Thursday, February 4

a little bit of CLOTH...

if you recall twenty ten is all about risk taking

(do not worry if you do not recall such details, the fact that you are even here today reading my ramblings qualifies you for a gold sticky star, so go ahead and place it where you will and i shall continue)

and so before January bid us 'adieu' i took yet another groundbreaking risque endeavor to add to my growing list of other groundbreaking risque endeavors, that for the life of me i cannot recall.
i know i did them, i just can't remember what they were.
i fear this sort of forgetful behavior could see me stripped of my gold star.

my latest risque behavior has been to write a tutorial
on a recycled curtain
for a magazine

(i've paused a little here for you to recover, whilst you are doing so i shall adjust my little gold sticky star from my forehead to my knee, demoting my ranks amongst the 'gold sticky star' wearers due to my lack of memory recalling skills)

and so it would appear dearest readers that indeed i am not the only one seeing twenty ten as a year of risk taking.
for a magazine to ask of me a tutorial, they surely are taking a few risks of their own.

my little but 'oh so rambly' tutorial now resides in the laps of Cloth.

a rather lovely fresh faced UK magazine that aims to encourage folks across the land to arm themselves with a few basic skills in sewing and then see where it takes them.
i'm all for that... after all, i do believe with just a few simple 'know hows' and some words of encouragement we are all capable of greatness within the crafty realm of things

(i have no idea what i've just said, i fear being demoted in the gold sticky star wearing has caused my little brain to slow down, and drift without direction)

so i am going to be terribly bold and suggest you take a look at a copy,
i'm not sure how available it is outside of the UK just as i'm not sure about a lot of things that go on outside of Mossy Shed,
but i am quite sure if you track down a copy,
you will like the paper it is printed on
(because i know i did)
you will like the young modern feel it has
(because i know i did)
you will like the 'filled to the rafters' info it contains
(because i know i did)
you will like the size of it
(because i know i did)

in short dearest readers, and once again boldly going where i have never gone before
(as in having an opinion on something)
i think Cloth has potential to become a regular sight upon the sewing, crafting shelves of our local bookstore or newsagent.
and as we all know, don't we dearest readers,
'potential' is all one can ever ask for when it comes to 'taking a risk'

(once again i fear i have lost the plot, drifted from comprehensible to non, so that in turn, makes me know, it's just another ordinary ramble for moi. and yes, my gold sticky star is now on my big toe, the lowest of the low in the ranks of 'gold sticky star' wearers)

she is busy with origami paper and a thrifty find, whilst thanking you all most kindly for your 'melancholy' words of support ~ Tif
footynote: and now i'm thinking you may perhaps wish to know the issue my little rambly tutorial will appear in, i believe it is going to be the spring issue, prehaps i may be so bold as to tell you when it's upon the shelves... yes that's what i'll do :)
it would appear my little shiny place does not wish to link to Cloth magazine, never in all my born days of blogging has such a 'to do' happened to me.
the first time i put myself out there, bold as can be, talking about a magazine and ha! the link doesn't like me, doesn't matter how, or which way i do it, i can't get it to work for me,
perhaps it's working for you,
(oh please say it is!)
but just incase you too are having 'link issues'
here's Cloth's address
i think i need to go and talk to my chickens now...
my gold sticky star has fallen off my big toe and been eaten by little olive
i think that about sums things up for today :)


Debbie Mumu said...

Your link unkindly suggests I'm 'not acceptable'. Then I replaced the http: with www. and found I had been accepted into the folds of clothe.

dottie angel said...

it doesn't matter which way i do the link, take it away, add it in, it just ain't wanting me to link.
i'm going to give it one last try and then go and 'pretend' it isn't happening!

andrea creates said...

How neat- I have another magazine to love now? :)

michelle said...

I just found your blog and etsy shop and have been gobbling up all the pretties (every apron is a revelation) and looking at my stash of vintage fabrics in a whole new way. Thanks for the inspiration! I can't wait to make some "dottie angel" inspired goodies!

Sam said...

Well, you must have fixed it, because all the links are working for me, so I'll give you a new gold star :-)

Congratulations on getting your tutorial in print.

That magazine looks most interesting - not sure how I have not come across it as yet. I'm going to go and have words with my local newsagent.

Caterina Giglio said...

its ok about the linky. I love gold stars and I will wear mine on my forehead today as well! thanks for my star and i shall look it up! congrats to you sweet Tif!

PixieBelle said...

Hmmm, I also had the unacceptable response but then I highlighted the same adress, hit enter and voila! There it was. I shall now see whether I can get hold of it here in the land of cheese.

Floss said...

I cut and pasted your link into my top bar thingy and it worked that way, Tif.

Anyway, congratulations, and the magazine looks great, and I see it's related to clothkits, my MIL's '70s favourite! Brilliant!

Tonia said...

This looks like the loveliest of magazines but will it not break the oath of no-new-buying if I purchase it?
Which I may have already broken but couldn't find 2nd hand glasses suitable for my particular blindness anywhere!

Lola Nova said...

I am replacing your words of
HAZAH! (I claim it is a word, so there is no use in arguing)

and I am thinking I should like to wear your "closed on sundays" 'round my head.


Carol said...

Hi Tif, I just googled "Cloth Magazine" and off I went. Issue No. 2, the Vintage Special, looks very interesting. I'm in Uk and hadn't heard of this magazine so thank you for the introduction!
I imagine your tutorial wil be unlike any other!
Love your blog, you have such a way with words and the ability to bring lots of smiles (except when you lost your groove, but don't worry blighty will take great care of your lovely #1)

Carol xx

Tara said...

That's wonderful news! I will hopefully be able to see it online, as I'm in the States.

PS - I love the way you write!


Thea said...

It's strange but the links don't directly work but then when you highlight the address (after it appears at the top of your screen) and press enter... it seems to work every time. Congrats on being in Cloth.

Kate Kelleher said...

Congratulations Tif! I'm on my way to the news agent...I am going to wear my apron you made me, to see if anyone notices. As little Olive regurgitates on a regular basis, I think you should polish off that gold star and stick it way up high on your halo! x

Sarah - Red Gingham said...

Well how very annoying for you! Still I'm sure we will all manage to find it in the end, if we wish to. That's very exciting news for you Tif and jolly well done!! Now I'm itching to know what it is you've suggested your readers make. But I do like that top photo with the very pretty floral embroidery. I'll have to gander around my bookstore and see if I can see the mag in question.

silverpebble said...

Tif, this magazine will do for me and Ms Joan what Delia did for me and Mr Pan(not his real name). I am giddy that there is a tiny tutorial to teach me how to thread a needle - this is what I need as a beginner with earnest thrifty makey aspirations. I aim to subscribe immediately.

Good Girls Studio said...

Congrats on the tutorial! I wonder if I can get the mag in the states?

10 gold stars for you my dear :)

Unknown said...

You just put a bug in me. 2010 is the year for taking risks. I will do it. Now I'm going to check out Cloth. I hope it works for me and I can't wail to read what you have to say.

Drewzel said...

I took out the www and it worked.

go you!

PS. word verification = "prettlyr"

Anonymous said...

I just put Cloth magazine in Google and found it with no fuss - I've subscribed and ev'rything... the link issues are most odd. Anyway it looks fabby - thank you for the info!


Leah said...

Im loving the sneak peek, I'Ii be sure an try and get my hands on one, although the Pound will break my Assie bank! :)

Annie B said...

I am overjoyed to be deemed "acceptable". So much excitement for 1 day, I shall now have to partake of a cup of tea and have a wee lie down.

jules said...

hooray, beautiful lady!

dottie angel said...

oh you are all so wonderful, if there is a will there is a way and you have found it!
i'm so proud of you all and your sticky gold stars :)

Michelle said...

Dearest Tif..
I'm back and reading, reading, reading
and can't believe I have missed so much...
But I am very glad that I was just in time to find out this lovely "wow" news...
How cool...
And to think I will be doing the same in a mag in oz...
With a tutorial as well...
How freaky is that...
I just knew this year was going to workout for both of us even when we are poles apart...
And great mag too!!!

Jennifer said...

Congratulations on the tutorial. Hoping I'll be able to get a copy over here.

Kristy said...

I've headed you recommendationa nd subscribed to 4 copies.I hope it's as good as you say.If not I know where you live!!!!

Louise said...

Lovely blog, can't remember how i found you, some winding, bloggy pathway. I am going to google the magazine next; most of the textile magazines are a bit dowdy aren't they?
Hope this one is as much fun as your blog !
Louise x

Elissa said...

oh congrats!

i couldn't get the link to work either, but if it helps anyone, i was able to get there by googling "cloth magazine UK"

martha brown said...

Mr. Linky worked fine for me!

Sara said...

I can't wait for this tutorial. I'm not sure if the issue will be in my local newsagent in Australia but at least I can buy it online - yippee!
Please don't forget to give a shout out when it's available.
I have a new found love for doilies! :O)