Wednesday, June 11

wait a minute Mr Post Man, look and see...

today i am eagerly awaiting Mr Post Man,

for upon his truck will be my itty bitty trampoline!
i have high hopes for me and my trampoline.
being middle aged i have a heightened awareness
of dangers and whatnot that can come 
from doing extra curriculum activities

hence i am wisely placing my itty bitty trampoline
outside in the back yard,
for i fear inside our shed
with its tres low ceilings
even my top knot would not protect me
from a bonce injury.

with this thought i am now wondering
if i were to wear a bicycle helmet
i may be able to bounce on my new springy friend indoors 
with no fear of my noggin
coming in direct contact with the ceiling.

i will ponder this whilst waiting
for the sound of a truck pulling up,
my constant canine companions going batty at the window
my lovely splendid itty bitty 'only room for one and thats me' trampoline's arrival
just in time for a bit of late afternoon jumping in the sun