Monday, March 3

a CL Spring Fair winner...

hip hip hooray!
we have a winner today
the winner is

clap, clap, clappity clap,

 "I have a plan to meet a friend in London for the day in the spring. Calling in the Country Living fair would be a grand plan! Heather x"

well this is simply most marvelous indeedy
and for those that are wishing to go
but alas and alack did not win the tickets
you can still use discount code Blog10
towards a ticket or two


alas and alack
my day has not gone according to plan
and so i am writing off monday,
spending it wisely with Used Dog

and starting fresh tomorrow...


bc said...

plenty of soft scritches around the ears from me for used dog please, Tif :)

Mrs Bertimus said...

Sorry to hear about your disappointing Monday.
I think Mondays are so last season anyway and I've heard that Tuesdays are far more exciting.
I bet your lovely dog enjoyed the cuddles though!
You take good care me dear x

Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns said...

Oh he is cute! Sorry that your day did not go as planned but at least you have this cute pup to keep you company.

Heather said...

After being off-line for a day and getting a new keyboard, I come back to find I am the last to know the good news!! Thank you Tif! I very much hope to be able to get to the show.... A day slowing down and hanging out with used dog sounds like it could be a good thing. I hope it all comes right the next day and things are more uppity up. Heather x

Dusa said...

I love Used Dog! Please scritch her behind the ears for me!

Unknown said...

Wishing good thoughts for Use Dog and his people xx

Lisa said...

Your sweet baby bear... It's so hard when they get old and don't feel well. What a sweet, precious face. xoxo.

elena fiore said...

Dear Dottie, what a joy to get a comment from you! I always look and admire the things you do! I have seen many times your video and your book is always next to my bed. Your looks are stunning and knowing that you spent a bit 'of your time writing a comment on my blog fills me with great joy. Elena Fiore