'm back in October 2007... I LOVE how crafty and adorable you are!)

CĂ©line☼ said...

What a "déclaration", as we say in France !
My english is not perfect at all but I do like reading you !

My Farmhouse Kitchen said...


what a beautiful love story...
looks like ( as usually happens )
it had to end

Tiffany said...

your thrifting prowess knows no end, as evidenced by everything in these photos. and this ode to wallpaper makes me sure I can make it through any break-up:)

val said...

Oh Tif! what a delightful ..... but sad ...... little story! I loved reading it though! But what I liked the best was the photos of you standing on your little stool - I wish I could have such dress sense as you - though I would be an older version!
Thank you for adding me to your side bar as on the 20th of April I will be setting out on my Thrifting Adventure .... I am quite excited about it. I will blog from time to time how I am progressing. :0)
You blog is such a joy .... Thanks and blessings to you. Val xx

amanda o said...

this is terribly sad! i hope you two will realize it was for the best...eventually.

sniff sniff

Anonymous said...

So sad ! :(
Vivienne x

silverpebble said...

Oh! I am wiping a tear with my hanky that was once a doily:

Ah sweet forsaken hydrangeas of paper, whyfor dost thou languish in the bin? Yon scraper is too cruel. Forsooth and my eyes. Come over to my house and we'll shack up nicely in the bathroom. Don't tell 'er with the clogs.

That began in the sixteenth century and ended in Bolton.

A Whimsical Girl Named Debbie said...

Oh, no!!! And, it's so pretty! But, I'm sure you'll replace it was something even more pretty! Can you send a swatch of it in the mail to me?!


Good Girls Studio said...

boohoo {sniff} I suppose we will all move on from this eventually ;) Can't wait to meet the replacement!

Norma said...

oh nooooooooooo. i'm so sad. it's gorgeous!!

Drewzel said...

Oh golly. I know you're only talking about the wallpaper, but this post reminded me of my ex-husband, and made cry.

Jude said...

It was good while it lasted....best finish it now before either of you get involved with someone else...you could send pieces to your bloggy friends as a remembrance...
take care

threesixfive said...

I truly love reading your blog...the images are great too, but you make just reading it interesting and stimulating :) Great Job!!

Trisha Brink Design said...

Bah-hahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm sorry, did I just write that out loud????

Ohhhhhhh, you poor, poor pasted souls. I FEEEEEEEEL for you both...sniff, sniff. What will you do???

I hope you show us all righty quick! I can't wait!!! :o)

cornel said...

This is sad news. But I'm sure you'll surprise us with a "new love"! C

Francesca said...

tif, i hoped when i saw the last post that this wasn't true, just some kind of fancy photoshop work. (i know. i was clutching at straws.) i am very sad to see her go. she was part of you non?
now i have just read drewzel's comment, which is so so sweet and so honest. yes, i suppose it's only wallpaper. x

Anonymous said...

I too have many love stories that end up in amicable splits (thankfully not the important one ;). I put it down to a short attention span. In fact, come to think of it, I'm like that with everything, made or bought (eeek!)

ale said...

hola!!!l am happy ...today encarna from her blog inspiracion hecha a mano...post something beautifull you made with sticks and crochet!!!l love it!!and l am now here looking at your BEAUTYS!!!!! besos from buenos aires!!!! ale

becca said...

Awww...but it's soooooo prrrreettttttyyyyy!

dottie angel said...

after the moment of
'moving on', the only thing i know to be true is, Mossy Shed does not appear to be my Mossy Shed anymore. it is rather interesting that a little wall of paper gave her such personality... i have told Mossy Shed to be patient for it will take me sometime to move on and find another love as lovely as before. i think it true to say Orla will always remain my 'first love', nothing will quite ever match up to her goodness...

Kristena said...

Oh dear! This story makes me sad. In fact, I think I'm in the denial stage of grief right now. I just don't believe that this is happening.


I'm sure that your new "love affair" (as I'm certain there will be one) will cause great lust amongst all your readers and, indeed, the entire crafty internet community.

So I'm not too worried. :)

Madelief said...

Such a beautiful love story...and beautiful wallpaper. Looking forward to the 'new look' of your wall.

By the way....lovely clothes..are they from the Dutch brand 'King Louie'?

groetjes Madelief

Debbie said...

is this because every man and his dog now has this paper in his home?

Glenn Bliss said...

Dear Tif,

I love the new wall! I loved the wallpaper too, but this way that lovely curtain takes center stage! You are such an inspiration!!


Mira said...

What a lovely blog! So charming and inspiring :) Thanks for sharing all this beauty with everyone! xxx

dottie angel said...

madelief, i have not heard of that clothing brand before, would love to find more out about them...

thank you kindly for the wallpaper support and debbie, you are quite wise... time for a change, time for some vintage i'm thinking :)

Laurie G. said...


joli brouillon said...

Nothing to do with your wallpaper, but I love your blog! such pretty pictures and soft atmosphere!
Good luck with the change!
Hello from Paris...

nic [luzia pimpinella] said...

tif! the awesome wallpapers of "PIP studio" from the netherlands came to my mind today... do you already know them?


dottie angel said...

nic, yes i do and yes they are most wonderful indeed... i especially love the one with postcards all over it. that would make any wall happy i'm thinking !

vmichelle said...

I always loved this wallpaper too. But I really get it. Sometimes you need change! Can't wait to see your "new love".

9flights said...

Oh noooooo!! I love that wallpaper! Too bad there's no way to rescue and reuse it, or I'd be all over that.

Cole Franke said...

Oh no. I think it's beautiful. But change is a fun thing too. You are so witty. love this post and your whole blog.


Unknown said...

oh sad, i really love that wallpaper. i can understand that you would get bored with it after some time though. good luck parting ways.