Monday, March 31

little string of pom pom dingle dangle~ness ...


good grief! 
where oh where has march run away to?
did you think i had forgotten? did you think old Tif was beginning to wander from her little stringy path. well i would not blame you for thinking such things. for indeedy, i have gotten March's little string of happy giveway in by the skin of my teeth /////////////////////////// oh! do you see that little pattern, it just happened, when i was trying to delete, instead i did this ////////////////////////// well that is quite peachy looking and so i think i will leave it just as it is

so there we have it, right on the very last day of March we have a 'little string of pom pom dingle dangle~ness' to give away, and not just one, but three. 
how marvelous indeedy.

these little strings are quite easy peasy to make, i do not have pics to show how you do so, but its quite easy to explain.
make 2 pom poms leaving tails (one larger than the other)
thread together
add a vintage cotton spool
add a button onto your thread

add a little saying typed on paper

add a little crepe paper flower or more if you wish
at the top of your itty bitty paper, tie another string for dingle dangling

so if perchance you think your nest may like a little pom pom dingle dangle~ness going on, then please do the following things

1: leave your name and a way to get hold of you. an email address or obvious link through to somewhere that has your email or contact details within easy reach, so i am not on a wild goose chase

2: tell me the nicest thing that happened to you this month, or perhaps the nicest thing you did for another

3: do not fret if you do not see your comment appear at once for i moderate my comments and will check in from time to time to publish them. please, just one comment per dearie.

4: ummmm, ///////////////// nope, cannot think there is anything else i am missing

5. yes! silly, there is! i have 3 of these little strings this month to give away so there are 3 winners and i will announce them this friday

6. this giveaway is open to anyone, anywhere around this old world of ours

righty ho, upwards and onwards to April it is ....


Els04 said...

Oh boy, my nest would cheer up brightly would I win....
The nicest thing I did is spreading good luck fishes for free, guerrilla style....
You can see them on my blog '
love, Els

Juliette said...

Oh, how I love these! So fun!

The best thing that happened to me was being able to cross the pond and hold and play with my nieces (3 & 5) after almost 2yrs. Real life was so much more fun than Skype (but a proud auntie takes what she can get, lol). =)

Natasha said...

The nicest thing that happened to me this month was my 5 year anniversary with my boyfriend :)


ak_ut said...

dear tif,
I like your little strings so much! the nicest thing this month was a weekendtrip with 7 wonderful woman to a very nice hotel practising yoga together :-)

zia Delina. said...

Carissima Tif,
la cosa più bella di questo mese è stata riuscire a far adottare una gattina leucemica, che viveva nel gattile dove sono volontaria!
Piccola cosa piena di gioia!
Sei fantastica e adoro il tuo lavoro!
baci baci...
Zia Delina

Unknown said...

my name is diane, and a way to get ahold of me :) is at

the nicest thing i did for another this month (though i don't want to toot my own horn about it) (but since you asked) ... i had made a sweet rainbow-colored granny square, about the size of a small baby blanket, and i needed the yarn for something else, so i was going to unravel it, but a friend stopped me, saying she is teaching a young pregant lady from China to speak English, and she'd love to give this to her as a gift for her new baby, and she'd buy it from me, but I was so touched by her story that I just gave it to her, and am teaching her how to finish it nicely.

i love your dingley dangly thingies, and my children and I always say "dingley dangly" around here, just as you taught us to. :) xo

ms.mildred said...

Well Tif, the nicest thing that happened to me in this (actually very sad and difficult month) was spending part of an evening reading 20 year old love letters with the man who sent them to me. We went a couple of decades apart, and have recently found each other again and spent some time reminiscing about our younger selves and their warmed my heart!

Aidan thisisnotapostcard at gmail dot com

sandra said...

Me and my two daughters met up in london town for mothers day a rare treat when you all live in different parts of our lovely country, to quote you 'a perfect peachy' afternoon of splendid afternoon tea was had by all lovs of love and laughs makes me a very gratful momma.....sandra xx

Kimberley said...

Oh, these are so lovely and fun. My studio would welcome these! You can contact me:

Christie said...


The nicest thing to happen to me this month was finding out that I am going back to university to study teaching.

The strings would certainly brighten up my room in halls or in the classroom (a wee DIY project maybe)....

You can find me at :)

jackie said...

March was full of nice things for me. This last week was my little lot of boys' spring break and so each day I tried to have a new adventure (all staying local around our small town) and it turned out super fun. On the 26th my 3rd boy of the lot turned 5, which was bittersweet but very nice. On the 27th I turned 30 which was very bittersweet but also even more nice than I expected. Taking stock of my twenties left me feeling blessed. Then also nice, for the next 2 days my husband and I left the whole lot of 4 boys behind and celebrated my bday away for a night. I am excited for the next decade with all the 5 boys in my life :)

Donna said...

Dear Tif,
The nicest thing that happened to me this month was celebrating my 36th anniversary with my loving husband.

But I also tried to do something nice for my Dad. I got the whole family together to celebrate his 80th birthday. It was difficult because my brother and sister are estranged but I reminded them it's not about them it's about Dad and celebrating his 80 years so it happened and he enjoyed it!

Hugs to you.

tj said...

dearest dottie - i am struggling to reduce my fab things of march down to one so can i please mention three?
firstly - the wonderful mrs bertimus, she of blogtastic and artistic fame, allowed my youngest to attend a course of hers with me - and we both had the most wonderful of times and cant thank her enough :-)
secondly - postie delivered a rather peachy perfect handy dandy grande make me project sack - what a marvellous day it was to receive such scrumminess from way over the pond :-)
and finally - yesterday i celebrated my 24th mummies day with all my babes (apart from the one with wings) along with a 15 month old mini one of the grand variety - what a peachy perfect day :-)
hugs as ever miss dottie,
tiddles jim x

deedee said...

The nicest thing that happened to me this month was my parents paying a surprise visit. I live in the south of France but am from Blighty, not far from Liverpool to be exact and they just called and said 'we're coming' and a few days later there they were! They knew my husband was away with work for 2 weeks and didn't want us to be alone. The kiddos were so happy to see Nanny and Poppy and they even painted my bathroom and did other odd jobs!! I would love a little string of happiness as the icing on the gateaux! xx

Kattegat said...

Hi Tif,
The nicest thing that happened to me this week was Mother's Day. Getting extra hugs from ones boys is a very fine thing indeed..


Unknown said...

How cute are these!!! Thanks Tif for the giveaway! The nicest thing that happened to me this month was teaching again. I'm a bookbinder (I teach people how to make pretty books and boxes)and I haven't taught in almost a year. My students were so thankful, appreciative, and fun! They made me feel great.

Unknown said...

Poopity-poop! I forgot to leave my email the second I hit publish I remembered! This is Mita the bookbinder. My email is Thank Tif!

Alycia said...

how sweet! plus, i love those little hooks! where did you get those?

the nicest thing that happened this month was getting to see my family for my birthday. we had bbq ribs which were so delicious!

Jennifer Whitus said...

My name is Jennifer Whitus, and the nicest thing that happened this month was that I am rescueing a cat that needs saving from a high kill shelter. I will foster the cat until he has a forever home :)My address is

Thank you!

Solstice Night said...

My name is Melissa. You can email me at

The nicest thing that has happened to me this month was all of the love, support, and donations I have raised for the cystic fibrosis foundation. My cousin has cf and isn't doing as well as usual. I decided to up my game and donate a portion of my sales to the foundation always and forever. I absolutely love your work and you inspire me daily. We have very similar taste! Thank you for doing this giveaway!

Unknown said...

Ah, I need a little string of happiness this week :) Two weeks ago, I found out that my son's wife is pregnant - they are 24/23 and just married, so about to set off on a big adventure in life. As the bubs is only the size of a blueberry, I am sworn to secrecy for a while, but I love holding that little secret in my heart :) Sharon @

Jacqui Galloway said...

Love your work, it always makes me smile. The nicest thing that happened to me in March, were my Mother's Day cards and the sentiments expressed. You can contact me at

Annette said...

That is the perfect little amount of goodness on a sring...lovely, as usual!
The nicest thing about March this year was simply that it was (mostly) nice. Usually it is dreary and draggy and yucky and hard...this year it just kinda tromped along with just enough snow, just enough cozy, just enough peeks of sun. And that was nice indeedy (though I'm mighty glad to see April!)

Unknown said...

Tif, it makes me smile so much to think of the nicest thing that's happened this month. I have a few things I could list and I woke this morning in one of those moods where I wasn't thinking of all the nice things in my thanks for reminding me to think of the happy.

The nicest thing, really, was my husband cleaning and tidying the whole house this weekend. Many other nice things have happened this month, but that's what made me smile most--I had a million things to do for school, and even though he'd worked long hours all week, he still took care of things at home, too.

trills said...

Hi Tif, this is Trills,of trillspatch.blogspot. What a joy and delight you and your creations are. The best thing that happened for me this month was arriving home to our sweet cottage after 6 weeks away in our housebus which was a joy of joys.Home sweet home post says it all. Luv, Trills.x

Georgina said...

The nicest thing I did for another was to make presents for my mummy for mother's day; the nicest thing for me was my parents buying me a new sewing machine as mine is not happy and needs replacing. X

Fran. said...

What awesomeness!! would be so cool to win one an also so cool of you to share how to make them!! One of the most awesome things that happened to me this past month was that I got 4 special orders from my facebook page!! I have been busy hand sewing up cycled sheep n Make do Piggs!! My email is AND THANKS for the chance to win!! XOXO Love Fran.

vintage honeybee said...

My nicest thing this month has been the arrival of spring. Even tho everyday hadn't been rosy. A little bird sang me a song and told me warm weather was on its way.

Frances said...

Tif, your pompom thingies are delightful, and I also share your enthusiasm for the looks of the accidental \\\\\\\\\\. Wonderful.

Here's my contribution to an unexpected occurance that made me so happy. I returned to work after a few days off to see that a lovely (and very wise) lady had left me some photographs. Those photographs showed her and her new husband on their wedding day. These of-the-moment pix let me see how she looked in the very untraditional wedding outfit that I'd helped her to select.

Happy days! xo

wfih said...

That is good timing! Because the love-i-est thing I did was crochet a scarf for my charity, to be sent to a women's refuge. I've never done a scarf before so it was a challenge for me (size wize) but I got it done by the deadline. Now I want to make matching mitts!

Unknown said...

Hello Tif,
The nicest thing that happened to me this month was finishing my last two essays for a Uni degree I'm doing, which is not easy to do with my three little ones to look after aswell.
If I was to win one of your yummy peachy pompom thingies, I would give them to a dear friend as she's just had a breakdown and needs cheering up!!
Cheers dears!! Pati x

Lynne said...

Hi Tif from Lynne at My son came home for a quick visit from University and it was so great to spend time with him. Gosh I miss that boy. It was a nice thing indeed.
I love your string thingamabobs, and have the perfect place to hang one in my sewing room.
Have a lovely crafty week!

One fat Hen said...

Oh Tif these are so lovely, and would brighten up my home a treat.

The nicest thing to happen to me this month, was a small balck doglet wormed her way in to my heart and came to live in my little cottage.
If I'm lucky enough to be chosen I can be reached on