Friday, June 6

doubters of the utmost kind ...

"so, basically you are knitting for a non-existent child and you are making a club for it?"

"you know you will jinx ever becoming a granny don't you?"

"this will be it, in two years when the last one has flown, me sitting here and you sitting there with your knitting, intensely engrossed"

ah yes, just a few of the words i have read or listened to over the past few days, i am not naming names, but they are doubters of the utmost kind who are living in my midst. but does not matter, for what matters is i am able to say, 
"ah ha! yes but i am not the only fruitcake on the shelf, for it would appear the world is full of fruitcakes just like me"

 from pretty much all over the globe, lovely wonderful fruitcake dearies such as myself have joined The 'little knits for small beings' Club! how terribly exciting and muchly thrilling. over a 120 have joined on Ravelry and others just by writing to me and telling me so. we have become a band of merry knitty and crochet makers, joined together by our wish to create itty bitty goodness from yarn.

i will now spend my time wisely making a certificate of membership and a little badge (pin or button) so in a few weeks, when they are all ready and back from the printers i can let the club dearies know to send off their stamped addressed envelopes!

so before the week is out and the weekend is upon us (although i think it may well be for those the other side of the globe) can i just say thank you most kindly for thinking me not completely barking mad and for being so jolly nice about wanting to join my new club. it warmed my crafty soul and made me feel a less alone.

i have high hopes this is just the beginning of something most marvelous for all of us...
cheerio for now club dearies and other dear readers, see you in a few and may the crafty gods be with you


footynote: i am not naming names but i must say, 2 of my lads of 3 were not responsible for any of the above comments. they do not seem to have noticed their mother is obsessed with knitting little makes for small beings, as would be expected of teenage lads.