Wednesday, April 28

Jamie and the little voice...

yesterday i left mossy shed with good intentions.
plans to drop our #4 at the soccer field
and head straight to the grocery store.
i had in my hand a shopping list containing all i required to make a pie just like the one in my Jamie Oliver book.
which i must tell you is now sporting a lovely jacket of vintage wallpaper
to match the inside of the book
and mossy shed

"Tif, are you quite barmy?" i hear you exclaim

well yes, some may say i am,
making a little jacket for my book,
is a true sign of the high hopes i have placed in Jamie and his ability to get me cooking.

i sat at the stop light,
i glanced at the list by my side
and then a voice popped into my head.
the little voice mentioned how much it admired my good intentions
but also had i forgotten that indeed my usual port of call when soccer practice is playing out, would be the thrift store.
i gulped
i felt a little whoozy,
the little voice was tempting me to forsake Jamie and his pie ingredients.
i weakened,
thinking of the shelves of despair full of forsaken little souls
wishing to find their way home to the shed.

upon entering the thrift store with guilt on my shoulders,
i went to the clothing department,
after a short while i noticed polyester vintage garments were talking to me
to stop them talking to me,
i told a fib

"polyester vintage garments, do not tempt me with your granny chic charms,
for i cannot help you,
polyester is not my thing"

but they know
what i know
and you know
to be true...
yes indeed a curtain of the finest dottie angel goodness can be made from polyester...
i sensed their despair as i turned away dismayed at my fibbing ways.

i moved swiftly on to the china department
thinking it was all part of Jamie's plan to drive me from the thrift store and into the grocery store...
more lost souls started talking to me once again.
in the nicest possibly way i had to let them down
for they were total 'crappity crap'
and despite rustling around in my bag for my rose colored specs
and saying outloud
"what would dottie do"
i was at a loss for how to save them.

then it happened,
once again a thrift store happening that you all know happens from time to time.
you can't quite believe that what you see is there,
that no other, good thrifting fellow, has spotted it before you.
a bowl with all the look of a Catherine Holm,
on close inspection no marking
therefore causing me to suspect its impostering ways.
but imposter or not
it would be a thrifting crime of the utmost kind,
not to make her mine

i claimed my find,
hugging her for a little while
guilt falling from my shoulders.

upon the way home i picked up chinese takeout
whilst silently promising Jamie that as soon as i got home,
washed up my lovely little bowl
fed and watered the clan with my fast food offering,
i would go late night grocery shopping to make up for my faltering ways...

she is armed today with pie ingredients, Jamie once again by her side and high hopes ~ Tif


Deedrie said...

On occasion, we have been known to have a tombstone pizza for supper. When ever this happens we whisper "don't tell Jamie" and promise to make a big salad for lunch the next day.
Love the bowl - I have her cousin at my house.

Urbanstems said...

Ah what a brilliant post! Now my question is ..did you make the pie today???!!

Ruby said...

Oh, I love those moments when you do spy something that you almost can't believe is about to be made your own, that no one else has spied makes my heart a little bit race-y and I try to maintain my composure as I sidle up to my conquest and then when it's in my hands I can breathe a little bit
The bowl is fantastic as is Jamie Oliver, I love him a lot.
And you. Your blog is fantastic, it's my new super fave. Thank you for posting often.
Wow, that was the longest comment I have ever written!

Debbie said...

i had exactly the same find (though with smaller lotus leaf) in our store!! knock me over with a feather!! I almost screamed!

Unknown said...

so cute! you always find the most charming things on your thrift store runs!

Contessa Kris said...

Ohhhh, I love your little bowl! I've seen similar ones at sales but keep telling myself I don't need another thing! lol

What kind of pie will you be making? I'd love a piece, thank you!

s a n s k u :) said...

i wonder if jamie would help my cooking too. i need to check it out. and i need to start covering all my million books like this. beautiful!

Momichka said...

I love your Jamie Oliver book jacket, Tif :) Very pretty.

Anonymous said...

Dearest dottieangel, I have long been a reader of your beautiful blog. I am only just entering this wonderful world of blogging myself, hence this is my first comment on any blog, ever. I just wanted to tell you how much you inspire me, how you make me laugh and how you give a slightly crazy lady from northern ireland much hope that she is not the only one like her in the world. You have so much talent, in the words you write and in the beautiful things you create. I adore your blog and promise to keep reading as long as you keep writing.

Thank-you for being a ray of sunshine even on the gloomiest days. Sabrinafayre. :)

Michelle said...

Suspecting very much a Cathrine Holmes knock off but who cares...
Looks fabby....
I am sure that you and Jamie will be tres busy my dear in the kitchen today...
I am crossing my fingers for a pie of the most yummy...
Remember it's all about the taste...not how it looks...
Well at this stage anyway...

Frances said...

Oh, that is funny. I love the pace of your story telling! I never, never, have any luck at thrift shops, although I do often donate items that I hope will be true finds for someone else.

Best wishes. xo

Claire said...

Oh Tif, you are hard on yourself, the family were fed, any complaints? No
Shops are open 24/7 these days, problem solved and you have a gorgeous little bowl to boot.
It wouldn've been totally irresponsible of you not to rescue that lost little soul from the op shop, it's just too cute.
I'm sure Jamie would understand, me love!!

linda said...

hello :)
the bowl is gorgeous - what a fab find

i have to confess that i too own an as yet unused copy of jamies book, also with gorgeous vintage covering and high hopes of one day turning me into a culinary genius!!

linda :) x

Elissa said...

you never fail to brighten my day with your thrifting and your writing and your high hopes!