Friday, March 14

this and that, that and this... blessed

yesterday i noted upon driving out to Tolt, seeing how the sun was shinning brightly and the mountains in the distance were quite spectacular, i noted as i have always done since moving here 14 years ago, just how jolly ginormous the sky is when its blue. i cannot decide whether i imagine it, but for some reason this is the only place i have ever been to where i notice just how big the sky is. and when i do this, i can not help but also note, how good life can be on days like that.
so i proceeded to count my blessings as i drove

blessing one: the sky is so blue and so big

blessing two: used dog is still wobbly but doing muchly better

blessing three: after only one week on my histamine elimination diet my whole body is beginning to make a turn around and i feel better than i have felt in the past 3 years

blessing four: so many lovely folks came to my etsy store re-opening it quite blew me away

blessing five: on saturday i am going to a knitting show, a vogue knitting show no less, i have never been before and am quite giddy to see what it is all about

blessing six: Mr Sun in my back yard

blessing seven: my 'atelier of sorts' is coming together

blessing eight: Barry the Bullet (an extractor gadget) is saving my body one green gunk drink at a time

blessing nine: there is so much goodness in the world despite only hearing the crappity crap most of the time on the telly

blessing ten: that i have the ability to acknowledge small blessings

thank you kindly to all those who visited my shop and stopped by on facebook to visit a while. i feel blessed to have you in my life and with that, i wish you a most blessed and peaceful weekend dearies and will announce the winner of the TEND giveaway on monday 
muchly hugs 

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