Tuesday, February 16

a little research...

if i was stopped in the street by a market researcher,
asking me if i had a few minutes to answer some questions on crafting.
i would say
"why yes i do"
she would then continue
"are you a crafter, madam ?"
i would reply
"why yes i am"
and then she would ask
"what is your one true love used within your crafting endeavours?"
and i would answer with no hesitation,
no need to pause
ponder my response,
for i know in my crafting heart of hearts, that i would not be able to continue down the righteous and goodly crafting path i have chosen in my life without a certain something that gets my 'cogs a turning'...
yes, i love my yarn,
yes, i love my lace
yes, i still continue to love my doilies,
all of which have a part to play

but what i love more than all of the above is
secondhand linens

covered in flowers

bright, sludgy, oversized, little, pretty, quirky, odd, ugly

i'll take them any way they come.

be it a pillowcase, a bed sheet, a tablecloth, a napkin, a runner or a curtain,

each and every one of them,
upon discovery,
whisper sweetly to me,
get my juices flowing,
'turn on' my crafty self
set me out on a love affair until i have used up every last scrap...

after which i morn our lost love.
but it's never for long,
as there is always 'another love' waiting upon the shelves of despair,
ready to take a spin with me and Miss Ethel, thus resulting in the beginnings of a new love affair.

she is keeping her energy levels up with her five pack of cadbury's chocolate flakes ~ Tif


Anonymous said...

I can appreciate that particular love affair. No other material sparks the little voice that tells me what to make like linens! Your cushions are just lovely, such beautiful colours and combinations!xx

vanessa said...

dearest dottie,

i see something familiar in your 6th photo down... that background fabric of orange-yellow flowers and tiny green buds... those sheets covered my parents bed when i was young and seeing them reminds me of so many rainy, lazy Sundays watching movies in bed with my mom. smile! i love those secondhand linens too!

What lovely creations! Thanks so much for sharing your finds. v

Anonymous said...

Such lovely linens....

Ticking stripes said...

just loving the colour combinations you put together - always inspired.

barbara said...

Such great photos of beautiful linens, we can almost reach out and touch them ,Thank you Tif

emma said...

yes, it's vintage linens for me too. I love the way that they are pre-aged, pre-softened and the patterns are so sweet. Why don't they make linens like that anymore? Well, maybe they do, but I never look at new stuff. Gorgeous pillow by the way, and I love that little leafy print in the top right hand corner of the second last shot...great colours.

melanie said...

Your linens are gorgeous! xxx

BananaSaurusRex said...

I feel your pain, and your joy, and your pain, and your delight..... and so on and so on and so....

mamas collection said...

Oh yes! Amen and Amen to The Ode to the Wonders of Pre Used Fabric!!
Don't you wish they could whisper their secrets?

A Bun Can Dance said...

I totally agree with you - fabric, fabric and more fabric - every time!!!
And maybe one day I'll dare to cut it up and use it ;-)
Happy days to you, Tif
Denise x

Val said...

I'm very happy to find your amazing blog and to follow your adventures!Sometimes in french market I see that kind of cloth that you show us and I think "dottie angel would be happy to get them!"


Floss said...

Delicious linens there, tif!

willywagtail said...

I know the feeling o so well. My ex tried to rid me of this love but it is still there. You do such beautiful things with your yummies. Cherrie

BarefootBride said...

Your cushions are so lovely! I am so envious that I can't find fabrics like that to make my own. Well done.

beachvintage.com said...

What a beautiful post, I love that last cushion. Simply beautiful.

~ Junkyard Jennifer said...

This post really speaks to me. I'm obsessed with old linens (why I love your work so much!). I hoarde boxes and boxes of them and always tell myself that I'll do something with them 'someday'. They're so pretty and quirky and as you said, sometimes 'ugly' and that's what makes them so cool.

They're my favorite treasures when I'm out junking or thrifting.

~ Jennifer

sarita said...

Oh my gosh, do you ever watch Steven Colbert on Comedy Central? My husband is a fan. On tonites episode, Steven was wearing....are you ready for it? CLOGS!! They looked like real Dutch wooden ones. Maybe if you visit comedycentral.com you can see it?

Tonia said...

There really is nothing better than a rummage through the weird and wonderful world of vintage fabrics - I'm having to ration my visits to the charity shop oppposite my work where they keep turning up!

Mousy Brown said...

Oh I agree whole heartedly - I love every piece of vintage fabric I own (and my husband would tell you that that is way more than any one person needs!) It makes me happy just to see it and even happier to be playing with it with my machine. Thank you so much for the wonderful photos - that is my second best love (tinged with fabric jealousy) admiring other peoples lovely fabric! :D

mrs mediocrity said...

So pretty! Vintage linens are the best, I am always drawn to them in shops, but you have found a way to make them shine!

Anonymous said...

what about old buttons? would
love to see the entire creations in the photos
but the closeups of the linen
collages are lovely

Charis said...

Fabric heaven.... My answer would be the same!

Bubby Makes Three said...

Your things are just so very beautiful!! Wishing I could sew just a tiny bit better than what I can... you are an inspiration!