Tuesday, February 9

a matter of thee utmost importance...

dearest readers,
never in all my born days of rambling have i ever rambled more than once in a day...
i can tell you that there have been times when i have wished to rush to your sides and ramble sweet nothings all day long but i have stopped myself, held back, knowing you have your own little world to get on with and 'once is enough' coming from me.

but today i must break my 'once is enough' rule for i have been overcome with clog lust.
overcome i tell you.
yes i have 'googled'
(yes! ha! i 'googled' and not 'binged', because i'm a rebel within my shed)
i have googled
"handcrafted Swedish clogs"
and i found
the new love of my life
(please please let the linky gods be with me on this one)
i have sat mesmerized by Sven's changing pretty photo at the top.
i have fallen in love with the pretties on show.
i have scrolled down and read the blurb, albeit rather hastily due to my 'quickening heart',
and even with my failing eyesight,
(knowing bi-focal hell is beckoning me once again)
i do believe i have found handcrafted clogs.

i have ignored the scary prices, choosing to put that little bit of the screen in my 'floater' area of my vision.
i'm delighted to have at last found a 'positive' for those pesky black dots that float around and sometimes jump out at me when i'm least expecting them.
but i digress and we must not digress for we are looking at handcrafted clogs.
we must not faint at the cost of such attire for one's feet, after all we know they will last forever and ever...
well we can faint but then we must get right back up upon our little stools and take another looky at clog heaven.

so dearest readers i am without a doubt,
quite postively sure,
you are way, way too busy doing busy important stuff of your own to take a little looky at
or perhaps
knowing they come in
and as if that wasn't enough
to get your clog juices craving
then i'm thinking this
how tres fabby it would be to wander about the place in clog boots!
do you see it, do you!?
the apron wrap,
the slip peeking out
the chicken under the arm
i need to stop,
i'm overcome with it all...
for i am now becoming a clog boot luster of the worst kind,
and no one likes a clog boot luster,
or do they?

she is quite sure Sven and her 'peachy looking souls' factory must be the closest thing to clog heaven this side of the pearly gates ~ Tif


Lola Nova said...

Tif, it's not like me to comment twice in one day either but, holy smokes! What have you done? and why oh why have you done it? Ok, stupid question, it's obvious why you have done it. I had just recovered from finding this divine Swedish clothing site which made me nearly weep...and now this? It is simply too much!

Jovee said...

I've wanted those sandals in pink and in yellow!! I have started to place my online order numerous times, and always stop and cancel before I finalize the order! Trying to be frugal is so very hard:( I really feel for you.
P.S. The boots are the best EVER!!

Kim Baise said...

But wait...you haven't seen the swedish hasbeens yet?
check these babies out:
more swedish clog heaven!!!

. said...

Do you think Sven would look a bit like one of the B's in Abba...the one without facial hair who has a slightly gnome-ish look to him?
I bought my first pair of clogs from Freeman Hardy and Willis in 1979. They were cherry red...good times.

Jennifer said...

I do believe I could jump into those gorgeous clog boots. Very nice find.

jamaica byles said...

I've never met a clog I didn't like.I'm so glad you shared these .I bet they're really comfy too.....

Denise said...

You need them. ASAP. :)

p.s. I just had to have a pair of your turquoise Fly London boots and I love them. Thanks for all of the inspiration!!!

mamas collection said...

Oh well, if that isn't the most bothersome contagion of all!!! Now I have Clog Lust as well!!
If only we could talk some very, very rich person to buy them and then donated them to our most favorite Thrifting Palaces!!

Michelle said...

Oh Tif...
Tres chic peachy pair!!!
a must have in any dottie wardrobe!!!
I do own a pair of tres
"cheap and nasty" plastic clogs!!!
do they count???

GerryART said...

OMG ! ! ! !
Dottie or not have you looked at those PRICES ? ? ? ? ? ?
Though I do favor those lite blues

Hugs and stay sane :^)

Carol said...

Oh yes, defininitely the peachy pair of boots. I can picture them now, sitting on their fluffy cloud in clog heaven just waiting to fly to you.

s a n s k u :) said...

i like the boots and the white pair is nice too. the light blue ones remind me of children's shoes too much. you are allowed to rant and rave about clogs. enjoy your clog heaven.

Lorene said...

Oh. My. Lord. The boots are to die for! And the sweet misery of settling on only one color. (Because they are rightfully expensive being handcrafted and all. So if I made a purchase I could only buy one pair!)

Stace and Joey said...

Oh my goodness! They are divine indeed. I just bought 2 pair at the thrift store for $5 total. Not that brand mind you but I think I may just paint on mine and make believe they are the same. My pocketbook is not that deep alas. *sigh*
I did however witness an act from the heavens today. While at my thrift store the manager who is ever so jolly rang a bell and announced all clothing to be only $1.50 a piece. I was overjoyed as I didn't intend to buy clothes. I found some things for me, #3 & #5. The others are set against my thrifty ways. Well not my man but I didn't see anything that grabbed my fancy for him. I am excited with my finds today and now must go remove them from w. Machine to hangers to dry. Good luck with clog shopping. I hope you get them for Valentines Day!!

PixieBelle said...

I think I may have become a clog boot luster too! Those are beautiful. Just a shame they are leather. I'm a veggievore, finding decent quality veggie shoes is a nightmare. But ti's always nice to look at things I think are pretty and spend years thereafter trying to find a vegan version!:)

Unknown said...

oh miss Tif ~ those boots!
i wasn't sure til i saw those boots...
then i saw the price...
then i picked myself up off the floor...
now i'm planning a boot fund ready for next winter...
clog lust indeed... ;)

hugs to you,

Tonia said...

I think it's fair to describe the words that came out of my mouth at the sight of those prices as "not acceptable for a family blog".
We are in the watershed, Toto.

silverpebble said...

A little Tif with clogs on,
Well I declare,
Going clip clippity clop on the stair.
Right there.

meike said...

Hi Tif, you also might like these: http://www.swedishhasbeens.com/our-products.php

Nina said...

Dear Tif,
have you seen these clogs:

or these:

or these:

I´m very fond of the clogs that have the traditional swedish kurbits motif.

I used to have black cloggs with the kurbits motif as a child. And that meant summer, to be able to wear clogs.
Behind this link, there is a nice cavalcade of 70´s pictures of clogs. I also had a loooong period when I didn´t think clogs where anything but a memory from my childhood;)



Floss said...

Tif, I've been feeling increasingly guilty every time I pop out into the garden and slip on my flowery Swedish clogs - do I tell her I have some? Do I make it clear I bought them before the Challenge began? Do I point out that they're from Cath Kidston and possibly not, therefore, to her taste? Do I gloat? Or do I just keep quiet? Well, if you're this close to getting your own, I'll own up - I have some and they're great. Best of luck with Sven.

andrea creates said...

I'd especially love those boots!!
Love the blue pair too.I mostly wear clogs - closed back for winter and open for warmer weather-or even cold if it's not wet!

Nadine said...

Just came here from madebygirls blog and wanted to let you know that 'I think I love you'.... not in a 'weird creepy stalker' way but in a 'OMG you're so funny, you're gonna be a great blog to read' kind of way........ but then again, I'm a little irrationally emotional 'cos I am VERY tired........ someone has me looking at clogs way past my bedtime. :)

Nadine said...

P.S. The clog boots are definately my fav.... goodnight. :)

Elissa said...

i can't even look. well, i DID look, but i can't. they are quite heavenly though....

Caterina Giglio said...

these look quite naughty to me!! LOL!

bridgmanpottery said...

I am also a sven fan. I have a pair of regular leaf-cut out clogs and a pair of red leaf-cut out sandals. I wore the sandals every. single. day. this summer. They were worth the money. I'd really like a pair of the closed-back shoes, too, but those will have to wait. Of all of my clogs (sven, hanna anderson, sanitas, hafflinger, random vintage- I have eek- 8 pair) Svens are my favorites.
check svenbeach dot com for lower prices.

Work said...

I live in clogs: http://www.troentorpsclogs.com/index.html

good luck!

dottie angel said...

i think i have started something here... a clog lusting readership is probably not what one sees everyday in blogland :)

nina, oh my, i am now wishing for a pair of 'dala' painted clogs to fall from heaven. i am visualizing like i have never visualized before...

my friend debbie sent me this link to a UK site


they make their clogs by hand on the premises and appear to be a more exceptable price, although the colors are more limiting.
i'm in a dither about colors...
actually i'm in a dither 'full stop', nothing new there then :)

Unknown said...

I must be the only one to say this...I do not like staples on my clogs! The designs are beautiful...but, I cannot get past the staples. I am saved.

Trixie@ the vintage bothy said...

Hi there, I used to have really funky clogs as a child in the 70's. Recently I wear boots in the winter and scholl slides in the summer, nothing in between, until last summer when I came across Devon clogs, and now own a pair of fuschia pink ones and no where near the price of the ones that you love, I do wonder if I could customise them though?!
As for dresses, you have a lovely figure for them, I love to wear them but only with jeans, I would love to find my own personal dress pattern with a vintage vibe!

vanessa said...

wow thank you for sharing. as always, your posts are inspiring. now you've inspired me to shop!

i would like a floral pair, pretty please?

Hausfrau said...

I almost bought a green pair of Sven clogs a couple of years ago in Brooklyn--I should have gone ahead and done it! I have a pair of Hanna Anderson clog boots that I like--it's nice that they are reasonably-priced.

Hayley said...

My favorite handmade clogs are Knulp- had to order from Sweden but so worth it. Have the red ones found here:

They are the most amazing clogs ever.


Don Peloton said...

Ces choses sont magnifiques!!!!! Très mignonnes!!!!! Je les aime beaucoup!!!!!
Bon dimanche!

malin said...

Being Swedish, I have some knowledge of Swedish clogs - after all I wore them my entire childhood. Or at least in the 70s (I was born in 1974). And in the last couple of years I´ve witnessed them becoming a trend again. The clogs on most feet are from Hasbeens, I thought you´d appreciate a link to them (they ship worldwide too!): http://www.swedishhasbeens.com/ There are some mighty cute clogs there!