Friday, June 27

knitty know how...

my quest for a large sized pebble vest is on going ...

two weeks ago i did the maths, i checked it thrice 
(you have told us that before Tif)
i cast on with a hope and a prayer to the knitty gods
and it would appear i was rewarded for my good knitty intentions
for a large sized pebble vest grew on my knitting pins
till eventually it came off my knitting pins
and oh glorious day of days
it fit ....

until that is, i blocked it
then oh glorious day of days
turned into an oh pants day of days

of course there will be many who upon reading this
will shake their heads with an all knowing sort of a shake
for only a rookie would make such a knitty faux pas.

thus it was back to the drawing board for me and my pebble vest ways.
i took into consideration my loosey goosey knitty ways
i took into consideration i wished to make a higher neckline
i took into consideration how much soft donegal expands when wet
i took into consideration my novice blocking ways and seeked advice
i took into consideration this was a learning experience,
thus making me wiser for the next time
(however before all this consideration, i confess i did hang my head
and weep a tad upon discovering my pebble vest
was all baggy and saggy upon my bod)

so i pulled up my knitty knee socks once again,
and armed with my 'learnt mistakes', cast on yet again
with even bigger hopes and bigger prayers.
as much as i loved the soft donegal in the slubby cream
i knew i could not, would not be able to make another
in the same colour without getting sidetracked
so i picked a super duper grolly green to keep my interest high.

a week on and many many hours,
 attempt number two is now blocked and lying out to dry.

and this time...
this time, i just know my high hopes will not be in vain
and if this is the case, if it truly is a small miracle
then next week i will share what i did
(with kind permission from the original designer)
to make an itty bitty pebble vest into a bigger one for grown up folks.