Saturday, June 14

club news and other whatnot ...

we have a club motto!
oh hip hip hooray!

surely any club worth its club salt
has a motto and thus we do

"every day 
in every way
i will do my besty best
to crochet or knit
for small beings
carry high hopes
they will fit"

this motto has been printed
upon the membership cards
by my lovely printer buddies.
i am rather giddy anticipating their arrival

in other news,
perhaps not equally as thrilling as the club motto news
but worthy of a mention anyway.

i am working on something yarny that i will share next week

i am immersed in world cup fever due to living with my lads of 3

i am somewhat dismayed to learn, boing on my trampoline 
is not going to do the job 
and i actually have to have some knowledge of what i am doing, 
if i am not to suffer an injury according to my soul sister.
drat and double drat and oh how dull

i have quite daringly sent my book proposal/outline off out there somewhere

i am thinking i might go bonkers if i cannot get
all the creative things inside my cogs out into the air soon