Friday, February 21

and the winner is...

oh yes indeedy! i know i have been a little distracted of late, however not so much i forgot what day we are on. 
no sirree! we are on 'giveaway day' again.
and the lucky dearie to win this little string of hearty goodness is....
dah dah dah dah daaaaaah 

Gaile Alexander

hurrah hooray for Gaile!

"I go to pick up my 5yr.old granddaughter at school every Wednesday afternoon, and when I walk into her classroom, see her sweet smile my heart skips a beat.  Then she runs to me, with arms open wide, my heart swells with love.  we do arts and crafts after I get her home, we have so much fun together."

and this is just so perfectly perfect because quite honestly i am hopeful one day i will be a granny just like Gail and get to craft every wednesday afternoon with a 'small being' too.

do not fret, nor weep though if you are not Gail, for another little string is coming in March and i have a few other giveaways coming along in the next week or so. gasp, shock, horror. i have no idea how this has happened as i would say i am rather crappity crap at doing giveways and so i am thinking,
my giveaways are a bit like buses, you wait for yonks for one to come along and then a whole load of them appear one after the other

muchly hugs dearie readers, despite my distracted ways of late, please know you are loved and appreciated each and every day by me
happy happy weekend