Wednesday, June 4

The 'little knits for small beings' Club ...

at the moment, i am greatly distracted, 
for i am up to my crafty eye balls in knitting, book penning thoughts and other knitty gritty things like starting a club!
 "a club!?"

the Pebble Vest, pattern by The Thrifty Knitter

why yes a club! i have never been in a club before but one day last week it dawned on me, having had several folks tell me they were inspired to start their own little 'granny trousseau' of little knits, that perhaps i was not alone in this little path of knitty ways i have been treading. and then i got to pondering, perhaps it might be rather nice if i started a club. 

a club where any one or any bod can join if they wish to start making a yarny pile of little knits and crochets for the future.

for surely just as in a bygone age, it would be perfectly okay for us to have hope chests/bottom drawers/glory boxes overflowing with little bits of warmth to wrap around a child or children.

after which i had an epiphany! of course! silly me! my mother is a knitter and in her day was a knitter of the utmost kind. how simply wonderful would it be if she were to start making little knits for her great grandchildren to wear some day along the line. to see them wrapped in great grandmother's yarny love i think really is something beyond marvelous. so i asked my mother if she would like to join my club from across the pond. my mother said she would and the very next day i promptly sent along the pattern for the Pebble Vest and a skein of tweedy goodness. it warms my heart just thinking about the two of us separated by miles and miles but together making a trousseau for the next generation in our clan.

i have made a page for the club right here and i dared to go one step further and set my little club up on Ravelry as it is a jolly good place for folks to share their projects, patterns and pictures. however do not think you can not join the club if you are not on Ravelry because that would be total pants. no sirree! you can be just like my mum and not have any social media page at all and still be part of the club. you just say you are, and you are. and if like my mum you are out and about in your local town, doing a spot of knitting or crocheting of itty bitty items such as clothes, toys or blankets and folks stop and ask what you are up to, you can proudly say, "oh i belong to The 'little knits for small beings' Club and i am busy working on my trousseau of sorts for my hope chest/bottom drawer/glory box". 

i do think we need a badge though for the club, this makes it feel proper and official don't you think? surely the whole point of a club is you get to wear a badge! so my plan it to have badges made and when i have done such a thing i will let you know so if you have joined the club, you can send off a stamped addressed envelope for a badge so you may wear it whilst out and about knitting and crocheting your little pile of yarny goodness.

oh hip hip hooray for badges!
oh and a hippity hooray for clubs too!

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so there we have it, not unlike days gone by, when it was the norm to spend months or years slowly but surely stock piling handmade goodness for a possible future event, in the hope one day you may be a great granny, granny, auntie or mother. or perhaps if that is not possible, you may be hopeful one day someone will adopt you (i adopted an auntie in recent years and would highly recommend it) or you just like to make little knits for small beings to gift as and when you find one in need. 
whatever your hopes are, if you like to knit or crochet itty bitty clothes, toys or blankets, then i do think you would be perfect for The 'little knits for small beings' Club and i would be delighted if you joined :)

oooh! and just one last thing, if you post pictures on instagram of your little knits, please do hashtag them with #littleknitsforsmallbeings if you like

footynote: how terribly rude of me. of course you are welcome to join the club if you are a man who knits (or crochets)! you may well be working on your grandpa trousseau and felt terribly left out as I did not mention grandpas in the list, nor uncles or fathers. forgive me if this is the case :)