Wednesday, March 26

things to note of the little critter kind ...

thing one:
last night whilst watching a spot of telly i noted a scrabbling noise, i also noted Mister Muchly and Little Olive were entranced by the telly 

and thus it could not be them. 
on close inspection after lots of "shhhh, hush, be quiet, listen" it has become apparent Samuel Whiskers is back for a visit and a sneaky 'you can hear me, but you can't catch me' visit, for he is living in the wall. i have voiced my dislike of his company quite loudly through the wall and told him i hope this will be an end to the situation. however if its the Samuel Whiskers who visited a few years back, i have a feeling he will be staying for a while and bringing his clan with him.

thing two: 
alas and alack, a few weeks back Twiglet Piglet came to stay, (well that bit was not alas and alack, for we wanted her to come and stay. the alas and alack bit happened shortly afterwards) 

all things were going most marvelously until Twiglet Piglet sneezed, (known hereafter as TP) 

ummm, seem to be missing half of this, but quite amazed, half of it even appeared!

then she sneezed again and in a few days was no longer staying with us but back where once she came from, receiving daily care, until she got better. every day after school Our #4 walks over to see her and he has noted, her hair is growing daily. he then looked it up and exclaimed TP could have hair as long at 36 inches and explained in great detail how we flatten the hair with cardboard and string just until the moment she is judged at the competition... ummm, what competition would that be then?!

thing three:
alas and alack again. a few days back Mister Muchly did a sneeze to end all sneezes. (known hereafter as MM) those sort of sneezes send a little piggie into the air. we laughed it off, we told ourselves, twas nothing to worry about, MM was just having a bit of a giggle, twas all. 48 hours later MM is now on meds and we have high hopes his sneezing and wheezing will come to an end soon. sadly we are no longer laughing.

we have high hopes 
'Mister Muchly and his trusty side kick Twiglet Piglet' 
will be reunited at some point soon. 

thing four:
i have mentioned to MM in-between the sneezing that although TP indeed makes for a trusty sidekick when adventures come their way, he might want to consider the fact TP might not be able to see when danger approaches or pesky criminals need to be chased, for her hair may well get in her eyes. i am also fearful when they take chase, TP could in fact not get very far having problemos not tripping over her hair. MM says he will not hear another thing about it and will cross that bridge or small stone when he comes to it. 

thing five:
we are in discussions about TP, her hair and the unknown~ness of how long it may grow (we being me and my lad). 

if she is to be a show piggie, we will need to groom her each and every day and accept wherever she walks, she will walk whilst sweeping. i thought this was quite good and wondered just how much floor debris a small piggie can gather under her skirts and then do you collect them up and give them a little shake (a kindly shake, please please know, no piggie was harmed in my thought process) above the kitchen bin, and then set them down to go about their piggie sweeping ways. on the other hand, long locks are quite the responsibility and i pointed out to Our #4 that neither of us were tres good with long hair responsibilities. after some research it has been determined if we are to not show TP (which truth be told, i do not think i am cut out for the piggie circuit) we must trim TP every month. having cut my 'lads of three' hair since two of them first roamed this earth the responsibility of TP's monthly haircuts has fallen into my care... oh

thing six:
for all those who may be thinking, "ummm, Tif, hello, MM is a laddie and TP is a lassie. do you not think it might be a match made in heaven and more than you bargained for?" rest assured, we have no worries, for Mister Muchly despite his name and being called a he, is really a she!