Sunday, March 23

handy dandy fruitiness ...

on thursday i did not get out of my pj's at all, i stayed quite fruity all the way through to the following day, spending my time wisely in my happy place, making handy dandy project sacks. 

i told myself i could not keep one... 
at the end of the day, i thought perhaps it might be 'a-okay' if i kept just one however i could not decide, for truth be told i wanted to keep them all forever and ever, but i will not because a) that is wrong b) tis against the code i made up several years ago and c) i have no need for all these project sacks.

i decided whilst merrily beavering away with Miss Ethel patching and piecing things together, i haven't felt quite this way since first making my apron wraps. there is something rather therapeutic about making them, and as my heart truly loves a coloured embroidered vintage linen, i am muchly happy spending all day in their company.

on friday i awoke, still in same pj's and not only fruity but now quite whiffy. as i had a meeting up at Tolt, i felt it might be wise to shed my pj's, freshen up the old fruitiness and thus, not offend anyone in the store. for indeedy, when you go to a yarn store you do like to smell wool and lanolin and in our case, all the amazing reclaimed wood and you do not wish to smell fruitiness and whiffiness coming from Tif.

before embarking on my country road drive, i thought how wise it would be to take my new yarny knitty project on a jolly outing with me and even wiser to test drive a handy dandy project sack. so i 'ip dip sky blued' till i found my willing victim.

 i noted upon placing my rather oatmealy creation inside of my handy dandy project sack, just how handy dandy it was. 

i enjoyed quite immensely pulling the drawstring, then un-pulling it several times to check upon my projects safety. 

my knitty project assured me it felt most safe and sound, was ready for the off and was muchly happy not to be rolling around the bottom of my basket gathering fluff, crumbs and whatnot, as is usually the way.

today the shed is half empty, (well its always half empty with my girls gone), so the shed is three quarters empty and i am taking advantage of this on a sunday morn and will remain once again in pj's not quite so fruity, just a hint and wander back into my 'atelier of sorts' to start on more handy dandy project sacks...

 for yesterday i came across several linens on my travels who asked if they could possibly come home with me and who was i to say no! since then all through the night, after a nice little bath (not me, just them) they have been whispering my name, and i can no longer ignore them...

for those who may like to know, i will be adding a few handy dandy project sacks into my shop window later this week 
(however (not wishing to disappoint), the one in the second photo has already found a home with a friend and work colleague at Tolt so will not be making an appearance in my shop)