Tuesday, February 23

an 'ordinary extraordinaries' giveaway...

yesterday you may recall, i confessed to thee my stoolaholic ways.
if you cannot recall yesterday's confession
do not fret,
do not weep,
do not cry to the skies
"that Tif, she has made me feel so crappity crap about my recalling ways"
for that would not be at all my intentions,
no dearest readers, that is the furthest thing from my mind.
so perhaps with all that being said i'll start again

yesterday, i confessed to thee my stoolaholic ways.
as i stand upon my little stool today,

i am wondering if it is true what they say about confessing is good for the soul.
actually i don't know whether they do say that, whoever 'they' are.
but it sounds rather lovely for today, so we will go with the notion that indeed,
a confession frees the soul and makes one feel good.
or in my case, makes me look around and count the chairs amongst the stools within the shed and start to feel a little uneasy about discovering another addiction.
but my dearest lovely readers, i think you will find, it's not about me today...

oh no sirree, it's all about you and the lovely confessions i know you are keen to share

("no we are not Tif, that's crappity crap, we wish to keep our deepest addictive collecting confessions to ourselves!" i hear you exclaim)

and that is perfectly acceptable, i am totally okay with that.
after all you are entitled to keep your 'addictive collecting' confessions close to your chests and not share with every man and his dog that happens to stumble upon my ramblings.
however if you wish to be in with a chance of winning
my 'ordinary extraordinaries' vignette of vintage goodness,
then i am afraid you are going to be doing some confessing.

("oh Tif, you are simply wicked with your bribing ways" i hear you chorus
"why yes i am" i reply with cunning throaty laughter, plenty of rubbing hands together and throwing back my head for added effect)

dearest readers, it quite simple and 'oh so confessional',
if you wish to give this little 'say it like it is' wall hanging

complete with little 'forsaken soul' birdie,
several cotton thingy-me-jigs
a torn up bit of vintage wallpaper
(i know, doesn't get much grander than a torn up piece of wallpaper)
a lovely forever home,

then all you have to do is
1. locate your 'thinking cap', do not panic, nor collapse in fear of not remembering where you last put it, this little give away will be up for a few days so you have plenty of time to calmly recall your last footsteps and locate the whereabouts of the last time you did some 'thinking'.

2. when 'thinking cap' is located and nicely upon your head, start to think about what you like to collect, then think about things that you didn't realize you collected, but upon perusal of the room, it is quite obvious you have gone from a novice collector to an 'addicted collector in denial'. and before we go any further, i'm not talking about a jar of old buttons here, i'm talking about seeing a quantity of something within your dwelling that upon realization, it's rather shocking to the system, how your collecting ways have got out of control.

3. count your collection so you can really, really face the fact you have become an obsessive collector of whatever it is you are an obsessive collector of and have the quantity to prove it.

4. then confess to me (and every man and his dog) in the comments section here or in my inbox (tif @dottieangel.com) if you don't have a blog.
after you have confessed, i shall pop your name in my confessional bowl and you will be in with a chance of winning my 'ordinary extraordinaries' giveaway
simple, easy and oh so revealing!

(another throaty laugh can be heard around mossy shed, followed by some gleeful dancing in clogs)

i will leave this 'confessional giveaway' open only until this friday 26th Feb, midnight pacific time, actually let's make it 10 pm as i don't do well staying up late. i will then announce the winner on saturday.
i have no idea how the winner will be picked but it will be picked and a winner there will be...

and before i head off to recline upon the couch feeling tres sorry for myself due to visiting the dentist this morning,
(who i am quite sure had been watching Little Shop of Horrors before starting her shift).
i must tell you of the tres exciting 'honor' that has been bestowed upon our little olive.
yes indeedy,
little olive is Pedlars 'dog of the week'.
seeing her upon their fabby home page has made up for all the peskiness of late and i have found it within my heart to forgive and forget her 'clog loving' ways of last week

she will return on Saturday with a confessional 'ordinary extraordinaries' winner ~ Tif


Debbie said...

I know it's unoriginal, but vintage pyrex. pyrex cups and saucers, several sets, gravy boats, several, even though we do not ever never have gravy, big bowls about 10 and even now I have started to leave them at the thrift store because I have ran out of room to keep them, any pyrex with snowflakes - about two serving dishes and one milk and sugar set, plates two sets in different motifs, cereal bowls, again several in different motifs - oh I've lost count and ran out of room.

I also have a thing for cakestands and own 4.

Oh and I've just noticed ceramic jugs. Goodness I never knew I had such a collection! almost ten. I know... Hm...

But pyrex is my weekness. My bad...

raining sheep said...

Wow, now I feel so sheepish, because I really did not think I collected anything, actually, I consider myself a minimalist and throw things out so as not to collect anything, but.....I did look around my home and noted there seems to be a lot of birds and bird things. Bird paintings, vintage china birds, birds on bowls, bird books, bird photos,birds eating out of my bird feeders, birds everywhere....and the weird thing is that I am terrified of birds. They are kinda cool and cute, but creepy at the same time!!! But obviously I have a bird "thing" and love to surround myself with "fake" winged creatures. So you see Tif, I have a hankering to give the vintage pink bird a home for sure :)

Anonymous said...

What a great idea for a giveaway! And such a beautiful prize. I know just where I will hang it - in my daughter and soon-to-be-born baby's room.
I struggled to think of something I collect as I walked around the house. My vice is so ridiculously obvious that I was practically tripping over it in many of the rooms: childrens books. I love them! I can't get enough! They are everywhere. And I have many, many more boxes of them in my basement too.
Thanks for the giveaway. I'm off to read.

Anonymous said...

ohh nooooo, I have more than one collection...
sea shells( buckets), vintage buttons, (100's) and love rocks( heart shaped) I have close to 30. Wow, I guess you are right. It really sinks in when you have to acount for all of them. heeheehee Sandy

janjan said...

I confess and I am not ashamed - I collect mustard pots and have over 40 of the things, this led to cruet sets and orphaned salt and peppers this led onto to egg coddlers, embroidered doileys. Also i have a growing collection of orphaned bookmarks - the sort that get left in library books or op-shop finds. I have a collection of glass bottles under the kitchen sink for making tomato sauce and a collection of soap bits in the bathroom (I don't think these last two count as I hate to throw anything anyway and I am a hoarder)Oooooooh and the biggest collection of all - BUTTONS, I love buttons, have jars and jars and boxes and boxes. Before I culled I had over 250,000, now maybe only 150,000. I collect the elastic bands off bunches of asparagus and flowers - never bought an elestic band in years.
Pie flutes - does 2 count as a collection.
When I look around the house, I suppose there are a few things that could be classed as collections - old newspapers and magazines in the bulging paper rack, old envelopes in the duck serviette holder, nails, screws, nuts and bolts that collect in the corner of one of the kitchen drawers, the collection of dead moths in the corner of the laundry window - now thats quite an impressive one.
Okay I'm going to clean now I have embarrassed myself.


Heckety said...

Dear little olive,

Congratulations on being Pedlar's 'dog of the week'! We've just admired your photo on their website and wonder where you got your cuteness from, because when cuteness was handed out we sure got missed? Also we wish to know whether it is necessary to sllep in a suitcase to become do of the week because we are too big even for a cabin trunk? What are we to do?
Yours truly,
uncute and large Ben'n'Bertie Woofter.

Bree Chandler said...

I do not think that any of this is Crappity Crap. Infact, I think is Happity Happ. Or, wait. That sounds ridiculous. HA!
I have found that I am obssesive about collecting not ONE, But TWO things, that I love.
One of which is Picture Frames.
I love them. I LOVE them. If they were living, I might stalk them. But maybe not.I have so many, Some aren't even being used. I have so many, Im not even positive of the amount- because of course- they arent organized, But Id say- 100.
And Second
I LOOOVE FABRIC. Do I use it? No, Not yet. I think because Im SO obsessed, I dont want to cut into the little pretties and have them look unproportioned. Its is a heart wrenching deed, indeed.
I have so much fabric. SOO much. Piles. All of it is amazing- not one little thread do I hate. Not one. Yards upon yards- Numbers cannot proclaim.

That, dearest dottie, is my confession. Sad, But true, and yet soooo amazing to admit. Youre right, must be good for the soul.

I am in love your amazing creations and constantly try to make my home as Beauitful and Happy as yours, Getting these little Giveaway Preetiess WOULD help! <3 Loves

Kitty said...

Oh, my goodness... I've been taking a look around and checking out the goodies about me. I have collections of cake plates, gnomes, striped socks, mis matched desert plates, frames, and I too own a few too many chairs.

love love,
Fritzi Marie

p.s. I hope your teeth feel better asap.

Sara said...

I'm the first, ok. Does that mean I haven't taken enough time to think about my obsession? I hope not. I did put on my thinking cap and tried so hard to think of something I collected, something cool, something cute, something neat. Nothing. I dusted myself off and tried to think again. Guess what? I think I just realised what it is I collect. My daughter's hair, I am covered in it. I had not long done her hair and there are long strands of it all over me. So I'm afraid I can't count my collection exactly, but I'm sure you can imagine it could be quite a big collection.
I hope you can accept this as a valid entry, I would dearly love to be the proud owner of your beautiful handmade lovelies (I'm hoping some grovelling will help with the picking-of-random-things fairies).

essie said...

hi tiff!
i collect several things. the first is teacups. i have a lot of teacups. my collection got smashed in an accident a little while ago, but so many of my friends bough me lovely replacement teacups that i now have a collection again.
i also seem to collect jane austen novels. i have about 6 different editions of pride and prejudice, and loads of others.
and of course i collect fabric. i love to make quilts, and just generally to sew, so my fabric stash is constantly expanding.
love your blog and your photos!
essie xoxox

rosecampion said...

I collect maneki neko, i.e. lucky cats. This is just part of the collection. I've gotten more since taking the picture.


It starts so easily. They're cute. One follows you home from Chinatown. Then another. Then all of a sudden, you have fifteen.

Also, I would be remiss not to mention the CD collection. It doesn't seem out of control, because I contain it in those binders and throw away the jewel cases. I have four of those big binders. The ones that contain like 100 CDs each. They're all full. Which is funny, because I don't even think of myself as a "music" person.

ps- I've never commented before, but your blog is the highlight of my day.

martha brown said...

I do collect fiesta ware (only the bluey turquoisey kind and the lighter greens)I don't mean to collect magazines -- but I do have hundreds that I can never part with. I also have shelf after shelf of vintage aprons.... how many can one woman possibly need???? Some people would call me a horder. But I consider myself a lover of collections.......

Ampersand Commodities said...

hmmm collectiones hey? well...just recently i may have stumbled accross an almost considerable collection of vintage leather handbags which i have some how steadilly built up. lets see...theres the ever faithful brown leather satchel (it was such a bargain that i just had to buy it) then theres a smaller satchel one (this one wasn't such a bargain but still lovely), then a another dark brown leather one (which sits just right when worn accross the shoulders.) then theres the fine old lady that is called Deirdre (she is soo wonderous that she has to be named...a super vintage cube leather handbag with the shiniest gold clasp, and sweetest little pocket on the front...and she came with a free out of mint 50p!) and then theres the most recent addition..from my lunch break today...a shoulder bad with a camel and queen nefertiti on it...perfect! other not so considerable collections include mixmatched cups and saucers, mugs with birds on and vintage agatha christies (but only poirot's...marple does not float my boat!)

Christina Lowry said...

Looking at your dear little blog and your beautiful apron pictures has made me realize just how many aprons I have. I recently acquired some of my grandmothers, on top of some I have thrifted and been given as gifts and I really do think that I can never really have enough. I mean, what if I am baking and I spill milk on my apron 10 times? Well then I am covered, for I can change my apron ten times. What if my apron doesn't go with the dress I am wearing? Surely that is an excuse for more aprons?? Perhaps though I need to bake more, to justify buying more aprons....

PS. I don't mean to shock you, but I wondered if you might have a laugh. You see, I have not one stool in our entire house. You see, shocking isn't it? Must get the thrifty gods onto that one I must. :)

Di said...

Lovely to see little Olive as Dog of the Week - I do love the pedlars website.

Now for the confessional - I am a wool addict - 5 large boxes full of the stuff whether it's in the format of pre-felt, fibre or balls of wool...I will have to move house soon to fit it all in.....

(In saying that, since I have won one of your lovely giveaways before please don't include me in this one - it wouldn't seem right)

folk city said...

Dear Tif,
I confess to several ridiculous collections: 15 vintage Brown Betty teapots in various sizes— some with stripes, some without; 20+ pieces of religious iconography and artifacts (including a communion set of 35 glasses, currently for sale in my etsy shop); vintage linens and textiles; chairs (and paintings of chairs;) musical instruments (violin, 3 violoncelli, banjo, ukelele, 5 guitars, upright piano and assorted vintage electric keyboards, harmonicas, melodica, 2 flutes, strumstick, accordian, glockenspiel...) but I think the largest collection of all in our home is made up of BOOKS. For example: 350+ vintage editions printed by Peter Pauper Press (published 1920's to 1970's.) I shan't mention the rest... I'm beginning to feel like the house needs a good spring cleaning/ purging.

Sarah and Jack said...

The first commenter? Really? My name is Sarah and am addicted to tablecloths and quilts. I think at last count I had 167 tablecloths (I bought 2 new ones this week) and 47 vintage quilts. I love them and they will have to be pried from my cold dead hands. :-)

My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

i guess all i need is one word: cookbooks


Kayanna said...

Dear Tif,
I must confess... I am a a sockyarnaholic. No, not just an ordinary yarnaholic. It's only that very special sock variety that makes my heart go all aflutter. Problem is I'm not an obsessive sock knitter so the yarn comes into the house at a faster pace that it gets knitted. It's begun to creep into our living areas in random places (such as in the vase in the kitchen) and threatens to take over completely. But oh, when I see a lovely little skein of yarn all squishy and variegated I can't help myself.

Unknown said...

I only have to confess one, right? Right. I confess to all, I am a heartaholic (it really doesn't sound that bad, does it?) I collect hearts of all types...I cannot pass up any heart that speaks to me. I also make hearts of fabric and paper mache and wool, and thread, and food(yes, food), and paper and books and.....

Judge me if you wish to, I will not repent and I am shamefully proud of my addiction....this "one" addiction! ;)

dottie angel said...

oh how wonderful your confessions are! you have helped distract me most nicely from my painful teeth... yes, i fear it will be 'cup-a-soup' tonight for Tif :(

Brenda Pruitt said...

Well, first off I seem to collect dust. But that's of course not on purpose. I collect rubber stamps, that is clear now that I'm staring straight at them next to my keyboard. I collect color like nobody's business, which is obvious whilst looking anywhere on my blog. I collect things pertaining to birds and nature, such as birds nests. And I seem to collect tables. Like you collect stools. Don't know why. Don't care why. I just turned 53 last week. And hon, being as I'm in the over 50 elite club, I can just claim old age, menopause, or any other excuse and it just flat IS something I happen to collect. And tables are a good bit bigger than stools! So I wouldn't worry much.

Nuts To You! said...

I seem to be collecting crafting books-mostly sewing. I just received two more delightful ones in the mail today...I love to look at them and dream about doing all of the projects, and then I usually only do one or two. Sigh. I also seem to collect fabric, and it is terrible because I have a large tote of it in the basement, but instead of scrounging through it when I have a new project, I just go buy more!

Also, I blame you because I am now thinking "crappity crap" to myself all the time. :) Shawna

Lola said...

Dear Tif,

I confess that, two years ago, I started to collect vintage sewing buttons. Before that, I never collected anything in my life.

The buttons have to be in their original cards. I love the whimsical tags!

I didn't know I had so many, I never counted them before. Today, I confess that I have 58 cards of pretty buttons.



Sarah - Red Gingham said...

I find it's not until you have a bit of a tidy up and return things to their rightful places that you realise what you collect, or rather hoard in some cases.

I am not a domestic goddess by any stretch of the imagination, but I have so many cookie cutters. I love the little metal shapes. I hardly ever use them so perhaps I should display them somewhere. A garland maybe? Oh I also collect snow globes, but it's a fairly small collection.

I'm hoping I don't have any other obsession, but only time will tell. If I was super rich I imagine my collections would be vast.

Raheli said...

I have just begun a new collection, brought on by months of dark & cold. I am collecting plants! I have just realized it is becoming extreme, because just a few months ago, all we had was a lonely little spider plant on the kitchen windowsill. Now I have a dozen cuttings of succulents, which I peek at everyday waiting for them to grow roots. Plus I have been trying to grow a salad in winter, which has been a long & perilous project (the last round was lost to the chickens), including 6 different kinds of greens. And now I have forced bulbs teasing me, days away from a bloom!
And the tomato plants! It's crazy, but a girl can dream (of tomatoes, in March, in my living room)
I suppose this collection will ease once we see green grass again (ehm, our lawn i mean, but I suppose I could plant a pot for the table), or it will lead to a collection of flower pots!

sarita said...

Ha! I collect antique electric pole insulators...sorry, I don't know what they're really called. You know, those heavy glass thingys that used to hang on power poles? At last count, I had 33, some are dark brown, many are a beautiful clear blue, and the rest are just clear. They line my mantel and are surrounded by fairy lights. AT night and in the morning, they just glow and sparkle so nicely. They bring me great joy...:)

Vickie said...

Ohhh, where to start - even before they became so popular I have collected "Owls" (I think I made them popular). I also have a small army of little deers (cannot pass one up), and can't forget squirrels (love them), oh, and 50's table cloths, and, and, and, well obviously this could get very long and I will not bore you with the scary details of my fixation for collecting.

Vickie in Seattle

Vickie in Seattle

mamas collection said...

Oh me. Oh my. I knew what I would say yesterday, because as you went on with your cleansing confessional, I did some counting of my own.....I will own up to 27 pieces of wicker furniture just because my husband may read this and see that it is indeed true that I have more than perhaps necessary....When he sees another piece, I merely laugh and say, 'oh no, dear! That one's been there awhile!' Of course, a while could have been 4 hours. Not really lying, right?
So,yes, you came to the right one to confess; I completely understand...

Elsa said...

I hate to confess (yes, I do) the amount of stones I carry around ... really, I do! I have stones that I have brought all the way back from Ireland, Thailand and Alaska! lots and lots of them ... I don't even know if I can count them all there are so, so many of them ... have all sizes and shapes (even heart ones, I have to say), but my most favorite of all is (besides the heart ones) are the oval round shaped ones. Love them and have them all over my house ... I have to say that it's only one of the things I like to collect, but my very favorite! I even like them as gifts! I have been given gifts from Africa, Australia, China and Israel, to name just a few (I'm one lucky gal to get stones as gifts and my friends have actually believed that I love them!). So ... there you are ... my confession. I'm www.elsasfineline.blog.com (just for your info) and thanks so much for the opportunity to confess and for the chance of receiving such a lovely gift!

Kate said...

well, i have eight typewriters (as of today)- which is not a large number,really, but consider how large typewriters are and how little daily use it is possible to get out of them...and that they've all entered my life in less than one year...my familiy worries...
I know each and every one of those sixteen stools are much happier now that they've come to live at mossy shed- lucky stools!

koralee said...

You are so cute...I have been following along with your sweet ways for a bit. I must say I am such aholic...bowlaholic..is my number one problem..followed by dish..plateaholic. Oh dear..just got some more odds and ends at the thrift store today and had to hide them in my dishwasher...my husband never would think to look in there..tee hee. I really do not have room in my cupboards for one more item...under the bed is the next option. Really I have far too many even to count.. Love your blog! Love your images but I really love your dishes. xoxoxo That pink little number in the past post is calling my name. xo

Casey said...

I really can't think of a single collection I have, unless you count books as a collection. I am buying all types of books constantly! My hubby has been complaining lately because it seems I always come home with a new book every time I go out.

MamaBug said...

First sorry to hear your teeth feel badly...most awful when that happens!
Second...love your blog and all your thrifting goodness!
Lastly my confession, gladly given...I "collect" to many things to count but my most prized are the following:
1. Vintage childrens books....I adore the illustrations so much, especially babies.
2. Vintage toys....love the metal ones, yes filled with lead, but so lovely, the children are not allowed to touch until grown
3. Finally my recent obsession, and it IS an obsession is hair things: bows, ribbons, headbands, barettes....Seven years after having two wonderful little boys I had a little girl with a full head of lovely golden brown hair, which now at almost 3 is down her back....I am filled with glee every day when it is time to put in the pretties....boxes and drawers are overflowing but I continue to buy more...pleated poppies are my current favorites...I am gathering things to start to make my own things as well! So much fun!

Would be so excited to win your lovelies..

Good Girls Studio said...

Birds have flocked all over my house but I knew about them! The thing that has snuck up on me is something that has been thrust upon me rather than procured! Mason jars full of 1980's earrings! The big whopper one's full of sparkle & heft! hahaha, there must be 3 jars full that equals at least 50 pairs!

Kimberly Margaret said...

salt shakers. only the salt. i don't have a complete pair of salt/pepper shakers. they're all orphans. they have to be cut glass or silver/pewter if they want to live at my house. I have 27. they all are full of salt and all are in use. people think I'm nuts. my kitchen is a home for wayward shakers who have lost their match. I'm okay with that. in fact, i love that.

Vic said...

Oh Tiff... even with my thinking cap on this is harder than I anticipated. Especially since you said you weren't talking about 'an old jar of buttons' because, well... I think that is it. Really.

I have just now come home from an opshopping adventure which saw me lugging home 3 more huge jars of mixed & vintage buttons.

The trouble is my dear... I already have *coughs* 39 very similar jars of buttons. Enough jars of buttons, I recently discovered, for a little Punk to build a fort with, while Mummy was in the shower.

It is a problem. It is. And the confession part of this tale is this; I don't NEED any buttons. I despise making button-holes so they aren't required for any dressmaking purposes. I already have a button bracelet so I don't need to make another. I don't intend to make some sort of grand button mosaic. I don't need them at all & I don't use them for ANYTHING. Yet I must have them.

I cannot leave a jar of buttons at the opshop. I cannot leave a jar of buttons at a garage sale. I simply cannot leave a jar of buttons anywhere at all, except right here, beside all my other jars of buttons.

Sometimes I start to sort them into colours, and into new, co-ordinated jars, then give up half way through. Wondering how it's possible, after sorting through 200 buttons, to look at one & have no idea what colour it is.

Oddly - I have no such interest in carded or loose buttons. Nor buttons in boxes or bags... just jars... in making me think about this my dear, in having me confess to you my worrying habits with regard to jar upon jar upon jar of buttons... you've made me really wonder "Why".

And I've got nothin'.

M* (Melanie) said...

I collect small dolls. Mostly ugly or dirty or unloved dolls. The kind of dolls that get shoved aside in the thrift shop bargain bin because their hair is matted and their faces dirty. That being said I seem to be going through a bit of an Asian doll theme at the moment though. I now have around 5 of a particular kind of Chinese doll that are made out of paper mache. They have sunny, beaming faces (full of Mao optimism no doubt) and are dressed in the most exquisite, embroidered satin pyjamas. They make me very happy.

Unknown said...

hmmm. this is puzzling. however, I can confess to the following: my walls are filled--and I mean FILLED--with paintings, shelves full of sculpture, and all other manner of artifacts from local artists. In my living room/dining room alone, I count:

1. 17 picture frames or flat artisms
2. 36 small to medium sculptures
3. 33 letters and numbers from old signs and other such repositories.

This does not include the other two floors of my home, nor my stairwells. I really really like art. So there it is. Hopefully it's still artsy and tasteful and not too cluttered and creepy. yet.

Jennifer said...

What a great giveaway! I must admit my weakness if books, especially vintage books and cookbooks. I have hundreds and I always have several on the go at the same time. I also love all things British. I grew up in England and miss it so. I try to surround myself with things that remind me of my childhood in England.

Heather Simpson-Bluhm said...

I KNOW I am an -aholic.. let me count the ways.. silver plates and platters, decapitated doll heads and vintage lace, doilies, linens that have exploded to such a state that i can barely get into my studio. I am trying to USE them, really but there are simply too many to count. As you said, we do not count the buttons but I have easily 3 bins.. I can never have enough.

LOVE your blog since I discovered it in Artful Blogging...


Searching for Sporadic Surprises said...

I collect sculptures of pears. I have big ones, little ones, woven rattan ones, metal ones, gold ones, red ones, fine china ones... I've got 14 of them and they are all displayed together in the lounge on my credenza unit, plus I have a funny looking one with a face(?) and dangly legs (from my mother-in-law who doesn't get it really) "he" lives with the cookbooks plus I have approximately 12 pear Christmas Tree ornaments for the festive season.

I also collect martini glasses (I've never bought one myself but I have 38 of them... gifts! even though I'm not a big martini drinker... I'm an interior architect and I guess they look architectural?)

I've been following your blog for a little while now. I really enjoy reading along.

Thanks for the opportunity!

Callie Grayson said...

oh Tif, you make my day!!
I look around and I collect everything!

hmmp, let's start with family photos and documents! I am obsessed. I have boxes (the banker type, not small not to big just right) There are about 8 in the office and another 6 in the living room cabinet!

Next is silver...... i stopped counting when I hit 50 items

then onto china, oh my!
I have about 5 different patterns ranging from place settings for four to 16 depending on the pattern.
oh, i forgot the teapots!
I have 8 had 10 but 2 broke in the move across country.
teacups, tons!! can't get enough....

oh, I think I need to stop! the list is getting quite long.

i also collect chairs:)

Calmil2 said...

I was feeling badly that I don't really collect things, BUT I realized that I do...yeah for me :) Magazines and paper....pretty paper, vintage paper, lot of paper. So, I would LOVE a ripped piece of vintage wallpaper :)

nacherluver said...

I have several addictions. First and foremost is books. Man do I love books! Sometimes I wish I could swim in the pages. My book collection is hundreds upon hundreds.

I also have an addiction with a slight illness attached. I love journals. All kinds of journals. Spiral bound, hand made, thin, thick, lined or unlined pages, pretty, cute, dark, darling. I have a hard time passing them up. I am down to only housing a few dozen in my house at once. This is due to my illness. For some reason, I have an extremely hard time marking in them!!! I don't want to waste them or destroy their beauty and I never feel my ideas are worthy enough to start them. Instead, I tend to give them as gifts and randomly pass them along to friends. Whew! Out of my hair. Now they have the responsibility! Silly, no? I'm working on it!

dottie angel said...

oh yes! i do believe confessing is good for the soul... well done my dearest readers with your 'unburdening' of addictive ways!
and Vic, how can i not allow you your jars of vintage buttons, you truely are an 'addict of the nutty kind' and i think have made all of us feel so much better about our confessions, so that alone qualifies you to be placed into the confessional bowl.

i am now off to look pathetic in the hope somebody closeby might notice i have hardly uttered a word all evening... surely eventually they may think something is a little odd. then again perhaps only little olive and used dog notice my lack of words ;)

Lisa said...

Oh I thought it would be easy to say I collect only one thing. Angels...I love them. My favorite that stay our all year are beautiful hand-painted wooden angels. And then when I was picking up toys after the kids went to bed I realized that my daughter is taking over my angel collection since every week more and more angels are taking space on her nightstand.
And then I started putting away laundry and realized I collect clothes...way too many clothes. Then thinking about your blog, I slowly started counting my socks (I stopped at 50 pairs), then my underwear (I stopped again at 50 pairs), then I turned around in my closet and looked at the sweaters and t-shirts and skirts!! But luckily for me I can say that I DO NOT collect shoes as I only owe a pair of red flats that are my dress up shoes, my summer sandals, my tennis shoes, my loafers, winter boots and my barn boots (I Hate wearing shoes).
And then I realized that my most special collection of collecting is my hugs and kisses from my kids.
Then my husband read this and laughed and started pointing out all of my other collections and I sweetly reminded him that he does have more shoes than me and also has more CDs and DVDs than I have pieces of fabric, however, that one may be close!

Jamie said...

I have a very tiny home but as I look around I have a 'few' collections. For years I've collected rabbits...I can't resist. I aim for really unique ones. I love real ones, too. I also have a tremendous collection of vintage textiles, including tiny dresses and doll clothes, quilts and linens. There are the books (old ones, for sure) and the rock collection...did I mention the sewing notions, old jewelry and picnic wares...? Hmmm. There are probably other things, too, if I look around! Jamie V in MT

Antonia said...

I have to start out by saying I LOVE how you write...I laugh and giggle everytime! Okay with that being said, I did what you asked, but just before I put my "thinking cap" on I started to make a list, fabric, vintage lamps, frames, shoes, the list kept going and going, but I had to put my 'thinking cap' on, and then I realized, it was scary! Really Scary! Fabric every kind! new, and recently way too much vintage. Every time I go into the thrift store, I leave with a bag of fabric. I don't know what I'm going to make, but I know it's a great find and one day I'll use it. I know I will. (at least that's what I keep telling myself) Hubby doesn't know how bad it is...he just thinks my little corner is getting cluttered (if he only knew, that's not the only place with, um, clutter...(fabric))

Delia said...

Books! Primarily 19th century children's books...preferably with illustrations. hmm, let's see, anything related to squirrels or deer....old glass refrigerator dishes, LuRay teacups, and Homer Laughlin blue diamond restaurant ware. that's just off the top of my head....it's so nice to read all the collector comments! makes me feel like i'm in good company.... :)

Beth said...

I have no blog. I suck at returning e-mails. I don't even like to talk on the phone that much. I enjoy getting mail, and the occasional text message, but that's about it..
I collect lots of schtuffs: victorian what-nots, fabric whoo-zits, planters, cherubs, owls, mushrooms, gnomes, embroidery patterns, cross stitch patterns,hell, even my body collects kidney stones (no, NOT kidding..and they hurt like a MF)

Kirsty said...

I collect jam pots and shoes. I treat both collections with the same amount of love and respect.

And I adore your creations.

Rhona said...

It took me quite a while to find my thinking cap. It was under a sofa cushion covered with cookie crumbs. After cleaning it off and collecting the pennies in between the cushions, I looked around my house. I have several collections that I was aware of but I realized I have developed a ridiculous obsession with craft supplies. I read diy blogs and think, "I can do that!" I run to my local craft store, buy the supplies and then pile them in the corner of my office. And there they sit. They will most likely not see the light of day. By the time I get home from work, cook and clean up I am too tired to craft. But the next time I see a great project, I will undoubtably wind up at the store buying all the pieces and parts. Oh my, this is bad. Very bad.

Anonymous said...

Ok I am ready to admit it. I collect birds. Birds pictures, ceramic birds, bird linen, anything with a bird on it. When I read your post I thought no not me I am no collector. Then I had a look around my wee little abode and what did I see staring back but birds, birds, birds. I would love to give the little pink bird a home amongst friends! Love your blog.

Sherri B. said...

Tif, Yesterday after reading your confession I was sure that my addiction was dressers, buffets etc...I counted 10 in our 750 sq.ft. little house and a wardrobe with drawers waiting to be refinished in the garage. But then...Kary from My Farmhouse Kitchen said hers was cookbooks and I gasped and turned to my husband,who said "how many dressers?" only moments before and I said COOKBOOKS he said oooohh yes. In one minute in this little house I counted 71 cookbooks. That is not counting the boxes I have in the Vancouver WA house. I had no idea it was so out of hand, how do we get this way by accident? Oh well, now I and everyone else knows and I don't care and that's that.

Amber said...

I definitely am a collector of fabric - people come into my sewing room all the time and think they have stumbled upon a hidden fabric store since I have so much and I seem to be a collector of jeans that no longer fit me...it's very sad but I am keeping them in the hopes that one day I will fit in them again :-)

Vibeke said...

my biggest addictions are without question colorful stockings and old cups and that is because they make me soooo happy!:) i also LOVE to be able to pick both stockings to wear and cup to drink tea from that fits my moode every day..

tried to count the cups that are all over my home and ended on 32. stockings are easier to count: 15 at the moment :)


Lori ann said...

oh dear i can sympathise with your poor teeth as i have gone to the dentist too just this morning.

and that's not all...
i need to go back!!

i am in love with tiny things, small books, doll clothes, baby cups, lockets, i do have 6 lockets now that i think of it. but i have lots of all these things, and lots more. i collect lots i guess. :)oh, and i collect knitting needles, darning eggs, st. christophers (the ones with enamel on both sides). and things that are turquoise.

i LOVE your wall hanging, so much, that if it's not me that is the lucky one, (good luck everyone!) then i will try my best to make my own. copying yours best i can.

thank you for offering this most special givaway~
♥ lori

Tonia said...

Oh dear, it is with sadness and shame at my fingertips that I confess to the following collections that I didn't realise I was collecting until it was too late to stop:
1. Boxes: wooden, cardboard, tin, plastic, all sorts. Some are (whisper it) not even filled with anything beyond fluff and good thoughts.
2. Egg cups: no I am not 12 but I can't help it. A few have never even seen an egg, not even from our chickens (we have bantams, the eggs are too small for the cups).
3. Postcards: I love me a bit of art, a very little bit to fit on my very little walls. I need more walls.
I think there's possibly more but sharing should only go so far, even when attempting to win an assortment of loveliness.

wood & wool stool said...


Carrie said...

It's safe to say that I collect just about everything: vintage tins, (wrapped) sugar cubes, mid-century ceramics, shoes, cigar bands, everything with birds or deer on it... I'm like a magpie who has to take all things shiny and beautiful back to her nest, much to the despair of my boyfriend. I must say that when we moved and I kept filling box after box, I did feel that my collections may have run out of hand a bit. I wonder if I should join an A.C. (anonymous collectors)... Or just move into a bigger place...

Mousy Brown said...

Pillowcases (178) and tablecloths (98), and napkins (124), and .... I think I better stop there as my husband has no idea and he might find out and everytime he finds out he bans me buying any more and I have to find a new thing to collect - so really it's not my fault it's his - there I feel so much better now :D

Kristi said...

Okay there are my obvious obsessions like handbags, all things handmade, vintage, and anything turquoise. I really wanted to think about this quest you set before us. I ran to my closet because there must be something in there I am collecting without realizing. White blouses. White tees. Nope, I was very aware of this collecting. But this evening as I sat at my computer I clicked on my toolbar and there it was staring at me. I have many, oh so many, blogs in my toolbar. Endless rows and rows. I am collecting blogs!

Marie said...

I confess I simply adore antique Valentines postcards and postcards with little black folk on them. Also,
fabric scraps and buttons! Lastly,
books! Hmmm...this has been good. I never really thought about my little obsessions that much.
: )
Love your blog and the way you dress!
Those red clogs are fabulous!

Kristy said...

Ummm...I'm thinking I collect collections!
I don't know which collection would be classed the most shockingly large but the one that gets the most 'Do you have enough?!' comments is my collection of 15+ vintage glass cakestands. Then there is the ceramic cakestands,the vintage tea-cups and saucers etc etc. Lets just stay in the kitchen and not mention the vintage hand bag collection or my penchant for odd chairs.No lets not mention any of those other collections ;)

Unknown said...

What do I collect? Well, if you ask my mother, she'd say shoes. If you asked my sister, she'd say clothes that never get worn. If you ask me I'd say tote bags...at the moment. So far I have 5. That may not seem like a lot, but I've only been collecting them for few weeks. I also have jars and jars of vintage buttons, about 30 vintage babushka dolls, tea cups, vintage aprons, yarn, dust (well, that kinda arrives on its own, so that may not be eligible), oh, and lip glosses...I'd say around 30-40 (is that too many??). Up until a few years ago I was a confirmed minimalist. I'm not sure what changed. Also, i have a lot of shoes (40?)and clothes that never get worn...hmmm, I hate it when my mum and sister are right!

Anonymous said...

Well it would have to be vintage glassjelly moulds...it all started when I inherited one from my husband's grandma, and then I spotted a slightly more unusual one in an antique shop not long after...and then it's grown,albeit slowly, but to the point that my friends now by them for me as presents , and they are outgrowing the kitchen cupboard !

Alberta Art Classes said...

Where does one begin? Vintage table cloths, count? Eee gads. Over 40. Seriously. I was grounded for about a year by my family from buying anymore. I banished that nonsense, there is no use trying help me. The other thing I didn't know I collected are chairs. Not new chairs, old, on their last legs chairs. Then I paint them. You can find a nice bright place to sit every few steps in the garden. You know, in case one tires while walking through garden...Ohhh. I feel soooo much better!

Trine said...

dear tif,

when i read your post, i was thinking something like:"damn, i cant enter that giveaway, cause there cant be absolutely nothing i collect and not being aware of it...". you know, i am a confessing collector of all kind of stuff (books, dishes, vintage paper, vintage fabric, owls and much much more), but nothing i thought i wouldnt admit...i then talked to a friend, mentioned this giveaway and what i was thinking, did tell him all my collections. he burst out laughing, cause obviously...too obviously i have forgotten: my christmas ornament collection...i didnt even consider it as a collection, but now looking at it, it surely is, there are over 50 different ornaments, non looking as the other...i really love them! but i think as i only get them out once a year, theres no need for worrying..lol

xoxo trine

cerebral e said...

Fortunately, I have given up my childhood collection of cows. However, looking around the room I realise that I have amassed collections of sunglasses (12 in this room alone - vintage ones from my mother's collection, cheapies from the market and too many Karen Walker shades) and Absolut vodka - I have 13 different bottles (plus multiples of some, plus some little ones) most of which are more than half full!

folk city said...

p.s. "Cozy Little House" reminded me that I have a collection of rubber stamps, too... alas, 250 or so.

Unknown said...

Prayer cards with beautiful photographs of paintings on the front - strange but true. They get handed out by visitors or every kind at church - bishops, clergy, fund raisers; by families at funerals; or my dad when he sends a letter. I can not throw them away- that would be like tossing granny pat out the window-and yet I have run out of places to put them. I have tried to stash them all in one place or display only my favorites but more always appear. We are up to 75 at this point but who knows what will come in the mail today.

chele said...

I delight in your blog quite often, perhaps it has become a latest obsession of mine.
I collect "madonnas" as in the old catholic tradition kind, on prayer cards, paintings, ceramic....and oh yes sometimes i give them a "bit of a sprucing up" with a wash paint or funky frame...

Amanda said...

ahhhhh...what a lovely giveaway! Im sorry to say that i am a collector of so manty things...but mainly owls...owls everywhere. I can't get enough owls....and old clocks...and vintage dishes and aprons...sigh. I think there are about 25 owls...not all out in plain view mind you. I couldn't let everyone see my dirty deeds. sigh...but i would love, love, love to add that sweet birdie to the sanctuary!

kathi said...

Speaking of crappity crap.....I collect hobnail milk glass, my grandmother got me started on that! Also angel figurines...all over my house. Canning jars full of buttons and some full of wine corks...those were fun to collect!
I have 4 kids....does that count as a collection??

Babsarella said...

Hmmm...sadly, I seem to collect WAY too many things...paper (new scrapbook papers and vintage ephemera), rubber stamps, vintage earrings, vintage millinery, oh, and I do love shoes (I have been nicknamed Imelda!).

considerthelillies said...

well, Tif,
#1 I am completely addicted to buying yarn! Even though my craft room is a complete mess due to my overflowing baskets,plastic shelves and all sorts of stuffed totes containing numerous whole and partially used skeins of yarn, I CANNOT resist buying some each week! There is a new yarn shop near here and I made my husband drive by it on Sunday, but of course it was closed, but my nose was firmly pressed against the window as I took in the beautiful vista of color and texture inside. I have yet to go there while open for I know that there is no way I will leave empty handed and I have been spending money on new walking shoes and winter boots on clearance!
#2 I am totally addicted to buying used old wood chairs that can be spruced up with paint and fabric seat cushions! My oldest daughter and I dreamt of having a shop called "Chairs and Squares" where all we sold was redone one of a kind or a set of old chairs and fabric covered frames (in cool fabrics of course)Every time I go to an antique shop, thrift shop,yard sale,etc. I always spy out the chairs with potential (especially if under 10.00!)
I have about 23 old wood chairs in my porch and house that has released endorphins in my head with each purchase!
(oh I get the same endorphin release with yarn, good coffee and chocolate, but especially when I see my grandson!)

Greedy Nan said...

I am a collector of crappity crap -an avid collector at that. I just find it greatly hard to get rid of anything. I am also a little obsessive about people - if I make a friend I want to keep them for ever [but not in a locked up stalky sort of way]. I should almost have my own loyalty card.
Please put me in your draw in such a position that I will be picked out first for Saturday's grand announcement.

Diane said...

I collect dust!

richelle said...

Honestly, I have waaay too many clusters of vintage things. I have collections of collections. Hence the need for my vintage store. However, one collection stands out in my mind. I sat down with a dream "analyst" (for lack of a better term) to interpret an epic dream I had a couple of years ago. In one part of my dream, I was literaly crawling under a maze of hundreds of vintage wooden end tables, coffee tables, and dressers. All I could see was the floor beneath me, and lots of tapered wooden furniture legs :) When asked by the dream analyst what these tables meant to me, I responded..."I don't know, but I DO have quite a collection of cute little tables in my house. Having so many is kinda ridiculous and impractical for my smallish house, but it's fun to move them from room to room..." Ok, so I don't have the hundreds of tables like in my dream, but I do have a growing collection that my husband and daughter let out a "not again" sigh everytime I bring one home from thrifting or yard sales or the curb.


Joanne said...

Hi tif. I love your blog! I would love to collect it. ha. I know it's cheating but I collect things that inspire me. Which means I have tons! of magazines, fabric, catalogs, items from many different cultures. - If I have to highlight one "collection" I would say my yelloware bowls and antique crocks. Have a fabulous creative day!

Sacred Gypsy said...

Oh collections....they are responsible for such joy and frustration! I collect Buddhas (among many other things)...I have 20 or so of varying sizes, some quite large. I also collect art supplies which feeds my other collection...unfinished art or creative projects. I have many, dozens probably, great ideas that get started only to be replaced, before completion, by the next great idea. In fact, I have gathered together bits and pieces of old lace and fabric, inspired by your work, to be stitched into a lovely thingy...only now I am stuck and so have moved on to the next great idea. I would welcome your sweet lovelies into my home to give me inspiration and hope that I too could one day complete a project!

Love your blog...your writing is so imaginative and wonderful!

Unknown said...

I am an avid collector of gnomes...cute ones, ugly ones, sad ones, girly ones...all gnomes. But my husband has been very happy to point out that my secret obsessive collection (that I didn’t even realize) is.....sprinkles. Cake sprinkles, all colors, all sizes, but mostly the rainbow colored tiny round ones. And I don't use them! It's like i have some diabolical cupcake making plan in the works. Embarrassing.

dottie angel said...

oh my lordy! i wake to some really wonderful confessions to start my day off on a lovely 'happy' note :)
thanking you all so kindly for making me feel so much better about my 'addictive' ways!

Tracy x said...

seemingly i am a collector of whippets... i do not know how it started or quite frankly where it will end... but i am hoping it will end by the arrival of a little daxie... whereupon i shall no doubt start a collection of them... i figure they will be a better option of hound for my golden years... or will they get caught in my zimmer frame?..
until i start my smaller hound collection i plan on starting a gathering of the finest of fine guinea pigs ... preferably those with the kind of mad hair that makes other perspective gp owners look away in horror....
t x

The Design Notebook said...

OMG, 84 comments already... well I'm addicted to scarfes and I can hardly pass one without picking it up and then sheepishly buying it. I think they are talking to me and I can't resist! I have a massive collection, probably one in every imaginable colour or pattern... so yes, I confess, I'm addicted to scarfes!

All the best,

luke and pamela said...

mine is easy to see, immediately. i collect hangy things. things that hang on the walls, things that hang from the ceiling, things to hang on the porch. they make me happy and i can't get enough. i always have room for more. so inspired by your style!

Eliza Lynn Tobin said...

I collect containers...yes, all types of containers for I know that at some point they just might serve a purpose. Sometimes I even buy a product simply because I would to have and save the container that it comes in. I am drawn to glass containers especially, little jars or mason jars, or jars with nice lids. I know it's bad, when I see my husband about to toss a coveted container into the recycling (that's probably where they belong after all), and I stop him saying something along the lines of "no! I like that container...don't throw it away!"....at which point he laughs at me for my ridiculous addiction.

Wendy said...

Ha! I didn't think I actually collected stuff... hmmm. Wool/yarn... fabric, especially vintage sheets... books, books and more books... mugs (sad, I know!)... cloth napkins and hankies... birdies of all sorts... vintage christmas ornaments... the list goes on, but these are the ones that I'm a bit out-of-control on.

I love love love the wall hanging :)

Sam said...

Dear Miss Olivex
Ok here goes...I keep and collect old toys. I have kept all my precious soft toys that I had when I was little, and from time to time whilst on ebay, I sometimes rescue more! My most treasured old soft toys live in a draw string cloth bag that sits on my bed and the others live about my house. Its funny as although they are stuffed toys...they do seem to have their own 'personalities' (I'm not mad honest!) Apart from my dear pussy cat, they are my most treasured things xx

Love Sam xx

Elissa said...

i am addicted to books, most especially vintage books, and most especially after that vintage children's books. i also have a large collection of vintage sewing patterns, even though i rarely sew clothing. and, truth be told, i am a collector of hand me downs in a rather unhealthy way. in a "oh, you don't want that anymore? see if liss will take it she always has a little idea in her head for used things." my house is abundant with hand me downs. furniture, sewing machines, picture frames, fabric, clothing, shoes, books and baskets, cupboards, toys, shelves, appliances, you name it. often a blessing, but i have trouble saying no. no room for it? that's ok. no use for it? maybe someday. already own one? well, it could break. doesn't quite fit? i could mend it. needs some sprucing up? i'll get to it someday. SIGH.

not sure if that was good for my soul. i almost feel worse. perhaps i shall win and feel better :-)

Lorene said...

I have a variety of collections, but the one that makes no sense (I now realize) and is most probably a waste of time and space, is my digital scrapbooking collection. I LOVE that I can continue to collect the images and the only space they require is a harddrive. But even that can eventually lead to storage issues as the collection grows and grows and requires yet another external hard drive. Why does the collection a waste of time? Because with all the activities in my life it is doubtful I will EVER begin digital scrapbooking. But I am hopeful. And so, I continue to collect.

dottie angel said...

dearest readers, including my inbox tray, confessions are nearly at 100! how fabby is that, to think nearly 100 of us are walking around 'unburdened' by our confessing ways.
or perhaps not, perhaps like me, you are now facing the fact that indeed you have become an obsessive collector that knows no end to their obsession and suddenly feeling rather 'overwhelmed' by your collections that until today bought you great joy... oh, what have i done!

Micayla said...

Oh no what have you done. Confessions about my hoarding habits normally are kept under tight wraps. I am a hoarder of allsorts....paper, paper flowers, stamps, vintage bedding, anything bird, doilies, fabric, books, blogs in bloglines, just about anything that is pretty. My home is full to the brim of all things nice and even though we are moving to Marseille, France next year to a tiny place and I know that my hoarding has to stop I cannot help thrifting and buying. I think I have a very lovely problem!!!
Thank you so much for such a beautiful giveaway. I love your designs/vintage pretties so very much and I think they need a home at mine. They will be loved and cared for....I promise. I even have one of your wall hangings on my wedding list.
Micayla x

Sea Angels said...

Hi Dottie... hang on while I extract myself from this metre of tatty slightly worn and used fabric, oh my goodness how did that huge pile of fabric get there?, oh hang on I just need to move that fabric from in front of the door, Oooops I just fell over another jumble of(i can't get rid of) fabric ....now where did I put my glasses are they in that bag of remnants.....addiction!! Who said that? no goodness, not at all...a small discreet collection....a few pretty pieces of vintage cotton....
Ok....... an addiction!!!
Love your pages
Lynn xxx

LissyLou said...

oh my goodness please enter me!! i love that embroidery!!

Well...my confession??

I've walked around my home and discovered a few.

Since i started blogging a year ago i have got more and more hanging hearts.
Other collections are: books, photos, dvds, candles, teatowels (far too many), pretty serviettes, ribbons and fabric of course, fairies and necklaces....oh and notebooks...there that just about covers it i think!!!!

Goodness me, i didn't realise i had so many!!


Princess and the Pea said...

My name is Kat and I am a shoe-aholic. It has been 6 hours since my last purchase.

It has only just occured to me that I have a problem, but as you suggested, I have just looked around my house and noticed that I have AT LEAST 15 pairs in each room (we have 9 rooms) there is also an ever growing pile at the bottom of the stairs. I have 40 (full) show boxes at the back of my walk in wardrobe. I have a couple of pairs in my office at work. I have 3 pairs in my car boot. A few pairs at my mums house. I have heels, flats, wedges, stilettos, sandals, flip flops, LOTS of boots (including my latest lovlies which are furry lined with toggles up the sides!), wellies, slippers - lots of slippers, trainers. Black ones, red ones, blue ones, pink ones, shiny ones, sparkly ones... oh god, I'm feeling the need to buy more, I've got myself all excited!

So, yes, I'm Kat and I am most definitely a shoe-aholic. I also collect buttons. I have some shoes with buttons on.

LRH said...

I really had to walk around and think about what I collect...also reading some of the posts to inspire things I missed helped out a lot. Definitely magazines! I love them, however I've learned to tear pages out and recycle them. Now the pages are getting organized in binders. Scrapbook stuff---mostly ribbon and pretty papers. Picture frames. Gift bags--I have so many but don't like giving them away, some are just way to pretty. Gosh, that sounded selfish. Sorry! There's probably lots more!

Cori Jessy (August and After) said...

I couldn't think of anything right away, but then I realized I have tons of prints, unframed and patiently waiting. Pieces of art that were .50¢ from the thrift store, all stained and tattered, to originals that lay wrapped up and signed by the talented artist. And books. Over 100 books that I've enjoyed from when I was little to the books I newly discover. I could share, I'm sure some people would enjoy these things more than I am right now.

But art and books? I can't get rid of any of them. Ever.

Anonymous said...

i used to collect greeting cards. i would like to start doing this again! i, however, am a collector of thrifted mugs and little containers. i realized this when my mother, who never gets me things i like, passed on a little tray that she had gotten as a white elephant gift. so yes. mugs. and containers. i'd be happy to share some pictures on my own blog later on!

Unknown said...

i have been thinking about this all day now....... my deepest darkest confessions of collections and obsessions (ooohh... that had a nice ring to it.....)......

the obvious..... pretty paper. crosses. buttons. RIBBON!!!

the not so obvious...... stars. fonts. sharpie markers. yard ornaments. and, my own "to do" lists.....home to do list, work to do list, yarn to do list, fabric, paper, embroidery, ribbon, photos to do list..... you get the idea.

and there it is, the inside of my soul for all to see.........

marzi said...

i can so relate to this. i'm a collector of MANY things. however, this past fall i had the moment you just had with your stools. i realized that my spool collection was getting quite out of control. everywhere i looked there were spools....lining shelves, filling jars, everywhere! i decided if i was going to have such an abundant collection that i should do it justice and make it the main attraction. now our front entryway looks like this: http://paisleywallpaper.blogspot.com/2009/11/thrifted-spool-display-before-after.html

everything in this project was thrifted except for the paint it took to paint the shelves. now, instead of an out of control collection, it's a work of art. (at least in my opinion!)

thanks for your amazing blog. it's my daily eye candy! keep up the great work!

dottie angel said...

marzi! how wonderful you are... i am positively beaming looking at your lovely collection shining in all their glory, thank you kindly for sharing :)

and to all my other lovely dearest readers that have come to confess today, thank you for brightening a wet day at mossy shed :)

Unknown said...

When you asked the question I immediately said, "well that's easy - I'm a bowl junkie!" I collect big bowls, tiny bowls, vintage, handmade, new, wood, ceramic, fabric. I counted 125 and was so shocked I had to count again. But you asked us to look more closely, so I enlisted my husbands help, who reminded me of the cookbooks (111), and the glass bottles which I'm not climbing up in the pantry to count. And of course there is the yarn, paints, pencils....I won't even attempt to count the regular books. Reading through the comments here I'm remembering other things like the salt and pepper shakers. I think I may have a problem! And I would love to have an original dottie angel artwork!

Drewzel said...

Alas, mine isn't even a "collection" of any excitement or one that you'd proudly display anywhere really. No, not used band-aids, but coffee mugs. In my endless search for the perfect cup of tea, I buy new mugs, old mugs, thrift store mugs, etsy mugs, ebay mugs, bookshop mugs, Starbucks mugs... they don't match, they don't impress, but they do hold hot liquid.

Betsy said...

I have seven plants in my bedroom window..which is kinda ridiculous..and I probably have fifteen cardigans now, but I still want a light pink one and a brown one..
OH! And I collect Martha Stewart Weddings magazines, even though I'm not in a relationship and marriage is not in my foreseeable future..and I have to hide them under my bed because my mom is very anti-Martha..

deb did it said...

dominoes and dice.
that's it. hundreds, jars and boxes. I think I will go photograph them tomorrow for proof!! maybe I am really addicted to polka dots? heritagehaus at yahoo dot com

Unknown said...

I collect too much. But the weirdest one when i really sat down and thought about it (thank you thinking cap) is the amount of what we call "rice bowls" We eat a lot of rice but I have over 15 rice bowls for a family of 4. Yep too many rice bowls!

Anonymous said...

I'm looking round my kitchen and thinking maybe I collect words...magnetic poetry on every metal surface..and bits of newspaper headlines pined to all the other un-metal bits.Also bears(not teddies, no no,proper wild bears to remind me of my tragic love life and inspire me to draw and sew) LOVE your wall-hanging SOOOOO much.x

A Life So Peachy said...

hiya tif, upon your prompting I went home and counted my camera collection- vintage & toy numbering at almost 20. I love them, they take up a lot of space but I do use them and they make me happy. I also spotted a number of other 'collections' that i didn't realise i had. Vintage Knitting needles- i don't knit, yet I have 25 pairs of needles in a jug? who knew! The boy came home after that so i stopped counting and looking for other bit and bobs that might consitute a collection for fear I might blurt out something about i shouldn't.
Thank you!

Maminka Girl - Loribeth Robare said...

I know that Thoreau said to simply but I never got that memo....started with dolls at 6 years old, vintage hankies, rick rack, I cut all the cancelled stamps off my mail, tablecloths, green vases, can't seem to get rid of certain magazines, plastic tabs from bread bags, pez dispensers, calendar towels, vintage suitcases. Now I realize that I really do need help.

Love your give away and really enjoy your blog!

emilyann said...

LOVE this little giveaway collection! What do I collect? Cakestands (15?)
Vintage Fisher Price Toys (lots) Vintage children's books (100's)
Fabric (yards o'yards)
Vintage Traincases (5)
Vintage Blue Mason Jars (20)
Cowboy boots: red, brown, navy, turquoise
And have a dozen more items I'd love to collect if I had the room!

Violette Crumble said...

I used to collect 40's rayon dresses, and expensive shoes. Now my closet is filled with these things and I tromp around in sweats and flip flops all day. Bad. My other main collections include fabric, vintage linens and trims and sewing patterns, craft books, and handmade egg items. Seriously.

DianeY said...

I cannot count high enough to tell you how many buttons I have-but they are my obsession! Did you know there is a National Button Society - but most of mine are of the "unvaluable" sort - I love them just the same!

xxx said...

I spent all day thinking about this and even questioned my husband. I have never considered myself a collector of sorts but I have come to realize that I am a collector of words. I love them. I cannot function without them. If they are there, I read them. If they are not there, I feel as if I cannot breathe. Okay, that last part was a bit melodramatic. :) But seriously, I love words.

My husband also pointed out that I like to collect hobbies. He compared me to the main girl character in "the Brothers Bloom." She collected hobbies, except I tend to hoard them and just keep adding them to my collection of things I like to do. Last year I learned to make sandwich bread, which lead to challah, which lead to tortillas and pitas, which lead to crackers and now brioche...oh goodness, is that a collection? Can one collect bread? I am still hunting down a pasta machine so I can tackle homemade pasta...

Kem said...

Somehow someway I am addictive to collecting children. I know how creepy that sounds but one day I woke up to find that I was about to have five, I had never planned on five only three but somehow two found their way to our home. So anyday now we will have our fifth and sadly I am not so addictive to collecting names and have no idea how to find that fifth one.

I don't know if this counts for the giveaway so if it doesn't I also love frames and have boxes full that I didn't even know I had until all that nesting energy sent me to my storage room where I found my poor frames laying forgotten.

Renee said...

Oh wow you have some reading to do with all these comments!!!

I've had my thinking cap on the last couple of days trying to work out what "hidden" collection I have. But it wasn't until this morning when I bought a beautiful hand crocheted wool blanket from the op shop that I discovered my blanket collection. I think I have a bit of a thing for blankets, particularly wool blankets. You see we have 31 blankets for a family of four! This includes 3 acrylic blankets, 3 cotton blankets, 3 mixed fibres blankets and 22 wool blankets all ranging from cot sized up to queen sized! Some blankets have been inherited, some hand knitted and crocheted by my mum, one even knitted by me (still with unfinished edges), some from the op shop, a couple bought new and a few received as gifts. Now that I've counted them I can't believe there are that many! No wonder our linen cupboard is overflowing, but I think there will always be room for more!

Thanks for a great giveaway. Your work is gorgeous!

jo_annie said...

just realized I am addicted to buying craft books of any kind...knitting, kids, crochet, paper, sewing, japanese...etc. I have about 40+ and it's still growing!

Poppy Q said...

Oh how exciting Tif. I collect wooden letterpress letters, which have somehow grown from 8 to about 50 this year. My main collection is vintage CDVs and ambrotypes/daguerreotypes. Ohhhh and Aunty Cookie originals and cute embroidered sweeties from you.

Just about all ETSY purchases too.

Julie Q

vanyasart said...

When I put my thinking hat on I realised that i have a lot of collections too.Like my daughters school papers and art,my paintings and sketchbooks,vintage pictures,vintage cards,art suplies,tea cups,yarn,pretty scrapbook papers,scraps from old magazines,old magazines...Shall I go on?Because it will take a while.
Ah,and the latest one is blogs.Look at the reding lists of my two blogs.And i have some more bookmarked.

Soft Atmosphere said...

lovely !!!

Stace and Joey said...

There are many obvious collections in my home.
Children (5)LOL, vintage thread, corks, milkglass, crafting items of all sorts (jewelry, crochet/knitting, yarn, scrapbook items, the list goes on), mugs, roosters. But when I looked really hard I realized my sudden shock and delight at this one! Frames! Black frames to be precise. 11 in my bedroom, 9 in the downstairs bath, 64 in the livingroom, 16 in the hallway, and 9 in #1's room. (I only have 11 other frames in the house) So 109 black frames in my home.
Oh my! I am not sure whether to be proud or a bit scared!

GerryART said...

You got me thinging.
What do I collect?
I know I have many, many things. But, what do I collect.?
Took your suggestion and began to take a look around.
I took
an over-all-galnce.
Nope, nothing really jumped out at me.
Then I began
a systematic look around.
Scanned the tabletops, countertops and shelves.
Looked in drawers, cupboards, boxes.
Again, Nothing.
Looked up to tops of china cabinet, gun cabinet, cupboards.
Certainly Nothing there.
Then I looked low.
Hurray ! ! ! Yipee ! ! ! !
Tif was right -
We ALL collect.
There, right there down low, as low as a perdon can look
I finally found,
I collect Dust Bunnies ! ! ! !

Thanks, Tif,
I Am A Collector

Hugs from the Queen of Dust Bunnies,

mrs mediocrity said...

Yikes! Scary to actually take inventory...mercury glass (obvious since it is all on one dresser). Crows, scattered everywhere around my house. In my family, all you have to do is mention that you like something and you will be showered with gifts featuring that item forever after....
My secret stash: Yarn! Rubber stamps. And lately, lovely scrapbook paper... strange because I don't scrap.
But so pretty...
Better stop there. Love your blog!

Liisa said...

I can't resist 50s and 60s West German pottery. This far I have resisted byuing it off 'real' collectors and satisfied myself with charity shop finds. But still, how many vases and jugs can you have? I often walk past an office where they use the most gorgeous West German tall vase as an umbrella stand - one day I'll go and rescue it!
One of my kitchen cupboards is full of vintage tea cups - I love them but they rarely get used. One day I'll have a garden where I can have amazing tea parties! Nowadays new cup finds are hidden from my partner - he doesn't understand why I buy things I hardly ever use. Isn't it enough that they are pretty!

dottie angel said...

well done indeedy! i'm beginning to think confessing is good for the soul, although i've now spent two days noting all the things i appear to be collecting but have been in denial until now and it's really rather 'eye opening' :)

Loriann Macko said...

Hi Tiff! am typing this at work…coming down with a cold and feeling rather crappity-crap today (by the way I simply love that expression, I actually used it out loud the other day to some disapproving looks), and your blog is usually what keeps me going through days like this…anyhoo, as for collections there are three I must confess to – #1 is salt and pepper shakers…simply love them – I think I have 10 pairs of them, actually use them in my art work! Am always on the hunt for more. #2 is shoes, which my 4-year-old daughter is now following in my footsteps…hubby complains often “do you really use all these??!!””… and #3 is wooden frames, which are EVERYWHERE in our house, basement, etc which I collect to later paint, but havent seemed to get around to doing so, sigh...

Such a lovely blog you have - would love to own your giveaways and give them a sweet home...

Minnado said...

I collect old envelopes with the printed insides for collage - I realised it was a collection when I found myself making a speical folder to keep them in. I also collect bowls - mainly pottery and mugs - Dartington and Raku especially. This was started by my mum who kept giving them to me as gifts
Also on emptying all my pockets it would seem I collect small lego figures and bricks.

Ange said...

Oh Tif, I just wrote a long comment about my white embroidered sheet addictioN; so long that the champagne has had time to freeze outside in the snow. YOu see, I am at 1700m altitude in the Southern French Alps with a very dodgy internet connection that obviously took offence at the length of my comment which it REFUSED to acknowledge. I sooo want to tell you the whole 'shamefull' story but will have to cut it short. After finding a recent stash in the garage, latest count was 40...
Hmm while the internet connection is deciding, I can even nosey around this old farm and see just what collections my mother in law has too ;)

Scented Sweetpeas said...

Tif what a fab idea to make everyone feel better about their collecting, compulsive ways :-) I had to ponder on this for a day and have finally found what I collect, not sure why it didn't dawn on me earlier considering I nearly trip over one of them every few minutes! I collect pets - we have a puppy, a dog, a cat, fish, hens, cockerels, african greys and the list gets bigger. I also love anything with birds on it or flowers, very art nouveau. What a fab competition :-)

dottie angel said...

oh ange! how positively terribly terrible for you... it's bad enough having the realization of your addiction, then writing it all out and then to have it whipped off into cyber space without a 'bye or leave' is rather soul destroying. often this happens to me and then i get the same old comment from my man "well why don't you write it in a word document first"... oh pleaseeeee, don't talk to me right now!
i feel for you ange, i really do :)

loriann, delighted that 'crappity crap' is most useful for you. i find it to be most perfectly fitting for many times throughout the day and it always makes me smile :)

Amy said...

Tif, you are so lovely in every way...My weakness is nesting dolls. Over 50. It's really kind of silly, but I do love them so...


dottie angel said...

oh amy! now i think of it, i wish to have your weakness and your collection... nothing silly about your addictive ways my dear, pure sanity if you ask me :)

Danae said...

Oh silly I am but.... my weakness is bags. No, not handbags or beautifully crafted bags or even pretty vintage bags.... but pretty carrier bags from nice stores. You know the nice paper ones, where I always think 'oh it's so pretty, I can reuse that, I'll just pop inside this other one that is so pretty I displayed it on top of my wardrobe....'

I have now come to terms with the face that I am collecting them, NOT reusing them. Still, better than landfil, right? And I have to buy wool and shoes sometimes! :D

Micheline said...

Oh, to have a nice tidy collection sitting on a shelf or a mantle. Sadly, mine wouldn't fit. After having a good look around and having put up with my "little" collection for years, I'll admit to collecting paper. All kinds of paper. It's everywhere and I can't escape. Just taking pictures of it all was somewhat overwhelming.

Hope your mouth is feeling better.

Unknown said...

Love the red clogs, thinking David Bowie's "put on your red shoes and dance the blues" Vintage/2nd hand, be it yarn, books, buttons, fabric, hand embroidered pieces, handbags,ALL. I love to thrift! My love has forbidden me to bring anything else in the house until I clear some stuff out(I also sell) but I do more collecting than selling, coming from a long line of packrats. Over run in buttons,fabric, etc. Need more production, less collecting. But oh what a thrill! When are you going to be posting more clothing in your shop?

dottie angel said...

that's a very good question sally, and one that i wish i could answer but of yet i do not know... i took a little time off from dottie angel slips and now it appears they are still not calling my name. however i will be doing them at my dottie angel workshop retreat in september :)

mixette said...

Oh, my obsession is immediately obvious the minute anyone opens my front door and walks into my house: vintage dishes! I have literally wallpapered my dining room walls with plates. And for those that do not hang upon a wall, I have converted what *used* to be the dining room into a walk-in pantry and (mostly)dish storage room. I'm not into "sets" at all and almost nothing thrills me more than finding an orphan whose pattern I have never seen before!

Megan @ Megity's Handmade said...

Dear Tif, So I thought and I thought and then I thunk so more about my addicitive collecting. And I thought of so many things - fabric, buttons, seam binding, ribbons, fringe, scrapbooking supplies, crafting supplies etc. But that is obvious. So thought and thunk so more and the shocking realization slapped in the face when I realized my addiction. You see, I am a collector of unfinished projects. Sitting in my front room, I see pillows not done, dresser and bookshelf not painted, pictures not hung and coffee table not figured out. Then my eye wanders to the kitchen were the last little snippet of walls are still not painted and well, it all flooded from there. Project after project in each and every room and that was just within the walls of my home. Let's not think past this shall we.
Thank you for your giveaway. It's very lovely as I think that you are.

rita s said...

wow! what a giveaway. My thrift secret is shelves and shelves of vintage fabric - tea towels, pillowcases, flat sheets, fitted sheets, blankets...the list goes on. I once convinced myself I would sew dresses for my daughter but that is not working. Then I thought I would make pillows. But as soon as I get the nerve to pick up the scissors and cut...I cannot do it since they all look so pretty. Yet when I see another one in the thrift stores, I just have to take it home.

I guess that is why I love your blog and site so much...all that vintage fabric is eye candy for me. This giveaway is driving me crazy. Love that fabric ;)

Thanks for this chance to confess and not be judged.

. said...

Men and tins of condensed milk...but then I am a woman with a voracious appetite. x

mommarocks said...

I want this!!! Let's see, I have a star collection. and a camera collection. and a yarn collection. and a pillow collection. and I used to have a cookbook collection, but I sold them all at my garage sale. I'm so proud of myself. I have a paper collection. and a pen collection. For a while, I had a rug collection. That was probably most similar to your stool collection. One day, I realized aha, rugs - everywhere. Rugs are good when you have wood floors, but when you have so many rugs you don't know where to put them, well then you know you have an addiction. Anyway, as you can tell, I have quite a collection of anything addiction. I hope I win!!!!!!

misschris said...

Evidently I collect vintage lamos and bed linens and milk glass. A lot of it. Tons and tons of vintage sheets -- 60? 70? And buttons. And... well, the milk glass.

But the lamps. Oh my. Hubs doesn't even comment anymore. He knows they are something I am drawn to like moth to a flame. Or my unretrieving retriever to popcorn.

Also, miracle creams. There are 9 under my sink and not a miracle in sight.

Carol Anne said...

Well it's not new to me but I have quite a bit of yarn. Mostly vintage yarn found at garage sales and auctions. And people just give me bags of yarn now! I have no idea how much I have now! I have gone through a lot of it but I still have more than I probably need. And yet when I got to the store and see all the pretty yarn on their shelves I still have to buy at least one more! This is a very lovely giveaway by the way! I would love to have the wall hanging and that sweet little bird adorn my home! I can only hope!!

Amy said...

So, the first thing that came to mind was fabric, but then I thought, I have waaaayyyyy too much to count all of it. So I narrowed it down to my vintage linen collection. Umm yeah, that was still alot to count and when I told my husband he gave me a look like are you crazy?
So I will confess to having about 125 different vintage linens, and I love all of them!
Should I also confess that I have a vintage suitcase or two full of vintage lace? I can never pass up either of those things!
Thank you for the fun contest! And as always I am always entertained and inspired by you!

Kate said...

miss dottie,
i am in love with markers. all sorts, all colors! i also adore headbands and want to expand that collection! :)

dottie angel said...

how fabulous, everytime i come to read what you have to say, i feel so much better about myself and my 'closet addictions'... just this afternoon i noted another collection within the shed. tea trays! why? i have no idea but i am now attracted to them and they keep talking to me at the thrift store... i tell the to stop but they can't help themselves :)

~ Junkyard Jennifer said...

Milk glass.

I knew I loved it. I knew I had a lot. But when you just made me start counting, I was quite surprised at what I found! I stopped counting at 80 pieces. I knew if I looked there would be more. Decorative pieces, cups, bowls, plates, vases, you name it, I've got it. I can't pass it up. Ever. :)

And, don't get me started on Blue Ball Mason jars! I have quite a number of those lying around as well. And, I'm sure if I looked good, I'd find plenty of other 'hidden' (or not so hidden) collecting addictions around here!

~ Jennifer

Laurie G. said...

vintage stitchery kits (sbout 20 and that's AFTER the purge); little books, especially vintage '70s Hallmark and Joan Walsh Anglund ones (about 30, again AFTER the purge); mattel Kelly dolls, especially the ones in halloween costumes (about 50); chairs; art, jewelry and home goods with circle motifs; of course, fabrics and buttons; and many many stuffed pokemon and webkinz (supposedly for the kids but...).

Blossomnbird said...


Fluffy ones and puffy ones;
ones that have been transformed via some crafty technique into something ever so special by someone ever so special...
179 to count yet I can't leave them at the thrift stores even though I have way too many for clothes that are to be hung.Just thinking about them now makes me anxious that there are some out there waiting for me to bring them home...
I like to imagine the first clever crafty lady that decided she should adorn her coathanger...what brilliance...thankyou to her...For I love them

Contessa Kris said...

Ohhh, you're digging for all the good dirt, aren't you?! lol

I used to collect many things but have narrowed it down in the last few years. If we're talking art stuff, I collect ribbon and lace. Last loose count I had over 600 different types.
If we're talking things I pile away and never use but pet once in awhile, that would be aprons, (about 37 of them) vintage tea towels and hankies/dresser scarves (close to 100).
If we're talking things i actually use, I collect little Japanese cups and silverware with 'Japan' on it that has the older geometric/sometimes art deco designs on it. The cups look like this: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_QOAtmd8urnI/SvAi8WVZA2I/AAAAAAAABaI/XDOfyeWVUqI/s400/Japanese+Cups.jpg (not my blog), and wish for more cups like these: http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1005/746932323_814b4c1524.jpg (again, not my pictures.)

Thanks for pullin' out the confessions. Fun to read everyone's responses.

Anonymous said...


Got to be chairs, I just love chairs. Some are purchased to pass on to new homes once I have given them some love and attention, some I will forever keep.

My boyfriend often tells people we have a house full of chairs but nowhere to sit!

Vickie x

quiltygal said...

umm are 11 sewing machines considered a collection?? then there is the lace & the material ric rac teddies etc etc etc & no I dont have a problem cos I can still move in my house...

Alabinbonban said...

I've been holding tickets of all purchases I've made over the past 12 years. It's crazy and a waste of time and space, but I can not help. Some of them already and can not be read, and do not even have ink. I have never used them for anything. Sometimes I like to think that any of them can serve as an alibi in case someone accuses me of murder or something.

Is this surreal enough?

Jill said...

Casually looking around...pretending there are no collecting issues here....hmmm...vintage fabric, pyrex bowls, apparently picnic baskets in which to keep the vintage fabric, vintage lace, doiles, table scarves...oh and several small children (not true collectibles but mostly just for squishing)♥.

Country Bliss said...

Goodness where to start, I have far too many collections anything vintage with roses on, embroidered linen, teasets, jugs, coffee pots, books, buttons, fabric, wool & shiny brooches, I could go on!
Yvonne x

Dawn Gahan said...

Most of my collections (vintage all of them): plates and saucers, pillowcases, quilts and granny square afghans, tole, floral tins . . . lordy, I think I'll stop here. I admit to all of these passionate collections.

But to address your giveaway question, I took a serious look around my home, garage and yard, and came up with a surprise of my own . . . I seem to collect those plastic plant and flower tags that are stuck in the containers when you buy them. I seem to have saved every one of them. What the heck?!?!?!? This almost seems hoardish vs. a sweet and lovely collection. Guilty as charged.

And a wonderful giveaway it is! I'd be honored to win one of your originals.

The Gahan Girls

Fleur de Boheme said...

I am - have always been - addicted to vintage fabric.... impossible to count it, but several cupboards, drawers, shelves in my studio STUFFED with vintage fabric... not to mention the baskets/ bags filled with it standing around everywhere....

And I´m afraid that I´m even addicted to collect vintage tins.... I have about 50 I think....

So that´s my confessions!

andrea said...

I am such a pack rat/hoarder type naturally that i don't collect just any one thing- but i do have a nice collection of chocolate tins from Italy that I collect every time we go :)
And buttons-lots of vintage buttons

Tonya said...

I love it!

Molly said...

I never ever used to like anything with chickens on it, I even loathed the Vera Bradley chicken purses at one point. When I got married I put a chicken on wheels utnesil holder on our registery for fun to see if anyone would buy it and yes someone bought it. She is now proudly displayed on my kitchen counter along with my chicken salt&pepper shakers, vintage iron chicken wall hangings and my chicken vintage plates. I now have to look for anything chicken when I go anywhere. I even have my own flock of 15 chickens in my back yard, ha ha! Six years ago if you would have asked me if I like chickens I would have proudly said no but I married a farmer and now I am in love them even my little Cru Ella that lays me little brown eggs. Happy weekend!
~Molly P

eilandkind/islandchild said...

I LOVE your style and your little mossy shed!
I'm suddenly collecting lace, lace, lace - on tablecloths, on curtains, just random pieces of cloth, it's basically everywhere in my lie.
I collected 12 pieces just in the last few weeks.

cindy said...

COnfession time... I seem to be collecting floral framed prints. Either painted, printed or embroidered. I am not sure when it started but having sat in my room and looked around I have amassed at least a dozen thus far and I actually would love a dozen more. They have been the cheapest collection for me. I have snagged some at 12 cents to the most expensive at $5 dollars. Not bad if you think about it.

gypsysticks said...

ok, so I've taken inventory of my little abode and there's no doubt nor mistaking that my happy little addiction is yarn. Soft, lovely, warm ,comforting yarn. Wool, alpaca, cotton, silk, linen, mohair, angora -- I love it all and freely admit it.
Now, the hard part is admitting that I have 62 skeins of yarn in my fendish possession. That's 62 FULL skeins of yarn! I probably shouldn't mention that I also have a whole basket full of partially used bits leftover from finished projects. Plus I have 3 works in progress on the needles right now -- 2 scarves and a pair of socks. So, although I'm sure I'm not worthy to be the proud owner of lovely dottieangel delights (and I DO love that little bird), I'm grateful to be the beneficiary of the joy of reading your eloquent prose and being charmed by your home and creations. (Plus, I enjoy hearing about little olive's misadventures). Thank you for sharing a little of your sunshine with us all.
Blessings and happiness,

Digital Misfit said...

Hmmm...it would seem that I have amassed quite the collection of vintage seam binding ribbon, an eclectic art collection that includes quite a few trees, and - oddly - people/animals with birds on their head.
This room is a treasure trove for crazy people. A fabulous 6 foot tall mannequin named Lola stands beside me, wearing a Harvard tshirt and a measuring tape. A banner of small artworks are clipped up across the ceiling. Behind me, a vintage tin Holly Hobbie sink acts as an end table beside an overstuffed yellow chair.
I guess, in the end, this means I just collect "crazy".


Annie said...

Oh my - I love to collect. I collect all kinds of fabric, world globes (3), vintage fans (4), hands - this sounds weird, but I have 2 different sculpted hands with the number 5 on the wall for the count of fingers, vintage eye charts, anything old - I adore it and add it to my stash...oh and old metal tool boxes - I have at least 3 I can think of, but probably more!

* said...

i have more wooden boxes than there are stars in the sky.
i also have a gigantic basket collection, more footstools than chairs, & enamelware out the wazoo.

Bobishi said...

I confess.... i have collected pretty birdcages for 3 years. They fill my house. I can't escape them... it started with my engagement party... I bought three... but now people are noticing and birthdays, chirstmas, whatever, there is always a birdcage something for me... and to tell you the truth real birds freak me out a little, so pointy in the beak region...
now the birdcages have taken over my life.... but they are so pretty...

dottie angel said...

oh my wordy dearest readers, with my inbox included we are close to 200 confessions!! that is some confessing on your behalf, well done indeedy :)

Charis said...

I'm quite sure that the giveaway deadline has passed but I just wanted to join in anyway... I collect fabric & books.... & Buddhas which I didn't realise until I moved house & my boyfriend pointed it out. I'm not buddhist, I'm just obssessed!
And blogs. I read about 75 regularly & the list keeps on growing!

Anonymous said...

oh my. really? count my collections and then you want me to admit the totals out loud. Okay! Fine!

My name is Kelley and I have an addiction to the following: vintage wooden shoes(think Holland)but really souvenir de france, especially if they are painted with the french flag and have writing. The smaller the better and singles are sought over pairs. I have over 20.
then there is the Virgin Mary collection...plaster of paris, plastic, miraculous medals, lithographs. Again I love the singles and have been know to covet the virgin marys in nativitiy scenes. bad, bad, bad.
Okay, then there is the bird collection. Buttons, pins, tiny ceramic birds, early 1900's plates with birds on them. the chirp-ier, i mean, the chippier the better.
We move on from there to butter pats, bone dishes, ironstone pitchers, single salt and pepper shakers, French postcards. Really anything French, esp. Eiffel Towers. Vintage linens, shabby needlepoints, cottage paintings, honey pots...violets

whew. i need a break.
paris123 at comcast dot net

Still Lily said...

oh my, so upon a serious looking at my collecting ways, i have come to the simple admission that russian nesting dolls seem to be my thang...or as those in russia say the matryoshka...however, i have to say that this came upon me in a most silent and peculiar way..some lovely nesters appeared on my hillside (i have pics if you would like) one day not long ago, and as quickly as the sun rose the next day, we found offspring and wee ones all around, little mini me's of their lovely mum's...so we took them in, gave them a shelf, sunlight, love and attention and they seem to be quite content here, although every once in a while we wake to find one lovely tipped over on her side...but otherwise, no complaints of any sort...so here i sit, admitting to all (men and their dogs), the confession of 2010...so here are the numbers:
they showed up as a party of 6...and as it would be, are now dupicated (like wee rabbits) to 24...so many wee wooden tummies to fill.
But we are holding to the task and everyone is quite happy.
thank you for the giveaway, i will have fun posting these pics to my blog.
still lily

jen said...

I think that I might be too late with my confession but I will try anyhow.
I have a thing for coloured glass, I have shelves of vintage coloured glass from the 50's, about 10 large munrano glass vases/bowls. Lots of shot glasses and sherry glasses in yummy colours. Plus lots of vintage serving dishes, and a strange collection of tea pots, for a while there everyone kept buying me teapots, and I am mainly a coffee drinker.
Lots of books, I have culled down to 3 large bookcases, there must be close to 500.
A rather large collection of paper, scrapbooking paper and all the embellishements that go with it, way to many rubber stamps and clear stamps, a whole room full of it.
Thanks for all the wonderful time reading your blog.

gold fawn said...

*handmade, vintage/antique ruffly "clown collars", I have 26 of these...
*vintage silk kimonos: 5
*1920's silk slips: 11
*victorian shirts/tops: about 30, I think
*orange lustre ware: 11 pieces
*jadite: 7 pieces
there is somuch more and yet less than ever as I have really weeded down my collections. it used to be bad. borderline hoarder...

susan said so said...

oh my - broken clocks: 14 of them so far. and i love them all!


Clare said...

Oh no oh no oh no it is now the 27th!! but I'm in Italy so maybe it is still the 26th where you are. I am crossing my fingers madly because I would do absolutely anything to get my hands on that bit of handmade beauty.

Looking around my room I realise I am a collector of bits of paper! I suppose most people are but really I can't see anything under the piles of notes and lists. The other thing I seem to have a lot of is picture frames. I had to throw out lots of my clothes to be able to fit everything in my suitcase for Italy, but I still somehow managed to bring along 7 different ornate picture frames and I still feel like I need more!

paperbird said...

Pretty lace bits, sweet bisque babies, pretty hats, I have too many collections my hubby always tells me that!!!!!
What a lovely giveaway.