Thursday, March 6

a small miracle...

i cannot tell you where my head and heart has been all week, 
i have been through the wringer along with Used Dog. 
the vet said if our sweet old girl did not rally by today
 it would be time to say goodbye

at the 12th hour,
when our hearts were heavy
and our hopes were lost, 
she stood up shaking on her weak limbs,
looked at me with puppy pound eyes, 
and licked her lips signalling for water,
 her first drop since sunday night.

dare i note, 
Used Dog's eyes are beginning to shine brightly again. 
i did not interfere with nature, 
i just loved her and cared for her 
and let time tell if it was her moment to go...

and this morning,
not wishing to count my chickens
i hardly dare not breath the words
it would appear 
she may well have pulled one more miracle out of her invisible hat.

thank you so kindly to each and every message
of comfort and support
that has been sent our way.
you will never know 
just how much you have touched my aching heart
and soothed my sorrows
at a time when it felt like we had lost all hope.
and more so,
the fact you understand
the connection between a being and their critter
and how hard it can be
if the time comes
when you have to choose
to severe that bond