Wednesday, February 26

a rare sort of dumptie...

on monday i had quite the marvelous good fortune to stumble across a dumptie at the thrift store. 

it has been quite the while since a dumptie has found me and i must confess i have no excuse for entertaining the thought of rescuing a dumptie from the shelves of despair when our shed overflowth with dumpties

please note, this may look to some like i took the picture of the dumptie in the thrift store but i did not

however when one is faced with a dumptie of the utmost rarest kind, what is one supposed to do, "walk away from the dumptie" the little voice wisely advised me. "tis a rare old dumptie and so terribly useful" the other little voice wisely tempted me. this was so true for how often does a dumptie become a handy dandy basket to house all manner of crappity crap. 
(actually i am quite sure its not as rare as i have told myself but as i have never stumbled upon one such as this myself, i conclude it is rare to me, thus justifying my need to rescue a dumptie such as this)

upon arriving home with dumptie in hand i noted in the good old days i would have rushed to the drawer, seized my trusty paint brush in my mitt and got busy with a lickity lick of paint. but no, not now, no sirree, my wild and wielding paint brush days may be behind me! shock horror! oh how far i have come, or fallen, i do not know, nor do i care... for i have decided to ponder the fate of my dumptie, i cannot deny my attraction to his 'au naturelle' attire and am thinking he may just stay as he is.

so far together we have passed a few moments considering a roundie cushion for maximum comfort, 
moving onto thoughts of a tray  

to make him into a handy dandy side table dumptie

and of course finding something to fill up his inners, whilst i ponder his fate

ah yes, indeedy quite the rare on he is


Natasha said...

I've never heard of a dumptie before, but I want one.

Tammy Gilley said...

What a find! Love it when that happens!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I wouldn't have passed him up either. I rather like the Brand..Dumptie...I must keep my eye out better. Most I see are moldy.

Frances said...

Oh, it's lovely to know after reading this post that we might be kindred spirits in a baskety sort of way.

In my little, even tiny, apartment, I have a trio of large woven, lidded, baskets that are also table and containers of yarns, old sketchpads, and fabric remnants. Treasure chests indeed.

Other smaller baskets are also in residence, but they have differing functions.

I think that your thrifty find is quite marvelous.


Unknown said...

I rescue things like this all the time.

liniecat said...

I would have to do the same as you anbd offer him a home, they can be very easily depressed them there useful dumpties....LOVE that name for them, thats new to me and I love it!
And frankly, I reckon he's all the more handsome because he hasnt been distressed with paint, hes maintained his natural swagger ~
Ace find but now, about them hidden in the shed, one could argue thats 'wicker abuse' : )

Kelly said...

What a GREAT find and such a Super Idea! Looks great!